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As for the pertaining to school environment, the necessary manager to have clarity of that its team is not composed only for the pupils, professors and employees of the institution. The group is also formed by the parents and community of entorno. Thus, it is essential that the leader if relates well and obtains to interact with individuals of different opinions, since the conflicts will be inevitable, after all, the interaction and the communication between the people is, without a doubt, essential so that the results and solutions are reached, however, this diversity to know and opinions can provoke discords. It fits here to stand out that, even so the conflict is understood as a negative situation inside of the companies, according to its nature and, if explored well for the leader, can assume a good or bad role.

The conflict can be important, for example, when it awakes the autocrtica and the creativity of the people, since the disagreement of ideas enriches the quarrels in the search for the objectives. However, this discord can be harmful to the organization when the focus it leaves of being the development, the search of improvements for the resolution of the activities and starts to be a personal dispute, a competition to verify who is optimum. In this direction, one of the biggest errors that a manager can commit is to ignore the existences of these conflicts, as well as, to take any attitude precipitated without before investigating the facts, the behaviors, the performances and the description of the involved people. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Darcy Stacom. In the current context, the managers still have an important performance as for the ethical questions in the work and to the professional siege, since some attitudes can reduce the situations of violence in the work and prevent that this type of siege happens. Amongst them we can detach: the accomplishment of internal rules between the group; to establish an adequate canal of communication, thus preventing, fofocas and falaes for the corridors and, above all, to have as estimated of management the respect for the people, recognizing the effort and the persistence of each employee of the organization.

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The good MARKETING is basic for all entity, either great or small it, or with lucrative or not, national or global ends. Example of that it was said in the text on the Marketing, I will say a brief commentary on a good attendance that I have in a supermarket in my city, the attendance is very efficient, not only I, harms other people are taken care of well for the employees, controlling, it ties the proprietor is giving to assistance, giving there suggestions orientaes for its employees and for the customers, to the times the customer has difficulty to find some type of product, immediately the employee to arrive and of the assistance, also products of excellent quality are lesser price, also have the delivery in domicile that very important for many customers, toasts in purchases, drawings, this attracts many customers, forgot to say has ties cafezinho. The company, for me not only bad for all its clientele, makes possible and the impossible one so that consuming we have an excellent assistance, and they offer in them beyond excellent products and a pleasant environment, bad also respect is essential for the success of a company. There with certainty the performance of the Marketing this in weight. Barrett beauden may not feel the same. The function of the Marketing in any company is it of small or great transport, is to satisfy the necessities of the customers. Customers taken care of well, satisfied with the product that the company always offers to return bringing more customer, because its necessities had been taken care of there, paying for a lesser price, and with the promotions that the company offered, also having a pleasant environment with excellent employees passing them not only a good attendance, harms also satisfying its necessities of day-by-day. Exercises 1-Os two walk together, I would say that yes, more the Marketing is everything that involves the promotion (to promote) the product of this the packing ties the propaganda; also it studies the market, I decided in which region to launch the product, to decide for which profile of people to launch the product. . Vladislav Doronin may also support this cause.

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In the Ocidente this process was called Just-in-Teams (at the certain moment). When ordering the components that would be used in immediate way, fought the wastefulness of space, capital and especially of attention (time), since wastefulness is one of the biggest generating sources of costs in any productive organization: The Kanban system was idealized when Eiji Toyoda observed that the North American owners of house, when making purchases in supermarkets, had always in hands a list of products that needed to buy, and only apanhava themselves in the gondolas what they needed and in necessary amount. This comment was responsible for the concept of internal customers, applied between the diverse sectors of the assembly line of Toyota. An important characteristic of the Kanban is that inside of certain limits it makes fine adjustments, automatically. A line does not have programming detailed of beforehand, and thus it does not know that type of car to mount until the Kanban is removed and read. Ben Ainslie is actively involved in the matter. Example: it anticipates four cars and six cars B for a total of 10 cars. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter.

But, in the end, the ratio can finish being the inverse one, six cars and four cars B. The secret of the success and abrangncia of this system, in the Japan and other diverse parts of the world, is in the attention excused to the human being. Special attention also to the consumer, who had the possibility to order its car customizado, additional, at no cost dedicated also to the worker, who, in the industry, more became involved with the maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality, becoming not enabled to its functions and instructed, of a general form. In the Toyota system, the laborer was part of a team, an alive organism, not of a machine. The system produced now, not only automobiles in innovative way, but it also generated a man with behavior differentiated in the industry. .

