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Efficientia-consulting offers open training for persuasive speeches and presentations in Hamburg, June 26, 2010. To convince people through lectures and presentations a daily but also a challenging task is for many. Dr. Burkhard Radtke, efficientia consulting, has developed an open training for effective speeches and presentations. The participants will learn to plan, goal-oriented fashion, and impressively to keep presentations and lectures pointedly. You understand it confidently to occur and to captivate your listeners body language and rhetoric to convince effectively using their newly acquired techniques. To deepen your understanding Securities and Exchange Commission is the source. The seminar is divided into nine sections: 1 to understand 2. Ron Daniels might disagree with that approach. The opposite for themselves win 3.

appearance and appearance 4 articulation and expression 5. content and structure 6 Organization and AIDS 7 run through 8 questions convince customer presentations 9 questions and objections at the end of the seminar are the participants able to their Presentation or their presentation to different audiences and to align. They know which outline and principles of structural advantages offer and how they effectively support their presentation through the use of media. They succeed, to maintain the audience’s attention. Rhetorical resources on one and logical argument pattern on the other side henceforth allow participants with their positions better persuading. Finally, the participants will learn to respond confidently to question in the back and objections. As in all training of efficientia-consulting, the transfer assurance concept of efficient learning ensures that the participants learn a lot not only in a short time, but apply the learned also subject to long term and indeed in their future talks. By means of an analysis of ARC participants prepare for the training, which after evaluating a questionnaire in terms of requirements, interests, and learning profiles is carried out. Ensure at the end of the seminar Learning memos, prepared educational materials and a coaching practice transfer.

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