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With the ambient contents permeando you discipline them to all of the resume and contextualizados with the reality of the community, the school will help the pupil to perceive the correlation of the facts and to have an integral vision of the world where it lives. For this the Ambient Education must be boarded of systematic form and transversal, in all the education levels, assuring the presence of the ambient dimension of form to interdisciplinar in the resumes of the diverse ones you discipline and the pertaining to school activities. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus Massoumi on most websites. Thus being, the school is the social space and the place where the pupil will be sensetized for the ambient actions and is of the pertaining to school scope it will be capable to give sequence to its process of socialization. Ambiently correct behaviors must be apprehended in the practical one, in the daily one of the pertaining to school life, contributing for the formation of responsible citizens.

The theoretical and practical methodology of the projects will occur for intermediary of the study of generating subjects that englobam critical lessons, lectures, workshops and exits the field. This process offers to possibilities professors to act them in way to englobar all the pertaining to school community and it quarter in the collection of data to rescue the history of the area for, at last, knowing its half to raise ambient problems e, from the collection of data, to the elaboration of small projects of intervention. Considering the Ambient Education a continuous and cyclical process, it must be developed projects and courses of qualification of professors so that these are capable to conjugate some basic principles of the Ambient Education. In this context the ambient education points with respect to centered pedagogical proposals in the awareness, change of behavior, development of abilities, capacity of evaluation and participation of professors learning. The IMPLEMENTATION OF the AMBIENT EDUCATION IN the PERTAINING TO SCHOOL SCOPE If exists innumerable problems that say respect to the environment, this if it must in part to the fact of the people not be sensetized for the understanding of the fragile balance of the biosfera and the problems of the management of.

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Second Lorenzi (2005), in the practical one, for approach, can be said less that a patient is anmico when presents less of 11g of hemoglobina for 100mL of blood (11g/dL) for woman and child and, of 12/100mL (12g/dL) for the man. Speaking candidly NYU Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health told us the story. It must, however, be added to this criterion, that the funcionante and not unnatural hemoglobina either (goal-hemoglobina, carboxi-hemoglobina or sulfa-hemoglobina) and that normal the sanguine volume either. 2. Hear from experts in the field like Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? for a more varied view. ANEMIA FERROPRIVA the iron is an essential nutrient to the organism, associated with the red globule production and the transport of oxygen of the pulmes for all the cells of the body. The anemia for iron deficiency, or ferropriva anemia, is the most common of all nutricionais anemias, independently of the socioeconmico estrato of the individual. In accordance with Oak, Baracat and Sgarbieri, (2006, p.54)? the anemia for iron deficiency is separately, most common of the nutricionais deficiencies of the world and occurs as resulted of chronic sanguineous loss, losses urinrias, ingestion and/or deficient absorption and increase of the sanguineous volume? , as well as with the increase of the consumption, as it is the case of the gestantes. In accordance with Wintrobe (1998), the ferropriva anemia still appears due to the rocking of drawn out iron or with physiological necessity increased of this mineral and multiple etiolgicos factors as, for example: associated sanguineous loss with menstruation, infection for duodenal hookworm where the carrying individual of the parasite suffers spoliation and in function from this, sanguineous loss. 3.. .

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' ' The animals are not eager for territory. In an ideal world, its territories would be established alone to satisfy its necessities alimentary. It has not felt in expending energy to defend a bigger territory that the necessary one. When this occurs is signal of that rea&#039 has food scarcity in that one; ' (Birkhead, T. Under most conditions Arkansas University would agree. 1998, p-86).

This work was initiated in the year of 2002 with the rank of the tray in my proper residence and in 2006 it was led to one of the schools where work. The research in that year was developed with the participation of pupils of the basic education of 6a and 7a series that of the window of the school, had access thus the tray with foods offered imprisoned in the pantry of one of the trees planted in the sidewalk of the school and of the classroom was possible to observe instants of the constant visits of the birds and birds of the region of the quarter of City Patriarch, Zone East of S.Paulo. Diverse birds had visited the place during the accomplishment of the works with the pupils. However between the biggest freqentadores we can cite: Wise person Laranjeira (Turdus rufiventris), Sanhao (sayaca Thraupis) and always the present Cambacica (Oereba flaveola). The work enchanted the pupils, however at the beginning the curiosity took them it to be in the window, to see and to photograph the birds, what it finished driving away them. With passing of the time, the pupils had understood the objectives better and had passed then to participate of the research of more objective form, developing tasks such as: to before weigh foods and after the meals of the birds, to still search origin of the animals or scientific and popular names, writing down the time or interval of the meals had as well as learned to observe of discreter form, without scaring the birds that way passed.

