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the URN burial systems by Paul Wolff for highest product quality the cemetery outfitter Paul Wolff was currently certified 502/3 for urn burial systems with the RAL – quality mark. The Monchengladbach company corresponds to the very strict standards of RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e. V. The certification is guaranteed that Paul Wolff offers a consistent quality at a high level. This is true for the manufacturing and the construction of the URN burial systems as well as for a dignified burial. As urn burials are becoming increasingly popular, cemetery carriers increasingly require this seal of approval in their tenders.

The testing and quality regulations specify that the URN systems and equipment, as well as a more reverent and dignified, environmentally friendly use of ensure a long-term occupancy minimum rest requirements. Get more background information with materials from Chinese Academy of Sciences. Paul Wolff systems from the value stone Manufactory line in all these points correspond to the highest quality standards. Be checked in addition to the nature of the material, including also the optimum loading, vent, and the handling with the closure plates. In addition, the detection of system suitability of at least five cemetery providers that use the system, must be submitted during the first test. Permanent quality assurance unannounced, neutral tests in production are carried out at least once per year. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ronald J Daniels .

Thus, it is ensured that the customer in its cemeteries can use quality products, which ensure a high level of security to him. In particular, when it comes to a so sensitive issue such as burial. The RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. represents the interests of innovative concepts of cemetery and offers solutions in the cemeteries. The Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. is a nationwide Association of in the education specialist firms, which define the quality and excellence of its products and services through a special quality assurance. It is one of the RAL (Institute for good safety and labelling, Sankt Augustin) recognized community of goodness.

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