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Choose video clips, theme and music with SmartMovie and the tool Gets the rest. Harvey Bischofs opinions are not widely known. proDAD VitScene is a technique for advanced effects, transitions and light effects, the professional color effects, blurs, and other filters such as dramatic lighting options for horror movies. With attractive Auftakten, finals and chapter separations with prefabricated titles and templates with Pinnacle montage video editing on multiple layers is fading effects possible, where can be selected by templates such as video clips, still photos, animated graphics, titles, and compositions from a variety. Magic bullet looks is an entirely new post-production tool, with the style and the colour mood of the film be changed can regardless of the conditions for the recording. Advanced audio editing. Optimize of the own soundtrack with new audio features: includes the tool Boris Graffiti sophisticated title animations in 2D and 3D, which roll or Crawltitel or preset aperture, shuffles, and zoom are possible. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University is likely to increase your knowledge. Unlimited text layers can be rotated in graffiti, extruded and realistic highlights.

3. videos on DVD, YouTube and mobile devices spread Upon completion simply with fully animated menus on a Blu-ray disk transfer the HD material. A mouse click is enough to upload the finished product to video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Yahoo! Video. Export of movies as Flash videos or dubbing of videos on Sony PSP, Apple iPod and 3GP and DivX certified mobile phones. And is so easy Pinnacle Studio 12 images/redesign/s12/s12-comp3_resources_de_pinnacle.html availability and prices the complete Pinnacle Studio 12 is product line since June 2008 available on the market. The non-binding price recommendations are included in 59,-, 99,-and 129,-. The versions can be pre-ordered at. End of June they will be available at Internet retailers, as well as in the retail sector. Upgrades from all previous versions on the 12 version are also available at. The prices range from 69,-(upgrade to Pinnacle Studio Plus) and 89,-(upgrade to Pinnacle Studio ultimate).