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The holiday the trainers of the top dog school describe the most beautiful weeks of the year – here, think you should, if you want to drive in the car during the holidays with your beloved four-legged friends together. \”Finally we all don’t want in the traffic: warning, on the motorway runs a dog on the road!\” A dog is like where his man is, even if it must be in the car. Dog and car don’t really fit together, so should try to make your stay as pleasant as possible for the dog in the rolling vehicle. (Similarly see: Richard Linklater). \”Should be considered, that also in the mobile kennel\” plenty of fresh air and need space. A possible large air volume in relation to the size of your dog and a cool, safe refuge is dog-friendly. On long journeys of the dog should sit up and stretch. To calculate what the car should at least have inside dimensions, measure the absolute level of the dog and add a few inches of air. Because sufficient Volume of air creates additional oxygen and of which a dog needs a lot more than the man.

Heat build-up are a mortal danger for your dog in the car. Therefore as steep built-in window areas (especially in the trunk area) are taken into account and the hike of the Solstice during the parking period must be observed! At a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the Interior of a car heats up after a short time up to 70 degrees! Installing sunblinds at the rear and preferably on the side Windows creates an improvement of the situation in any case. Air conditioning is fine while driving but, good but unfortunately nothing more, if the engine is turned off and you park the car. Air conditioning prevents fogging of the window surfaces even while driving. If you must transport for example, wet dogs, this is a great advantage.