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The objective of the present study was to promote the human values (peace, love, correct action, truth, not-violence) from practical originary of the content of the Physical Education (gymnastics, fight, dance, games and sport) always boarded with the students through the ludicidade and of the techniques proposals for the method ' ' educare' '. The practical pertaining to school microenvironment of the pedagogical one was the Municipal School (IN) Saint Ana Master, school of the Municipal Net of Ensino (RME) of the Municipal City hall of Curitiba (PMC). The school possesss a total of 768 registered pupils, being 390 in the matutino turn. Of these, 175 had participated of the research. David G. DeWalt has firm opinions on the matter. The research was of applied character qualitative, having as metodolgico instrument the research-action, in four stages: diagnosis, action that it was subdivided in two sub-stages: planning and action properly said -, evaluation and reflection. The results of the application of this method had been: the diagnosis of the reality of indiscipline and the problems of convivncia between the students, the pedagogical planning joining the human values and the practical ones of the corporal culture, the reports of the application of the planned lessons, the improvement in the level of moral development of two groups evaluated, and the reflection of the students on the method the one who had been displayed during the research. It is possible to affirm that the method ' ' educare' ' it is a coherent pedagogical instrument with the objective to try to transform/to improve the character of the children and, for consequence, the convivncia of the children in the pertaining to school environment and other environments.

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