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Availability of real estate in the Czech Republic advantage in obtaining the status of the European Union. Expectations of the adoption in May 2009, the law permits to acquire real estate by foreign individuals are not held, is still a foreigner can acquire Czech real estate only to your company, registered in the Czech Republic. Long-term visa, obtained in the Czech Republic on the basis of their own property, and his own company in the Czech Republic offer the opportunity to long-term residence in the Czech Republic and Europe. Free entry and exit in the Czech Republic, as well as in any other Schengen countries makes the alien free in their choice throughout Europe. After all, a foreigner who has status in the Czech Republic has the right to buy real estate in any other European country. Spanish legislation, for example, gives the right to buy housing in Spain, but did not qualify for a residence permit or permanent residence in this country. Just act many of the laws of other countries in Europe. Using the Czech version of obtaining the status of a foreigner saves money on design and gets the opportunity to stay in Europe in any other country.

In the final aspect of one of important factor speaking in favor of permanent residence in the Czech Republic is the Czech climate. The climate is temperate and the Czech Republic is very similar to the climate of central Russia, but with a longer duration of summer and autumn period. Historical values stored Czech state, offered throughout the country. It will take several years to get acquainted with most of the castles, palaces, parks and Reserves. Accommodation in numerous private boarding schools located throughout the country and particularly in the areas of tourism and monuments offer an inexpensive and friendly service. Tolerant and generally positive attitude of Czech citizens to foreigners especially in Russia is the human factor and build relationships and life, and Russian in the Czech Republic. Services for buying real estate in the Czech Republic in 2009 provide a number of companies in Prague and the Czech Republic. Do not forget make the right choice.