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Therefore, scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, developers and users of innovative information technologies to the creative discourse are invited to the Forum. The cooperation network of Xinnovations, founded a decade ago by Berlin company and users around the new Internet language XML will celebrate big this year. The Xinnovations take up social development 2012 with a new concept and are therefore not only the presentation of IT-based solutions, but the discourse about their social implications in the Center. Keynote Xinnovations Technology Forum: Andreas Blumauer form the basis of any knowledge-based society high-quality data that can be incorporated with minimal resources in software applications. Among those initiatives, which have aimed in recent years to enable a such infrastructure from technical point of view, has the ‘Semantic Web’ of the world Wide Web Consortium achieved the greatest success.

Within a few years, we have succeeded in making publicly available facts hundreds of millions from a wide range of areas of knowledge in the form of structured, standardized and interconnected. Similar to road or power can the ‘Web of data’ will be expanded now step by step and be fed gradually into business applications. The question always plays a central role as the resource information, which is often very expensive in their creation, used more efficiently or more often can be reused. Global Education Coalitions opinions are not widely known. Parallel to each technical achievement, it is also necessary to consider the economic value of innovation, in our case of the new ‘data network’ differentiated. What is the added value of linked data? Can Google’s knowledge graph serve as a model of internal knowledge database? Why should metadata be separated from the content, which new business models can be derived from? The lecture by Andreas Blumauer is mainly aimed at decision makers and ‘Information professionals’ from business and public institutions. Semantic Web company and the AG Corporate Semantic Web working Austrian companies Semantic Web company which by the Federal Ministry for education and research funded Association of corporate Semantic Web (AG CSW) together, application scenarios and implementations in terms of the economic usability of semantic technologies in corporate knowledge management to help companies and organizations. The AG CSW conducted by the free University of Berlin (Prof. Dr.

Adrian Paschke). Short biography of Wirtschaftsinformatiker Andreas Blumauer is managing partner of Semantic Web company headquartered in Vienna here for various software and consulting projects in the area of linked data and semantic technologies, as well as product manager for the ongoing development and optimization of PoolParty responsible family. Andreas Blumauer has for many years as a lecturer at the Vienna University of applied sciences in FHWien and as a lecturer at the Danube University Krems, each worked in the areas of knowledge management systems, social software and semantic technologies. Baldwin is published by Springer in 2006 and 2009 also the editor of two volumes on the topic of Semantic Web, X.media.press, which are among the first of its kind in the German-speaking world. The third volume titled ‘Linked Enterprise Data’ is currently being prepared.

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