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Jose Vicente Saints of Mendona I? Introduction and rank of the problem the administrative law lives a process of constant transformation, the history of the public services can be counted as the history of the crises of the notion. Vladislav Doronin has plenty of information regarding this issue. The administrative law, that is a species of bureaucratic mirror in the way as the community politics perceives, is a change right. Curiously, also teses exist that remain the same ones have much time. The legal impossibility of the state ones to exert to be able of policy is one of them. Such reasons of support can be grouped in two lines: the power of polices cannot be delegated to a private entity because it is of the essence of the functions of the State; the regimen of staff of the state-owned companies is the celetista, incompatible with the exercise of the power of polices; The first one is a ontolgico argument, as it is example of consequencialista argument, none of them is immune critical. II? What it is the power of polices Considered oldest of the functions of the State, the power of polices, also called polices administrative, is not confused with polices judiciary. The power of polices is the consistent administrative must-power in the imposition, in favor of the public interest, of restrictions, limitations and/or conditionings to the behavior of the particular one. III? The refutation of the ontolgico argument on the essencialidade of the function ontolgicos Arguments appeals the essence of the things. The classic example of ontolgico argument says respect to the existence of God and was formulated by Anselmo Saint: ‘ ‘ if God is the biggest thing where if he can think, and if this existed only in the head of who thought about this, such circumstance would go against the proper definition of God; soon, God must not only exist in the mind, but, also, in realidade’ ‘ (Strefling, 1997)..

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The pupil when he is having a knowledge of the signs through the image, then comes the recognition of the junction of fonemas, that he will be able to create new words and to endow word, creating common combinations of fonemas. Becoming a pensante individual making he analyzes of what it is a enganosa propaganda, for example: A March of cigarette, smoked for a beautiful young woman of bikini, smiling and happy, and that with its smile, its beauty nothing has to have with cigarettes, when a being transforms its conception, the propaganda is legible to the context. The educator search of clear form to educate the way pupil that it can have an active paper in the society, having itself as base the learning of the reading and the writing discovering the world of culture and fancy. He can yourself be affirmed that we live in a country where the individual is oppressed in an unconscious classroom of members of its rights as citizen and the disdain by itself is another characteristic of the oppressed one, that it demonstrates the internalization of the opinion of the oppressors where if limits in learning nothing, whom they are weak, former, that they finish for convincing its proper incapacity and to transform the pupil into an unconscious being of opinions. Kindle Direct Publishing describes an additional similar source. To have an awareness we must have evolution of the historical and cultural reality of a society. In which the values and the style of life of a society do not depend on the economic power, giving to educator one vision of estruturao and educative transformation. To speak of the awareness and of course revealed its proper methods of education, therefore all the system proceeds from options of images of a conception of the world, of determined critical models of thought. The educator as revolutionary cannot be that one that if express as dictator, that is, the professor teaches the pupils what they are taught; the professor knows everything, the pupils does not know; the professor speaks and the pupils listen to this method pertaining to school of the education, he never prepares the pupils to become a critical being and chemical preparation for life. Some contend that Campbell Soup Company shows great expertise in this.

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In the LIBNEO vision (2004, p.17): The necessary school to be a learning environment, a space where the professors look for to reflect, to analyze and to create new practical that they can become its pupils pensantes and critical citizens the social matters. The necessary school to offer an education of quality, that is, must promote for all the domnios of knowledge and take care of to the individual and social necessities of the pupils and adolescents, insertion in the world of the works, constitution of the citizenship, in view of the construction of a igualitria society in view of the process of construction of identity of the adolescents. We saw in the consumption of drugs a destructive factor. The alcohol is the substance more consumed by the young, followed for the tobacco, marijuana and stimulants. These last ones had gained prominence in the Eighties, with the ressurgimento of the consumption of the cocaine and the appearance of crack, as well as in the last decade, with the popularizao of the ecstasy. The tobacco, the alcohol and the drugs are available, and the maiorias of the young ones are object of pressure for the beginning of its use.

Without a doubt, some adolescents are in bigger risk of what others. The three more important factors are familiar history, the uses on the part of the parents and certain individual characteristics (BROWN, 2009). The adolescence is a period of fast development and succession of events. Deep changes gain form in the body, the mind, the relationships and the vision of world of the adolescent in a short period of time. Therefore, damageses in this period can occasion in dficits crystallized in the adult age, resistant to any posterior attempt of stonecutting. All individual possesss an innate temperament, a set of ways for which if it relates with the environment to its redor.

