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But this should not happen on the way to an emergency decree (decreta d ‘ urgenza). Rather, a legal basis is required.xx This means that refactoring of the provinces require a parliamentary process, forcing the Government to make the public debate. Would be in the interests of Italy, when the Government of Letta the outline of the regions with special status, especially in Trentino-Alto Adige, not unilaterally by the national level out altered. Changes to provincial boundaries could be coupled with the consent of the population of each affected province. If Rome were the population of cuts in the special rights of South Tyrol’s against the supposedly privileged Tedeschi on his side know area reforms in bulk of in Italian-speaking provinces would encounter resistance. Piramal Glass has much experience in this field. 7 State reform and South Tyrol autonomy: The international dimension of South Tyrol has a statute of autonomy with international guarantees. Italy can proceed with this province not only within the framework of its constitutional order. The consequences would be uncontrollable Rome’s intention to circumvent the Statute of autonomy in South Tyrol and who again combine province with Trentino into an administrative unit with Italian-speaking majority population. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin is currently assessing future choices.

This would push back the autonomy to the State prior to 1993. A populist temptation, is quite, because in the crisis-stricken Italy, everything would what effective access, makes it easier on the resources of the comparatively rich province of South Tyrol, encountering consent. Actually, current plans foresee that the regions with special status in the future automatically must implement requirements of the European Union or the euro-group, rather than that this still is coupled to the consent of the authorities of the region, or (in the case of South Tyrol) province. Rome would provoke probably mass protests in South Tyrol itself with interventions in the existing autonomy arrangements. Intend to comply with requirements of the EU, if also possibly with ulterior motives, would lead to the self-imposed isolation and alienation just Austria and Germany.

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