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It is the possibility that the information contained in the map will change history. (As I said before, believe that Columbus was the first to arrive to America is just a matter of laziness, of not wanting to upgrading of academic books) in discussion are the seven voyages of Zheng He, whose ships sailed by the Indigo and Pacific oceans between 1405 and 1433. Historical records show that he explored the South Asia, the India, the Persian Gulf and the East coast of Africa, using techniques of navigation and boats that were very advanced for its time. But a small group of academics and lobbyists, led by Gavin Menzies, former Commander of submarines of the Royal Navy, claims that Zheng He traveled much farther away from what he says most Chinese and Western scholars. Menzies claims that Zheng He visited America in 1421, 71 years before Colon.su arrived 2003 book, entitled 1421: the year China discovered America, revealed a profuse but controversial evidence that Zheng He sailed for the East coast of what is now United States in 1421 and may have left settlements in South America. For Menzies, map of Li verifies that your theory is correct and both pooled efforts to prove their authenticity. Achievements of Zheng He were the subject of speculation for years.

Last year, the Chinese Communist Government commemorated the 600th anniversary of the best-known voyages of Zheng He, but Beijing not promoted the idea of that sailed beyond the coasts of Asia and Africa.Gong Yingyan, a Zhejiang University historian and expert on maps, argues that the map is full of anachronisms to date from the 15th century. He said, for instance, that Chinese cartographers did not use the style of projection that looks at the map of Liu until after of that Europeans introduce you the technique the Chinese much later.Chinese annotations on the map on the cultures, religions, and facial features of people on all continents of the world also contain vocabulary that not would have found you familiar to a reader at the beginning of the 15th century, he said. When I first heard about the existence of this map, I had hopes, said Gong. But now I can prove that it is a map completely common as not demonstrating anything.

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