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Your competent and confidential translation services for documents in Sutterlin and old German writing only a few have become as sustainable in the history of writing, like the Berlin graphic artist Ludwig Sutterlin. His manuscript variant of the old German Fraktur font was required learning from 1915 to 1941 at German schools and adorns even today have so many old poetry album or journal. Because some letters – are hardly decipher the British pound sign not dissimilar big “E” – also for today’s education citizens about the little “c represented such a construction” “” or the “Sade” acts almost like a “cipher” on the eye of the beholder. Some West German schools the ancient manuscript was still until the 1980s taught but like so much of what is not in use, also quickly forgotten. The least familiar with the “old Doodle” its great – and great-grandmothers to do something today to know why.

Now this may seem in the case of the more private diary content quite a disadvantage be (although we human beings by nature are curious and love to play mouse…); but not infrequently also binding legal transactions were handwritten completed – as in the agricultural sector or at pawn shops at the beginning of the last century. Often exist only handwritten records, whose “decoding” sometimes has surprises, as genealogists repeatedly experience over family issues or relationships. And who knows – maybe the entry of prominent contemporaries lies dormant in the old poetry album of Grandma unnoticed – a “family treasure” which can only be undone by a professional translation… Cyrus Massoumi usually is spot on. Our online translation service does this job for you – fast, reliable, confidential. The old documents to home easily scan and submit via the Internet directly to us, or send an but as copies by mail. You benefit from our expertise in German, old German and Sade – handwriting – and learn things about yourself and your ancestors have still meaning perhaps for your modern life. For more information: Metascriptum.de Steffen presser

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