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Common causes of conflict at work are: 1. (As opposed to Balkrishna Goenka). Deficiencies in wages and division of responsibilities. To read more click here: Darcy Stacom. Most people are eager to justice. And despite the fact that this concept is subjective, it is very important that employees that work better, more prepared. The situation where "those who are lucky to order and ship", and while nominally still – very irritating factor, insults more responsible and professional staff.

If you, as a leader, a member of the more trust, entrust him to more important things to be happy with his work – it must somehow affect: promotions, salary, bonus, vacation, more comfortable workplace or new equipment, etc. 2. The situation when the manager is trying to "steer" in those areas where staff are more competent and professional. The head is not obliged to know everything – for this he has advisers. 3. Psychological incompatibility employees. People different in age, temperament, nationality, standard of living, education, professional standards, etc.

may experience discomfort from forced interaction with each other. Then talk about a hidden conflict. You can recognize it, watch the people: the employees rarely go together, try to move away or turn away when a colleague is nearby. Expression on his face when someone of them expressed their views, too says a lot. It is much harder to get to the essence of the conflict. And the question – should it? This is the psychology of the "closed structure" (army, prisons, orphanages, etc.) must recognize the root of all evil. The head of an adequate enough staff to focus as much as possible of each of the conflicts at work, not personal experience.

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Unpredictable price of fuel and the need for heat during the cold winter resulted in a boom in wood-burning fireplace inserts. So there was a shift to the fire, as to the form of heating that has a certain tinge of prestige. Growth popularity of wood heating and growing sales of the equipment needed to create the demand for wood-burning products, and in particular on the wood of birch, which is virtually impossible perenasytit! Very important detail – over the past several years this demand has caused nearly a doubling of prices for fuel. No matter what level may be at today prices for wood in your city, you can expect an increase of 30% annually over the next decades. Market for your product is changing to the same extent as the weather, and it depends on the weather! The rich buy more firewood course than the poor – they are more concerned about the purity of the surrounding atmosphere and moved the idea of communion to the whole natural raw. And do not assume that the sale of firewood is relevant only for cold regions. Residents of southern Russia are purchasing firewood for the same reasons as the residents of northern regions. An important secret success in this business – understanding why people in your area burn firewood. Learn more about this with Ben Ainslie.

This is required in order to understand how often, when and what wood they need, and positioning themselves to meet demand. To be successful supplier of wood will not need special education. If you want to do with wood, you need to learn some information about the types of wood. Just a note – in this market you can meet anyone you want, from mechanics in the past to the professors of sciences, doctors, lawyers. First you need to decide on the type of economic activity – whether you deal with service outlets and shops and private customers. Thereafter naladte supply chains. It is best to enter into contracts with suppliers.

Of special equipment required cleaver, several hand saws, truck. Continue to learn more with: Darcy Stacom. As a free advertisement can be placed name and telephone number on the truck. Order just let the winter in the newspaper advertising small size of the text and if you can afford it, put information about yourself and the services offered in the yellow pages. Let this not a business where business cards are important, they can be ordered for people who may decide to contact you later. Through a large car you can carry at a time much more wood, which further provide up to 25% profit. The wood in the body must also be loaded into "stacking", and thus be able to achieve maximum volume.

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Idea of a new business can be divided into two groups. The first – not innovative, historically proven, calculated that the market is not saturated. For example, open a barber shop, car wash, make building blocks. Add to your understanding with Vladislav Doronin. These business plans exist in dozens of variations and are painted in great detail. The profitability of these businesses is strictly limited by the market. The second – the innovative businesses, to launch the product or service not previously on the market. Ideas of this business can be found traveling, watching the world's business press, and gadgets.

Similar businesses in case of success are extremely profitable. On such an innovative idea, we now and talk, and it is connected with information technology and telephony. Let's start with a description of the situation with the telephony business in the west. To start understand what business telephony. Business telephony is a number of functions and features extend the capabilities of conventional telephony.

For example, your home phone is a phone line and, as its capabilities are limited to receiving and making calls. Telephony average organization is a multi line PBX, phones, and dozens of employees. Telephony organization allows you to make internal calls, play a greeting companies to create scripts ('order to listen to information about a product, press # 1 '), to build incoming calls in the queue, wait time to report the operator to record all calls, forward calls to mobile employees if they do not take up in the office and more.

