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And something more, the conceptual formulation of cease of a North American action like single-pole power. That is to say, the recognition of the time end and the call to a collective action to face the problems of the world. These are the merits, not few, but the concession of a prize to a North American Chief of State that as soon as it initiates its period is highly risky. Right now that president it has on his writing-desk in the oval office of the White House a request of increase of troops in Afghanistan, to which surely it will accede, among others reasons because that war against talibanes is being lost and could be flooded as a species Vietnam and has slope again the retirement of a war that it did not initiate, the one of Iraq. For same Obama the prize is a weight. It will not be able to be let condition by him at the time of making decisions, but always it will be going up to around the dilemma to him to deserve it. A thing is certain. In each decision the Swedish Academy accurately measures of aesthete the political consequences of such granting.

In this case it is necessary to recognize to him that it has privileged the sense of a conceptual position over the immense risks that imply the decisions that the awarded one will have to take in the future. The caricaturist of the Country of Madrid has given his opinion on the matter painting the dove of La Paz of black color and maintaining, as she must, his ramito of olive in the tip. In Latin America already we know that ramito of it gives is delegativo to Brazil, the emergent empire that will have to take care to maintain the order in this continent by foreign delegation, since that has given the concession walks occupied very in other regions of the planet. A sub-prize Nobel of La Paz for Lula the procuress will be between the plans of the Black House? Judging by the stupid commentaries that almost every day spokesmen make of the Department of State on Venezuela one would say that Mrs. Clinton sees the hawks of the pentagon, the Senate and the republican right on the feet of the Swedish Academy.

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