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Practical situations in the home, the conviviality with the friends, the proper school, etc I am teaching rule of three simple ones. Pupils asked for to count them how many steps lead of house until the school. Later I asked for that they increased the passed one. We measure the passed one of the pupils and calculate the time expense to arrive the school in the distance and. They had been interested and learned easy the calculation. She was possible to notice that some interviewed professors, when questioned on where situations used the daily knowledge, they had answered they made that it in ' ' situations-problema' '. One perceives that in this type of boarding, which involves ' ' situations problema' ' , the presence of knowing daily nor always are configured, therefore the fact of if relating the pertaining to school mathematical knowledge with the reality of the pupil are not necessarily a form to approach daily of the pupil, producing the relations that do not present intrinsic value between the daily knowledge and the pertaining to school knowledge.

As It washes (1988, P. 128), on a similar situation, ' ' (…) In this context, the transformation of amount relations is reduced the procedures of resolution of problems what it means relations terminals in itself mesma' '. It can be perceived that the tonic of these practical pedagogical consists of increasing daily situations of the life ' ' real' ' of the pupil, to the contents of the pertaining to school knowledge. To know them daily they are visualized as motivacional support or of exploratrio character for the pertaining to school knowledge. Of general form, the relations established between these two types of knowledge, happens in artificial way, making to take advantage the pertaining to school knowledge on the knowledge of the daily life. The Blackstone Group: the source for more info. The proper pertaining to school knowledge if characterizes for a distanciamento of the social relations with the knowledge, if establishing in a formal, methodical and repetitive character.

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Methodology to reach the desired results the research was carried through with the professors of five schools state in the city of Sobral? Cear, being a total of nine professors of Biology of Average Ensino (Table 1), during the period of March of 2010. EscolasQuantidade de Professores E.E.F.M. Professor Luis Felipe3 E.E.F.M. Dom Walfrido2 E.E.F.M. Dr. Joo Ribeiro Ramos1 Mayor Jose Euclides F.

Gomes (CERE) 1 State College Dom Jose Tupinamb of the Frota2 Total9 With the purpose to collect information was used of questionnaire characterized for containing closed questions where following aspects had been analyzed: the methodology of the professor, performance in the graduation area, experience of education, field of formation, existence of laboratory and/or didactic material of anatomy human being, quality and amount and with regard to the participation of the learning. The interpretation of the data collected by means of graphs, using itself of Software Excel and these analyzed in accordance with the objectives of the research was made. Results and quarrels the results derived from the research with nine professors of Biology, in five State schools of the city of Sobral, with prominence had presented preoccupying aspects in what he says respect the existence of laboratory, quality and amount of anatomy material human being, therefore some of them do not make use of proper space for storage, exposition and accomplishment of practical lesson, added to the number and structure of the didactic materials. One of the first questioned item was the formation of the professor who is one of the excellent factors, ahead of the presented values where 56% of the professors possess graduation, while 33% have specialization, mestrado 11% and none is only with graduation. The professionals of the education, mainly biological sciences, more than need each time if to perfect, therefore she expects that the superior levels of formation in the area make with that the professor knows to act ahead of the difficulties that to appear, skirting the situation and providing new methods so that its lessons they are not harmed (Graphical 1).