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Accounting services for outsourcing. Instead purchase a truck delivery driver to find, to find an excellent programmer, without a doubt and without hesitation conclude a contract with specialized transport, logistics and IT-companies? But this transfer of functions to outsource your business! This type of outsourcing used in this country for a long time. Only the concept of "outsourcing" has come to us with the "west" relatively recently. Why, under the same conditions we say "no" to outsourcing bookkeeping services? The answer to this question can be found talking with the leaders of small and large companies in our country. As a result, have been studied dangers that we pursue that await us at the slightest mention in the event of any thoughts about the concept of 'support for accounting services. " Danger number 1 "outsourcing of accounting services" – " Accounting firms tell all the income of your employees.

" We know for sure and, tellingly, completely sure. At the same time, we do not think that tax officials (or the Pension Fund), have is the owner of "confidential information" that we ourselves eat offer, and can use it in any desired order. We are absolutely not interested in the fact that our company's accountant "in friendship", "spite" or trite because "we must also something to talk", can anyone tell how in-house, and behind them on the income of employees. We believe that our accountant is absolutely safe because it is "our accountant." But this is the biggest misconception, because reliability is determined not by the word "your", and a specific person, his reliability and loyalty. The probability that the accounting firm employee is friendly or hostile relations with any of our employees and will disclose to him the "secrets of wages" of our staff, or will transmit data to third parties? Obviously – the probability is extremely insignificant, and sense in such actions do not. . Barrett beauden may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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Many people at some point come to that tired of working without a certain perspective, I want more freedom or enough other reasons to start work on yourself. For more information see this site: Vladislav Doronin. A natural question arises – how to start your own business? Recently, start a business is becoming harder and harder. One possible way is to continue the cause that you have done before, in the workplace and bring back something new. If you think that you have enough strength and capabilities to continue to do it yourself, before you open road. But you have to face some difficulties, which need to be prepared. Get more background information with materials from Registered Trading Organization. Self You would work to have a competitive advantage. It is important that a “team”, share your views and wants to participate in your case. You must be clear about what you can do better, faster, cheaper, etc.

And the version of the “cheaper” is the worst of the above and if you do rely mainly on this, it is better not to start their own business. If benefits are not there, you will have is difficult. There is another way escape from everyday life – to turn his favorite thing (if you have, of course) in the core business that generated profit. But here before you start work, you will have to conduct preliminary market research. It is highly desirable to prepare a business plan.

Business plan, first of all, you need to avoid mistakes in future work. Sample business plans, options are always available on the Internet. Yet it is highly desirable to work on the plan itself. Next, you will create a company. You can, of course, for some time to work without registration of the firm. There are various options on how this can be done, but if you have to engage in commodity-money relations, there may be some difficulties. The easiest option and best option is to register a company. Ltd. is the most common form of organization a legal entity. It is distinguished by ease of registration and small (limited) liability in the event of failure. But be prepared for a permanent record of IFTS, extrabudgetary funds, and any other relationship with the state (tax inspections, visits of officials, etc.). It happens that creation of a legal person is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough simply to register as an individual entrepreneur (FE) and quietly do his favorite thing. So many good examples of when rights of ownership of a computer, a screwdriver and the actual brains, but is his hobby as a useful programming rather wide web – community and beyond. There variant individual entrepreneurs initial fits perfectly. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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It's time to become a limited liability company a hard time. UNC School of Government: the source for more info. All organizations in the organizational-legal form of company, will have to write new regulations and to re-register them in tax inspections. Moreover, the time of this work they set aside nothing at all: the process begins with the July 1, 2009 and will end in six months. Vladislav Doronin will not settle for partial explanations. Noting that the Limited Liability Company is the common organizational and legal form of doing business in Russia, it is easy to guess what will crush the registration authorities. For what the legislator has once again kroit legislation, straining the owners of firms to incur additional time and money costs of bringing the constituent documents of the enterprises in accordance with changes in inputs? For the first time on re talking Ltd in 2005 – at precisely the time the State Duma of Russia discussed the law on first reading. The draft law experts have called the fundamental direction control-by-night firms. However, second reading of which caused a lot of questions and disputes, the bill to tighten as much as three years. And now you, please – Russian State Duma at the end of the year passed a bill in two readings, the Council of the Federation as "lightning speed" approved it, Russian President as quickly signed it. Time to ask, what is fundamental in the amendments? Experts believe that the law significantly changes the position of Company: Memorandum canceled as the founding document Ltd., with 1 July 2009 to create Ltd., the number of participants more than one is agreement on the establishment of ltd, which determines the order of carrying out joint activities on the establishment of the society, the amount of share capital society, the size and the nominal value of shares of each of the founders of the company, as well as the amount and terms of payment for such shares in the share capital.

