“At Papersmart, the customer chooses the yellow highlighter product then simply vendor-independent” from and promptly receive the cheapest product “, explains Michael Wendt. Also, Papersmart has added the established standards of the product classification in its own development to improve the user experience with a new category tree. The team of Papersmart is very competent and technically outstanding has solved the challenges”, Prof. Dr. Lutz Kaufmann, WHU confirms Otto Beisheim School of management. Customers and suppliers will benefit from the results of the comparison algorithms.” Against the backdrop of the expected economic slowdown in the current year, Papersmart in his online comparison platform provides an effective tool for companies that are looking for potential savings in purchasing.

For the Employees who regularly order office supplies, is created through the platform an attractive option, the selected stationery and Verbrauchsmaterialienschnell and easy to order without wasting much time manually looking for cheap deals. The experiences from the economic crisis of 2009 showed that cost savings are only rare long-term success through the reduction of personnel. The more efficient use of the working time of employees, as well as a smarter shopping, however, are resources that work permanently”, reports Michael Wendt. By Papersmart both succeed.” Papersmart.de is a new comparison platform fu? r commercial BU? robedarf. The online offering free? commercial customers enables the automatic shopping cart comparison on regional and national distributor? dealers. Papersmart.de na according to the criteria of price, customer review and geographic conveys the best provider? Hey, allowing customers savings of up to 45 percent. The platform is aimed at all companies and organisations, the their BU? robedarf so far u? ber traditional Kana? le, or include only a fixed supplier. Through its national as well as regional orientation, Papersmart.de is also fu? r small and mittelsta? overseas provider, BU? robedarf represents an attractive sales channel. Klaus Wa was paper-smart in April 2011 by Michael Wendt, Alexander Hoffmann, Dirk Steffens, Simon Stemplinger,? laughter and Stefan will founded? located. Originally?