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Now let us turn to time which, at issue in the trial: “Basis of research is a healthy, rational trading individual free from addiction or other diseases or disabilities” (quote study, page 11). In addition was held: the study assumes smoking as an addiction abolished when submitting. Thus a whole industry would be equally superfluous who wants to quit smoking need apply only ALG II, nicotine patches and other smoking cessation AIDS are no longer needed. Thank you, Chemnitz University of technology! Apart, a “healthy individual” thinks quite clearly just the adult, male, single ALG II recipients without family and roommates in the sense of the study. This model citizens is not media but reality compliant, because willingness to work is assumed. Families are not taken into account.

For the readers well-informed less, get your information about the social act of Chancellor Merkel and the Bild-Zeitung: Only the single ALG II recipients gets the RuleSet in full. Once a need for community in the game will be reduced! A woman in the home such as receiving ALG II also ensures that the two no longer everyone received 351 EUR, but each only 316 euro. 90% instead of the full amount, just because someone is. What’s the the numbers of the study? The lower limit of 132 euros becomes 118,80 EUR, the upper limit of 278 euros to 250,20 euros. And children get even less, 60% up to 14 years. Thus makes the study fabulous 79,20 euro (so much I gave out last month alone for the schoolbooks of the 11 year old) or 166,80 euro at the higher rate. For comparison: 118,80 EUR (everyone wants to have only the smallest value) should suffice for an adult human to live in health and dignity – the attitude of a shepherd dog in the shelter an average of just 90 euros, a horse in the stable is already 200 euros (both numbers were not representative determined by telephone survey at 5 facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia).

And if my grandfather is not wrong the accommodation of a prisoner of war at that time cost 2 marks on the day, so at 30 days 60 mark… Unfortunately this sentence cannot reasonably be on today’s numbers and currencies convert, but the resemblance of the figures provides freedom-loving, believers in democracy and human rights Citizens for anxiety attacks, or? But we wanted Yes actually further the study deal with – however, it should be already clear that makes it actually make sense. The study is limited in perspective and underlying data, that every other word would be a waste. I see it as proven that the study allows an amusing look at the Chemnitz past, but with today’s reality not once the statistical national average conforming runs – my professors: setting, six. But FLEISS asterisk is there because the study is sometimes frighteningly honest, for example on page 8: “the vague wording in the law does not allow to make a clear decision with regard to the type and quantity of goods that should be included in the social minimum income.

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