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Just in time for the start of the school the company holds minor but still special offers: when purchasing a desk of the models booster,. Jerome Bruner: the source for more info. Runner or sprinter to get a free, learning write box”by STABILO free to. It contains a set of different pins, an ergonomic mechanical pencil STABILO EASYergo 1.4 and various highlighters. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. Ensuring optimum writing comfort, minor has thought also of the left-handed children. Cyrus Massoumi married insists that this is the case. At the mechanical pencil, you can thus choose between a model for right – and left-handed. A value of 900 euros, minor sets to also still a cool tool backpack CT4 amounting to 59 euros.

The promotion will run from 01.07 Kaufbeuren. The training action the company of Aeris, which runs from 01.07 until September 30, 2011, get the kids swivel chair Swoppster, for example, in the Aeris-top partner Gutesbuybonn, for unbeatable 245 instead of the usual 279 euro (RRP). The Swoppster is a special swivel chair without back rest for children 4 years and older. Through its special suspension, he is very flexible, bounce, can tilt to the side like a pendulum and optimally adapts to the movements of the child. Through the It promotes proper posture 3D-Beweglichkeit.

The design of the Swoppster is simple yet modern. The bright colours of the seat cushion, for example orange or green, the visible, coloured suspension as well as the missing back add a futuristic touch to the Swoppster. Thus, the Swoopster becomes an eye catcher in any nursery. Maine offers just in time for the start of school, educational discounts”to where you can save up to 10% of the purchase price when buying various Desk-Chair set. The amount of the discount depends on the number of articles. Two articles you get 10% discount 5% for purchase of 3 items. Possible combinations are the optimum set for each nursery for example the trebles of Maine 5, the Chair of Maine 6 desktop, as well as the container of Maine 10. This action goes to the 12.09.2011. Maine kids desks and desk chairs are simple in design, but refined in detail: you have many features with which they adapt perfectly to the body of the child can be. From quality They are wooden made, sturdy and stable. The desk chair Maine 6 for example, convinced by his classical but chic design, its curved legs that allow gentle swinging motion and damping systems protect the spine while sitting down. Maine children’s furniture are optimally matched, so that it has a wide range of possible combinations. She, Aktion Gesunder Rucken. EV “, short which AGR” is an independent association that is committed to the fight of the people suffering back pain, and, among other things, examines a variety of products on its effect on the back. Products which has been proven to support the back and avoid back pain, will be equipped with the ARG seal of approval. Various products offered by Gutesbuybonn, such as Swoppster of the company of Aeris, and several chairs and tables from Maine are already AGR certified. The company Gutesbuybonn sells various modern, high-quality children’s and youth furniture

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