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When buying a battery, buyers, unfortunately think that the more expensive it is, the better. The problem is that there are different types of batteries and different models of cars, and each of them designed for their condition operation. If it does not take into account, we will soon motorists who bought the most expensive batteries will be re-buying power for their favorite cars. To date, the batteries are two types: small-served batteries and vrla batteries. As the name implies, the first require infrequent but necessary checking electrolyte level, and the latter is not in need of care, sometimes they do not even have tubes.

It depends on the materials making up the electrodes of batteries. Additional information is available at American filmmaker. Usually they are made of lead with small amounts of antimony. He created a reliable, solid plate electrodes, but also led to the boiling water. Motorists with more experience will recall batteries manufactured in the Soviet Union, in black ebony cabinets, filled with mastic on top, they were manufactured using this technology and therefore requires constant refilling the distillate. Over time, the content of antimony was reduced by reducing this loss of water, then came the modern low-serviceable battery. Their advantage – a small price and reliability: they are not afraid Duration of discharge, undemanding in the process of charging and easily withstand voltage increase in the vehicle network, we just need time to add water, and monitor the level of the electrolyte level should not be below the upper edges plates.

Not serviced by the battery. Hybrid representation. This is a good choice for those who rarely use the car and does not like to monitor the battery charge. Now the release of such batteries do not Russian companies alone, but also producers of foreign companies. vrla batteries are divided into two types: hybrid and calcium. Calcium the most expensive, and their electrodes made from lead-calcium alloy addition of tin, aluminum, and sometimes silver. Hybrid battery easier, calcium is found only in the negative electrode and positive are made of lead with a small fraction of antimony. Application of calcium allowed reduce evaporation of the electrolyte, and extend the lifetime of battery, hybrid and 5 years, calcium and 7 years. Compared with low-served batteries and a half times slowed down self-discharge. But there are problems: long-lasting calcium battery not tolerate deep discharge. If it more than once is completely discharged, the positive electrode plates will begin the formation of calcium sulfate and the battery will rapidly lose capacity. Therefore, in hybrid batteries, calcium is only used in negative electrodes – they charge is not so terrible. Calcium Calcium batteries, battery different high inrush current, high capacity and long-term life, but they are afraid of the discharge. The unequivocal answer to the question 'what better battery' is not present, each battery has its pluses and minuses. If you have used car, maintenance-free batteries will be Ca excellent choice, the maximum life and had no problems with the level of electrolyte. If you drive a car rarely leave it on long-term parking, calcium batteries quickly lose their strength. In such a case is worth buy a hybrid battery, it is easy to transfer the deep discharge and long inactivity, without requiring special attention. Little-served batteries – a good choice when you need an inexpensive, hardy battery. This is a rare case when no money solves everything.

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Leather interior – the dream of many car owners. (As opposed to David G. DeWalt). Leather interior gives solidity to the vehicle, picking up and the car itself, and its owner to a higher level of prestige and comfort. But what if the car comes with tissue compartment, or standard factory interior does not suit my shape or color, or favorite sitting room and there were cracks? In this case, you need hauling salon skin, and this should apply to avtoatele. Virtually everyone, except the fans, first and foremost, interested in price: leather interior – is a leather shop, and putting bottles of beer here is not enough. But despite this, avtoatele have ample opportunities for to reduce cost without compromising the quality of the leather interior. One of these features – production casing seat is not completely out of the skin, and partly from the automotive leather substitute. Of course, if the customer wants used as material 100% leather, this is exactly what the studio and do it.

And in avtoatele do it better than the factory. The quality of leather is very uneven: there are all sorts of "bit", crinkle, inguinal area, and if the factory automation chop everything, then avtoatele each piece of skin will be sorted out, and the most prominent place of the seat will go to the best skin, but on the side and rear sections will be used the rest of the skin. That's it on the back and side parts, to save car owners money, and use leatherette. The quantity of leather can be reduced by up to 30% when the leather is used only at the central seat inserts. Therefore, only by varying the leather in the seat can be substantially reduced its cost. Incidentally, it is necessary to digress about a leather substitute.

In Currently, automotive leather substitute has nothing to do with the cold and dereveneyuschim lipnuschim to the body in the heat rough leatherette. Modern leather substitute a very high quality, it is difficult to distinguish from leather, and many owners of bmw X5 and the audi Q7 ride on seats made of artificial leather. Therefore, if you have the desire to make a good leather shop, and money, as always "slightly" is not enough, you may use leather substitute will just be exiting. Another possibility – is to use a different skin. Of course, you can go to the proven way – to choose imported European leather, for example imola. And you can use skin Russian manufacturers, manufactured in the maquiladoras, which are often superior to widely promoted brand, and is significantly cheaper. But what kind of skin you should use, and what a couple of years, lose shape and color – are known in avtoatele. So put yourself leather interior – it's more than real.

