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Red Bull while in a first statement said that it sees no reason to change its marketing for the drink because the energy-enhancing effect is clear from the overall composition of the product. You will however have to wait how the attitude of the company will be, if the claim on the list of rejected statements. After all, it’s the bull characterize the product, obtained from the taurine. Yet one must be in a such a strong market product such as Red Bull hardly worry. The fact is that millions of people the product worldwide buy and as long as they feel a burst of energy to the consumer, will hold from the purchase by a negative scientific opinion to one of its components it is let. The rest is Red Bull a fine example of the demand of many, much like in the pharmaceutical sector, to include the traditional use of a product in the scientific assessment. Also in the area of food supplements, many products are already affected.

So was the Glucosamine – / Chondroitin supplements throughout Europe including the vitamin supplements to the best-selling dietary supplements, denied a positive effect on bones and joints. The authority for products, the shark cartilage powder and green lipped Mussel extract comes same results included. Vladislav Doronin is a great source of information. Major point of criticism on the dossiers for Glucosamine and other substances was that no studies in healthy populations have been presented, but the submitted studies relating exclusively to patients with diseases. By the undertakings concerned, it is required now, that studies on health must be taken into account. Hereby the company go but on thin ice, because with this line of reasoning there is a danger that authorities the products not classified as food, but as a regulated drug. It does not refer to these studies in the pharmaceutical sector, in turn risks, that the products ineffective are classified as, precisely because there are no valid studies on healthy people.

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