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To be mother Intrinco analyzes of behavior is something, therefore I can observe the human being and its context, something innate to my look. We study on this subject I see a subject that currently calls attention, the maternity, this that to say the linking of the mother with its son. What he is same to be mother? Something described for religious as sacred, the sublime one, of love unconditional, next thus it love to God to the son! It will be? This is the doubt that I have. Analyzing certain behavior of women on the function of being mother I perceive that these definitions are errnias, therefore the love of mother to its son also it has its moments desperation, fears, distresses and conflicts. Thinking of this skill we can arrive to think of different form on this maternal love, are these ideas that in its majority make mother to errarem in the education to the son. We forget that before being mother we are women with all our internal and external processes of a human being, therefore we have pains in the soul, problems badly decided internally, feelings negatives, vanity exacerbada, cimes, frustrations and many times until a difficult infancy, I am not wanting with this to say clearly that we cannot surpass everything this, that yes! We only must first assume stops in the all these gaps. In the society contemporary we need to be human beings with autonomy, ideals of life, true, with the feelings, but as to make this? The being that feeds in them and generates in the uterus for nine months, if many times I did not allow in them? We need women having conscience of the power of a mother on its son and having the clarified truth, we will have women, mothers more not believing the meaning cited at the beginning of the text, but knowing that we are beings still in search of the perfection, then, thus passive of error as any another human being.