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By very long that is the storm the sun always shines among the clouds again. Khalir Gibran not be forgotten, that the Swedish Award awarded to this scientific area was created in 1968 by the Central Bank of Sweden. The first winners were Ragnar Frisch, of the University of Oslo, in Norway, and Jan Tinbergen, of the school of economy of the University of Rotterdam, in Germany, also for their joint contribution to the development and application of dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cyrus Massoumi and gain more knowledge.. The fact, that despite its serious financial crisis which discusses the economy American, once again returns to conquer the coveted and cherished Nobel Prize of economy, this time thanks to Paul Krugman of the University’s ethicist, in New Jersey, United States who won it for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activityin favor of his theory of globalization, it is a great critic of President George Bush and his neo-liberal policy. Krugman has been awarded for his work on trade International led him to design a new economic geography and a new trade theory.

Economist and journalist was already awarded in 2004 Prince of Asturias Award for social sciences. Krugman, born in 1953, in New York, and is Professor of Economics and Foreign Affairs at Princeton University since 2000. He is a regular columnist of the New York Times and author of the book the great deception (2003), a collection of his journalistic articles, where denounces submission system political, judicial and economic American extreme right. As brings what BusinessWeek Krurgman, born in 1953, it has been recognized with the highest Science Award for his contribution to the analysis and the patterns of trade and location in economic activity. This Professor of Stanford University is, in addition, collaborator of The New York Times, from 2001, and his column has criticized some decisions of George W.

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Young students high school of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley have another option to stay busy in a positive manner and move away from the temptations of the street. In September, the new school year, thousands of high school students return to school, and it appears the concern of many parents who don’t know what their children will be or what will be exposed when you have finished the day’s classes. For this reason created the program After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles (handles) which is available in 21 schools (middle and high school) located in the area of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. This initiative founded by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2002 offers programs that educate, guide and inspire thousands of students every day through activities that focus on health, physical activity and nutrition. Programs for later classes are varied and entertaining, specially designed to give youth positive alternatives to spend the time and away from the dangers of drugs, crime and violence, since they have with artistic activities, youth leadership and service to the community, all managed from an innovative and modern way so that it can appeal to young people.

In this way the programme contributes to decrease the risk of students become involved in illegal activities, while increasing your safety when the school day has ended. Currently handles program serves 10,000 students living in communities with high needs and few resources. Our main goal is to keep our students safe and occupied a productively when they finish their classes, that is when the situation becomes critical to many of them. We have been fighting every day to change the lives of these students and inspire them to seek a better future, said Ana Campos, President and Executive Director of the organization handles. Schools that offer the program Los Angeles: Belvedere Middle School, Bret Harte Prep Middle School, Downtown Value School, Edison Middle School, Gertz-Ressler High School, Griffith Middle School, Heritage College-Ready Academy, John Liechty Middle School, the Middle School Leadership Academy, Richard Merkin Middle School, William and Carol Ouchi High School other areas: Bell Gardens Intermediate – Bell Gardens, Charles T. Kranz Intermediate – El Monte, Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School – Huntington Park, New Millennium Secondary School-Carson, Southeast Middle School – South Gate, Suva Intermediate – Bell Gardens of San Fernando Valley: Mt.