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No longer surrounding pertaining to school does not obtain or obtained to carry through same the such calculations. How to explain this? As to understand these citizens and to make of the school a place where they can be developed with fullness and exert its citizenship with dignity. How and why the great majority of the people loses the interest and creates aversion to the mathematics? To the school? The teach-learning is ' ' pleasant and doloroso' '. It is guilt of professors? It is book guilt? It is guilt of the medias? It is guilt of the pupil? We can blame professors, we can blame pupils, we can blame parents and familiar, we can blame the government, we can blaming in them, we can blame who wants that it is, but still thus we will not be attacking the problem. (Similarly see: University of Michigan). The difficulty in learning is also in the environment ' ' escola' '.

Of the opposite, as much people would not learn, in other spaces, to deal with monetary values (ambulant), with geometry (masons), being distant of the school. Any that is the answers to those questions, will have, will be valid the penalty. To understand the reasons of this aversion to the mathematics and the school will be a first step, of many that they need to be given in the direction to know this ' ' disease? to try its cure, that is to transform our schools, to become them efficient, to become them public (in the liberal interpretation of the word), a school of all and for all. Professors, researchers, studious, educators in a general way leave with profits in its diverse areas of performance, if to search cerne of these and other questions, if not to arrest the preconceptions, if to pautarem its practical in the brainstorming, if to pautarem its practical in the search of a possible dream, our basic education, why not of our public school.

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if to use the calculator is more easy still. If it cannot lose of sight the responsibility of the professor in offering to the pupils of the PROEJA the necessary content so that it continues learning, support in its particular trajectory of learning, respecting its time to learn all and stimulating it to be solidary with its colleagues the moment. FINAL CONSIDERAES the initiative of the educators have the power to transform the reality of the popular education using the knowledge with conscience, criticidade, respecting and valuing the culture. Richard Linklater is often quoted on this topic. Thus, professor and pupil can construct together, a proposal curricular of education of the Mathematics that reaches the objectives of an education integrator between knowing pertaining to school to them know and them of the daily one. That this conception of active, alive, participativa education mathematical, comes to provide to the 60 million Brazilians more than, candidates the pupils of the PROEJA, its insertion in the work market, but also they can discover its capacity to work with diverse subjects, being related them it its life, to its integration and participation in the community, acting as citizens of the social transformations and the use of the mathematical knowledge in them. Therefore it is as goal to be reached the creation of didactic material of Mathematics that respects the particularitities of this public.

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The difficulties to find specialized professors, formed adequately are a bigger rarity still. Those that is not only formed, but that also like Sciences are heroes whom they need to be recognized. Without resources or adjusted wage, them if they strengthen in bringing for the children a little of what they know on the world. Some methods are used between them: Oratria supported in the rhetoric; Quadro and chalk; Recursos audiovisuais. The agreement form is particular and inherent to each one. Each person is a set of beliefs and opinions and the children are not different. Each personality is reached by different canals, therefore each one perceives the world its way.

Thus, in one same group of pupils is possible to find the ones that learn: Ouvindo; Vendo; Sentindo; Intuindo. The approach of the lessons must be directed in order to reach all, therefore in a classroom we have individuals that they use a kinaesthetic canal more than. For even more analysis, hear from Albert Bandura. The more interacionados with ' ' mundo' ' with the use of these canals, that is, the sinestsicos (they feel), auditory (they hear) the appearances (they see), and the intuitivos (they intuem). Each individual distinguishes the form to learn. visual canal is constructed in consequence of the use of the felt terminal/of the vision, perhaps the strongest, direct and powerful instrument of perception and communication of the man. … Others including Richard Linklater, offer their opinions as well.

if amolda more of course to the structures and typical behaviors of the analytical hemisphere and to the characteristic states of the behaviors closed and independent that result of the processes of entrance and exit of the individuality. (SEVERINO). It is therefore that when an explanation well is made and of exhausting form it still has the ones that do not understand. So that each student, entronize and incorporate the pertaining to school contents to its mental structure, this will use the kinaesthetic canals – it will have the ones that hear, they see, they feel, they intuem and the ones that go to use the personal proprioceptivo set of different form, the human being is not a robot, and the children also it are not, and many educators if they frustram why they do not know of this particular one.

