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We live in a time of constant changes information evenings on the self-effectiveness training (SET) in Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin. The complexity of the personal and professional lifestyle is as high as ever. Knowledge is always declining half-lives, economic realities demand a new adaptability. Value change and dissolution of boundaries lead to far-reaching disorientation and confusion. Continue to learn more with: Albert Bandura. Viable is, who can go to, respond, adapt to changing conditions with this complexity and learning experience. While it no longer is sufficient to expand only vocationally oriented knowledge and skills method. The social and labour market changes require an increasing social skills, so conflict, relationship and cooperation ability. In addition self competence is becoming increasingly important. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

It includes a strong reflection and perception of value orientation, emotional, Competence and advanced mental models. First, the successful combination of specialist acquired in vocational education and training and methodological competence with interdisciplinary social skills and self-competence lead to the kind of action competence that makes people successful designers of her professional and personal life and thus also with designers of our company. There is only one way to make viable and successful people – to help them, to identify their strengths and to promote that you can this benefit. Realizing this, the two-year self-effectiveness training (SET) was created by Dieter Jarzombek (www.dieterjarzombek.eu) as a way to improve the social and self competence and therefore the examination with itself at the Center is set. On July 26, 2011, Martin Titzck informed (SET-trainer, behavior therapist, business coach, supervisor and management consultant) in Hamburg about content and framework of the SET. On August 16 followed by a Event in Berlin with ODA Raisa (SET trainer, diploma teacher, healer and supervisor) and Felicitas Goehde (SET trainer and healer), is already on the 18.Juli an information evening in Hanover with Thomas Feist (SET-trainer, doctor, therapist, breathing teacher) instead. For more information, see. If you are interested you register via the given email addresses to the SET-info evenings.

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