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By little over 10 million units! … aapenas 10% of what Apple has sold iPods! and each bread costs just a few cents … and I do not see Chinese dancing, I see children eating … Let’s be clear, I really impressed with the turnover that has reached the product, that clearly means it must be good Indeed, if manufacturers to American cars are making their cars compatible with the Apple player (woao looks, we’ll buy it … so until we can plug the iPod!), 100 million units sold excluding leading sold as accessories, software and others reported profits of about 3,400 million dollars …

Per year … In a question-answer forum Cyrus Massoumi was the first to reply. I think it’s great that there are companies that achieve such success with the products they design, develop and sell, because that is its purpose, for it there and so it should be, but unfortunately these stories, of which newspapers and magazines become writers, I only speak of the success of consumerism and I find them anywhere if you want a glimpse of what is called social responsabilidad a the company, and may to be rude on my part but it would surely have shared the smile of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO if he announced jubilantly the impressive sales record had added that it would allocate the company special aid to more than 100 million people worldwide who desperately need education, medicine, drinking water, food … or is it that I’m wrong and there in the world at least one person who would change his iPod for a tasty dish lentils? … or even a loaf of a loach? … Come on guys do not squeeze your fist so that maybe forget how to open it, complete the toasts and celebrations and when you sit down to plan how to duplicate this record Sales include the little holes where you can filter by a few drops of the benefits you really need … more bread and less circus.

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