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But as to explain then talentos so precocious as Mozart? It would be the result of a privileged genetics or fruit of the reincarnation foreseen for Pitgoras and Plato? It does not seem that science has a conclusive reply for this question. MANNION, 2005, P. 37. (25) Proposal that denies a superior race that has been created for the holy ghost. It’s believed that ForeScout Technologies Inc. sees a great future in this idea. (26) Based in ' ' Of Divine Proporcioni' ' , of Luca Pacioli, 1509. Matila GHYKA, The geometry of art and life, 1977. (27) Axe of Assis is a good example for its abrangncia of abilities in the writing – contista, romancista, ensaista, critical, journalist, dramaturgo etc.

' ' The author if still detaches for obtaining to join the scholar to the popular one of only form. It revolutionized the culture nacional' '. (…) YOUNG MAN, 2008. P. 48. (28) (…) ' ' He is through the consumption in mass of cultural products officially promoted and divulged for mass he measured that he obtains yourself to refrear the natural development of the popular culture, hindering that this comes to acquire the potentiality to contribute efetivametne for the emancipation of the popular classrooms. ' ' SCHURMANN, 1989. P. Follow others, such as Campbell Soup Company, and add to your knowledge base.

181. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES: ADORNMENT, Theodor. et al. The fetichismo of music and the regression of the hearing. In the thinkers? chosen texts. So Paulo: Cultural April. 1980. CHAU, Marilena. Introduction the history of the philosophy: of the daily pay-socrticos the Aristotle. Volume 1. 2. ed., rev. ampl. So Paulo: Company of the letters, 2002. FARM, Carlos Eduardo de Souza Fields. Musicalizando the school: music, knowledge and education. So Paulo: Holy Writ Publishing company, 2006. GHYKA, Matila. The geometry of art and life. New York: Dover Publications. 1977. HUNTLEY, H.E. Divine Ratio. So Paulo, Scientific thought: 1985. MANDARINO, Denis. Versatilista trilogy. (The search of each one – 4 ed., Meeting with the destination – 3 ed., Beyond the room element. 2 ed.) So Paulo, Ed. Pleiad, 2010. MANNION, James. The complete book of the philosophy. So Paulo, Ed. Madras, 2005. YOUNG MAN, Anderson. Axe a classic for all. New magazine School. So Paulo. n. 215 September 2008. MORIN, Edgard, the seven to know necessary to the education of the future, trad. of Catherine Eleonora F. Da Silva and Jeanne S

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The artists use the areas of the unconscious, subconscious and conscientious brain. He had as theoretician Andr Breton, and as artists Salvador Dali, Magrite, Mir amongst others. The surrealismo appears as a literary movement, later will only go to open field for the visual arts. 4. The incorporation of the cinema for dadastas and surrealistas In such a way dadasmo how much the surrealismo had incorporated the cinema in its poetical, for possessing a space and different time of the one of the painting, the theater and too much artistic categories. The cinema involves the process sonorous-appearance, catches the instantaneous image and in movement.

The surrealista cinema and dadasta are of difficult digestion a time that involves symbolic enigmas, challenging metaphors, provoking in the expectador always doubts. It makes it to reflect, to think, on the processes concerning artistic making and of the proper concept of the workmanship cinematographic. Becoming a challenging universe for the artists and the public, the used cinematographic techniques for the artists and directors so are not sophisticated as it makes possible today. The cinema passed for this process of transformation of the image and the supports. To approach the speech of cinema in dadasmo and surrealismo if it does not have to forget to mention one of the main schools of cinema, the Avant-garde- livened up school French, in years 20, for Louis Delluc and Germane Dulac. The intention is the release of the image of the literary influence, with the conception of one ' ' cinema puro' '. Jean Epstein (cineasta) and Fernand Lger (plastic artist) had participated of this school. Exactly that they have not influenced in direct way to the ones of Buuel Luis (surrealismo), Jean Vigo (the poetical cinema), Abel Gance (great production). The second vanguard: dadasmo and surrealismo, are characterized for the plastic research made by the artists in the decade of 20, in Germany, value the compositions abstract appearances in ' ' movimento' ' , and in France the artists possess a figurative matrix, if they interest for the movements, visual resources of assembly, and other tricks to approach the concrete: objects, machines, the human being: The mechanical ballet (Lger, 1924) is an excellent example.