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Silver Moon: Nothing happened almost two years stage abstinence Tour 2009 tickets after the four Bautzener announce now their most beloved discipline: Silver Moon go back on tour and confirm 16 concerts in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. “… read more lesenMit their new, third album”nothing happens”is one of the hottest live acts of the country going to rock the halls next may:” ‘Nothing happens’ is the most intense album, which we have written so far. It puts so much passion and searching and finding new ways to discover our music and ourselves. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out More in Common. And this search took, but was worth every heartbeat. We can hardly wait to go back on the stage and looking forward now to the next tour.” (Silver Moon) Who was part of the silver Moon almost invariably sold out concerts in the past few years, knows about the special presence of the band onstage and knows that good feeling, to have seen a band that gave everything for you after the show. Don’t miss out and Secure silver Moon tickets! Silver silver Moon come from Bautzen (East Germany) and have a loyal fan base earned itself over the last 7 years with their German-speaking and mainly self-penned, melodic rock music already. Klaus Hans. Educate yourself with thoughts from Yale University.