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The common sense takes in to perceive them that the environment it is everything what it involves in them. Forming conscientious citizens on the ambient education, mainly taking them to change it habits and attitudes with regard to the environment that is a great limit, allowing a confrontation of the ideal with the Real when the pupil collates its hypotheses of solution with the conditions and limitations of the reality. When informing to the pupils on the problematic one that it occurs in school as excess of garbage in the corridors and the classrooms, leading half knowledge and demonstrating that these pupils can contribute for the reduction of the ambient impacts, beyond all alerting them on the importance of the selective collection of the garbage of the school being collected by the proper pupils in specific lixeiras. Being carried through one it searches investigativa that it searched to transmit to the pupils a series of activities concerning the ambient education examining the reality economic, social and ecological searching the accomplishment of the objectives fixed for its development. Key-words: Ambient Education, excess of garbage, ambient impacts, collect selective; INTRODUCTION practical Contributions in the ambient ones in the construction of the ecocidadania in the pertaining to school environment in the initial series of basic education, searchs solution through the information on practical ambient in the change the condition of these pupils regarding the garbage excess played for them in the classrooms and the school. Considering a type of education whose main characteristics are the problematizao of the reality of the pupil, with the purpose to understand it and to construct knowledge capable to transform it, making possible beyond the development of the critical reasoning of the pupil a planetary change. To involve basic education in the State School of Integral Time Ours Lady of the Favours in the work with the Ambient Education constructing in gradual way a new vision surrounding it, thus elaborating solution hypotheses ' ' creative, new, diferentes' ' for the ambient problems presented in the school making the difference in the reality if where if it extracts the problem.

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