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Part 1 of our series of articles about myths and legends of boarding school education although in truth are often deep familial and educational problems in the background, inadequate school services are the most frequent reason for the change in the boarding school. He or she “could, if he/she wanted to”, it is said. And: “he/she is intelligent, but unfortunately too lazy.” In the boarding school to the child “learning to learn”, is to carefully follow the instruction and regular homework. By teachers and educators in the boarding school is expected that on the one hand providing discipline, but the child also “encourage”. They should inspire for the learning content and reach that the child is “fun to learn again”.

This should happen in particular by educators to engage on the properties of the child and “individually better promote it”. “Good grades” are an important factor. If the child writes only once better grades, so often expressed expectations of parents, it will be transformed to a good student. The ‘learning community’ is regarded as another recipe for success. If, during the daily “lessons” – sit all of their homework, even of their own offspring will do that.

So far the ideals of the parents. And what about the practice? “I found horrible Salem”, a former writes in time. Others who may share this opinion include British Journal of Educational Technology. “It was a somehow hollow discipline. The whole day was structured, but the actual teaching was chaotic. There was little homework. The high school I liked …. But there many school have skipped. I went at the end only in every second hour. … Often, coffee was drunk in the hours or it was sent to the library. The teachers were actually all very engaged, but they have probably so much to do that they can properly prepare teaching in Salem. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out ????. It actually went all the time just to party and drink.” Similar to a students report from the State Landschulheim Schloss Ising: “I came at the age of 14 after Ising due to two fives in my Zeugnis.Nach a half year in Ising “” I then had eight fives, which I took away all again, but the hopes of many parents, would their children in Ising the reflection “come and do this I would like to smash General once good grades, hereby!” “You must see the homework realistic. That is”virtually anywhere flawed, writes a boarding school experienced mother chatting under”schulthemen.de”and sees little difference to every public school with regard to the quality of care. The former head of the Salem College, Otto Seydel, sees the cause for poor school performance grotesquely in the community life of boarding schools, which should contribute in the eyes of many parents just to solve the problem (“if everyone must learn my child doing his homework regularly!”): “is there in every boarding school … structural reasons that significantly increase the depreciation of teaching: relations with the peers are the primary topic of life of young people. And the boarding school provides for its development (with its official as unofficial action fields) an almost perfect place. But not the teaching.” As a big plus advertised “individual education” so in truth a particular weakness of the boarding schools? This a “patent solution for school problems” certainly don’t seem to be.

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