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Do I need to cast chrome wheels in Samara? Using a cast chrome wheels in Samara allows us to give the car a more stylish image. Of course, for big cities such cars phenomenon is so widespread that it is not surprising, but most often, the interest, if applicable chrome alloy wheels unusual shape. Typically, owners of chrome cast wheels – very wealthy people. Since the price of alloy chrome wheels is quite high, many car owners prefer to spend the money to buy other items, quietly dispensing the usual steel wheels. And some of them do relate to cast alloy chrome wheels with easy disdain – 'the money nowhere to go, here's a fat and rage. " Of course, everyone chooses at its discretion, its chrome-plated cast-drive, however, we must say that this point view is not quite correct. Because the stylish design is not the only strength of cast chrome wheels. In fact, they are very practical.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from FASEB Journal.

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For example, for cars, travel to the eu, the price policy for 15 days will be 1,288 rubles, a year – 11,7 million rubles. Previously, to enter, for example, in Scandinavia, prices were as follows: 722 rubles for 15 days and 6 thousand rubles a year. High cost insurers explain that they were not allowed to beat prices for Europe, depending on the loss. There are pluses and – in case of accident. Ceychas amount of 240,000 is available for each victim at harming the lives and health. Option to ‘green card’ is to receive a much higher amount of compensation. So far, the amount payments determined in each country, but after a year of minimum compensation to foreigners and our catch up and will be 1 million euros for one person, injured in a traffic accident, or eur 5 million for any number of participants. And more: for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova have developed separate, lower rates.

Fleet of vehicles in these three countries is much cheaper than in Europe. Price 15-day stay in these countries is only 440 rubles, and Annual – 2826. Previously, entering, for example, in Ukraine for 15 days, car owner had to buy at the border policy for 1000. New policies should be on sale during the period from 15-20 December and beginning of the year will be sold simultaneously with the old. As a result, those traveling to Europe is now cheaper to buy a foreign policy that its action begins in the year.

Insurers in connection with the introduction of ‘Green Card’ expect the problem: not yet printed form of agreement of a new sample. Plus possible interruptions due to ‘long weekend’. For example, five years ago, when injected osago, motorists are faced with queues and the lack of stickers. By the way, insurers are still not yet know how to act in case of an accident in a foreign territory, that is what will be the system of payments between countries. Crisis and reform, as experts fear, will not survive a number of small insurers, as well as – those are too focused on car insurance. What to do if you suspect that your insurer is on the verge of ” can act as: rent a car with registration and sell it yourself (it’s legal), – said the lawyer, Alexander Sazonov. – And then formalize policies osago and casco insurance company that you feel more secure. ” What innovations are waiting for the insured cmtpl from March 1, ‘the simplification of the accident. ‘Unwarranted’ design is possible if Participants crash (there should be no more than two), agree that the damages do not exceed 25 thousand rubles. And, of course, if no one was hurt. In this case, the traffic police inspector at the scene of the accident can not be invoked. To receive money on insurance require notice of an accident – a certificate from the traffic police you do not ask. Direct damages. Insured citizens will apply for payment to that company that bought the policy. ‘Own’ the insurer will pay damages to the client and only then will charge money from colleagues who blame hedge accident.

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Who is our frantic pace of life allowing you to spend time training in a driving school? A couple of months long training, followed by inevitable meeting with the representative of sai. And it is not the fact that this meeting will end in your advantage: the first time managed to pass the exam is not for everyone. The prospect of so-so, agree? But what if you're good to drive, but no driver's license so far? Because many of the fathers taught us to treat even when the machine we were small, seating to his knees and giving a 'steer'. As soon as we grew up dad transplanted to a nearby chair, and we kept trying to drive somewhere on remote police post sections of the road or in the field. Therefore, having a car to perfection, you can not have official confirmation of this. In this case, the solution will be a wonderful option to buy a driver's license. Fortunately, these days make it easy: formalize 'their relationship' with your favorite car can be just one week. It is curious that the cost to buy the rights you will be much cheaper to learn in school: the average price – 30 thousand rubles (note: do not bribe included!), while the purchase cost of the document somewhere in the 20 000.

It is worth emphasizing that you will save not only finances but also time, which in our times is expensive. After two or three months on the gatherings 'for party' in School future motorists or give the documents for registration and a week later to get a driver's license – you decide. It must be stressed that these days it is easy to not only get a driver's license, but restore the existing ones. Reasons why you can lose them – a lot (thanks to a set of rules, which in recent times are so fond of 'perfect' representatives in our legislature). But even though it is, you know – you can always return them. Acquiring a driver's license issued to you following a series of documents: 1.

Driver's license 2. Certificate driving school 3. Driver card. With regard to all possible categories (A, B, C, D), then there is no problem – today it is possible in a short order to obtain a permit for any of them. So you've decided to go attend a driving school or for a week and less money to get right? If you make the best solution, then you will need to submit the following documents: 1. Photograph of the main pivot of the passport 2. Photo page of passport with residence permit 3. Color photograph, 4. A sample of your signature. It is worth emphasizing that This option is not required to spend time on the passage of honey. Commission to gather all the necessary documents for your mental sanity and physical health. Today you can get right, not only in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but also in many other Russian cities. The service seemed to only large cities, has acquired the rapid spread and reached the cities with low and average population. So if you are a resident of one of these places, then you have a great opportunity to acquire a driver's license for a few days! Good luck on the road!