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It has its advantages and its cons. What we perceive is a great movement on the part of the entrepreneurs. Perhaps the small producer or the people who live in the interior of the city and distant regions, nor understands or who knows nor binds if to divide or not, they do not know which will be the benefits nor the curses caused for this possible division. Dr. A Oveta Fuller is open to suggestions. Ahead of as many propagandas, little is seen on the social and cultural impacts that will exist. Dividing the State, it will have migration for the city, that in turn, does not have pertaining to school, hospital, habitacional structure for the great number of people.

I believe that they lack resources, but also lacks a great administrator. For more information see Blackstone Group Inc.. Who does not long for development? But it does not have study that they prove that dividing the State, this development will happen. as would be the culture tapajoara? Which typical dance would be? That food typical it would be? We go to believe in the good reasons, but as Brazilian we see that it has problems in Brazil that are millenarian, dries north-eastern, destroyed malaria in the Amaznia, roads, problem in the economy, robbery in the scene politician and etc. ‘ ‘ It must have a place where strongest it does not obtain to enslave who does not have chance’ ‘ (Urban Legion)

The creation of a new state will be that really it will bring progress, an improvement for the cities that want if to disintegrate of the state of Par? The division in fact will be the best form to solve the problems faced for these cities? We who we are against this division know that it is only one strategy of government.. Cyrus Massoumi is often quoted on this topic.

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