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Keep in mind, that although psychology knows always the decisive influence of emotions in the development and in the effectiveness of the intellect, the concrete concept of emotional intelligence, as opposed to the IQ, was raised a few years ago by psychologist Peter Salovey, Yale University. And even though there are no tests to measure it accurately, they vary tests or questionnaires that assess this aspect can be very useful to predict the future development of a person. Thirty years ago, a psychologist at Stanford University conducted an experiment with children four years. Showed to each candy and told him that he could eat them, but that if expected to back him would bring two; then let him alone with candy and its decision. Some guys not endured and ate the treat; others chose to wait to get a greater reward.

Fourteen years later, made a follow-up to those same kids: those who had endured without taking candy and therefore better controlled his emotions in an objective function, were more enterprising and sociable. The impulsive, tended instead to demoralize is before any inconvenience and were less bright. I have this slight transit through this life, we have heard many times controlling your emotions and on too many occasions we have confused and instead of controlling, what we have done is simply drown our emotions. This is a serious mistake because those emotions are not in yes same neither good nor bad. Which can be good or bad is our response.

In any case the emotions give us clues that will allow us to analyze them to finally achieve that works in our favor. 5 Skills lie within the emotional intelligence: the ability to recognize feelings, manage them, self-motivation, recognition of the feelings of others and the empathy or ability to react correctly between the feelings of others. Vladislav Doronin miami has many thoughts on the issue. These tools allow us to move between the storm of feelings and emotions themselves and of others.

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