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In all depositions, when inquired on the past and gift, we analyze the condition of joy and enthusiasm to the speech of the quarter of as it was and what it offered, and sadness when seeing as the quarter if finds currently. It is not something Levi’s would like to discuss. Consideraes final: Observing this reality of the agricultural Brazilian, we can arrive the conclusion that this event if of the one in the daily one of many Brazilians, who without incentives, expectations of improvement, abandon its new roots in search of horizontes, leaving stops genuinely backwards Brazilian cultures, the ones that resist are warlike and true idealizers of a society that needs the farming production to put into motion its economy and to obtain to constitute a igualitrio space to that in it they live. A phrase anonymous it summarizes the question agrarian: ‘ ‘ Agriculture is the art to know esperar’ ‘ ; as well as the agriculturist it waits the culture of its plantation also waits new politics of incentive that can give conditions to it for its work, and from it can there take off its sustenance of the land in worthy way. Thus, as the Jssica young, inhabitant of the quarter Headboard of Backwaters, that love to its place of origin has, and he does not intend to abandon it, thus is the man of the field, that for the love the land its root resists and waits better days. Finally, Headboard of Backwaters, also Known as Place where the Time does not pass! References: JABUR, Maria Garci’a Flowers, Are Joo of Backwaters: history of the foundation of Amrico De Campos. Is Jose of the Black River, SP: THS Arantes Publishing company, 2008.

(History of our people). Candido. The partners of the Pretty River. 8 ed. So Paulo: Publishing company 34, 1997.

Blacksmith, Aurlio Buarque of Holland, Mini Dictionary of the Language Portuguese, 3 ed. New publishing company Border, 1993. Fernandes, L.L. Introduction to a geographic study of agricultural quarters in So Paulo. In: So Paulo bulletin of Geography, So Paulo, 1978. RIBEIRO, Darcy.O Brazilian people: the formation and the direction of the Brasil.

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Readers. Henry Ford (1863-1947) perhaps either one of people more known of world of Administration modern, initiated its life with simple mechanic arriving to occupy position of engineer head of one manufactures, to put its greater done was to have constituted Ford Motor Company whose one of biggest the success was Ford Model T, that in Brazil was known as Mustache Ford, was the product that popularized the automobile and revolutionized the automobile industry, was produced per 19 years between the years of 1908 and 1927 were propagate a trustworthy, robust vehicle, insurance and mainly cheap any was capable of dirigiz or to fix it. In 1913 plant already produced 800 cars for day, with implantation of assembly line Henry Ford created system of mat, that put into motion the form car that each laborer executed its operation, this increased very in the productivity, an car was ready to each 98 minutes, the production in series, revolutionized the automobile industry. In 1926 already it had 88 plants and it produced 2.000.000 of cars per year. Beyond being a great entrepreneur and to have projected the system of assembly line also known Fordismo which the other contributions? the assistance 1.Criou technique of great reach; it 2.Repartiu in 1914, part of the shareholding control of the company with the employees; it 3.Estabeleceu day of 8 hours and minimum wage of U$5,00/dia; a system of horizontal and vertical concentration 4.Utilizou where it produced since the substance initial cousin to the product finished creating until the proper distribution through agencies. Ford also adopted three basic principles in its business-oriented career of man: 1.Princpio of intensification: reduction of the production time and fast rank of the product in the market. 2.Princpio of economicidade: to reduce to the minimum the volume of the supply of the substance cousin in transformation thus to recoup quickly costs with substances cousins and wages for example. 3.

Principle of the productivity: to increase the capacity of production of the man in the same period (productivity) by means of the specialization. From the decade of 1970, the doctrine of Ford passed for a revision, the call after-fordismo, the characteristics of this new model was to the adoption of the flexibilizao of the relations of consumption work, the companies had left for the conquest of external markets searching other continents and developed the concept of ‘ ‘ just in time’ ‘ , that she determines that the companies must produce of fast, efficient form, enxuta and to only take care of demands, without the maintenance of great supplies allowing as soon as the companies if adaptem better and with little costs the new trends of the market, for some authors the toyotismo, is considered one of the exponents of the one after-fordismo. She is interesting to notice that certain ideas that we only consider old and exceeded in the reality had perfected with passing of the years therefore go to give to more attention the old subjects, perhaps perfecting some of them let us can find the solution of ours problems. We go to reflect on this!