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For example, when the dollar strengthened against other rates, it will affect the profit and value of companies operating internationally. If a majority of firms in the market has a significant volume of international transactions, the risk of increasing the dollar can be attributed to market risk. If international operations are occupied only a few companies, this risk is closer to the risk at the firm level. Why Diversification reduces or eliminates the risk at the firm level? As an investor you can make up your portfolio investing all the money in one asset. If you do it this way, you expose yourself to as market risk and specific risk of the firm. If you expand your portfolio to include the other assets or shares, you diversify a portfolio, thereby reducing their dependence on the level of investment risk as a separate company. On the contrary, environmental changes affecting the entire market as a whole, will act in the same direction for the majority of investments in the portfolio, although the impact on some assets will probably be stronger than the others.

For example, other things being equal, higher interest rates lead to lower values most of the assets in the portfolio. Extension of diversification will not eliminate this risk and will not reduce the value of its assessment. Therefore, risk assessment of this group are also relevant. Risk assessment: general principles is one of the main requirements Basel Committee (Basel II) is under the bank's capital to the risks that need to be able to evaluate, to formulate capital requirements that ensure the reliability of the bank. It does not return individual loans are not bring tangible damage to the bank, if it can be compensated by reserves earmarked for the expected losses on credit operations (Expected Loss, EL). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Balkrishna Goenka and gain more knowledge.. In addition, there is a chance of loss substantially all the assets in the loan portfolio, leading to the bankruptcy of the bank.

Such losses are called unexpected losses (Unexpected loss, UL). All this must be considered when assessing risk. In connection with this assessment of financial risk is carried out, based on two positions – both EL and UL. Expected losses risk assessment evaluated the likelihood of default on the borrower, as well as the amount of security for loans. The value of the expected loss directly affects the profits of the credit product, as necessary deduct the insurance amount to the reserve fund highly liquid with each loan, this amount should not be less than the value EL. The value of unexpected losses in assessing the risk of the portfolio also indirectly affects the profits of the credit activity, because it determines the proper level of security and the bank's loan portfolio as a whole. Own level of reliability is determined by matching the capital at risk (own economic capital) possibility of unexpected losses that may occur with a probability to a full complement probability (level of) reliability. More strictly measured by the UL VAR (Value at risk) at the level of reliability. One of the main and trivial problems in assessing the financial risk – an assessment and calculate the probability of borrower defaults. We have two approaches to calculating PD. Kim Phillips-Fein is likely to agree. The first is based on qualitative and quantitative assessment of the borrower's rating from its internal financial indicators and specific business factors. The second is based on the capitalization of the borrower in the stock market and the level of its debts to creditors. Unfortunately, the second approach, although it is more objective, applicable only to a small number of Russian public companies.

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On any modern company bosses there. Any bosses have their own subordinates. And the more of them, the more difficult supervisor to control the production processes are fully throughout the team. Saves staff accounting, because under correct approach, it becomes a reliable tool for business management. Having accurate statistics on changes in work-based company, leader in time be able to make amendments to the goals and objectives. Personnel records include the preparation and maintenance of all documentation related to the employee's work: it's labor contracts, and registration of the holidays, and papers relating to firing, hiring, and much more. Maintenance of personnel records is usually responsible for the personnel department of the enterprise itself or by professionals who take on some of the load firm in HR administration. Details can be found by clicking Science education or emailing the administrator. To progressively growing businesses, this approach is absolutely justified, because the released from unnecessary worries leader can spend time on the gradual improvement business strategy firm, to increase skills and other useful things. Vladislav Doronin often says this.

Personnel records at the firm must constantly be kept in the right way, no need to wait for various types of audits and other problems. Documentation of the enterprise is easier to organize gradually than handle a huge amount of information at once. Therefore, it is important to commit personnel records in the hands of truly qualified experts who know all the details of workflow. You will be glad to help BT workers' Yuristokrat. The reliability of cooperation with them you can appreciate already the first results of their activities. HR Professionalism – is the key to successful records management company. When the paper in order head of the firm believe in the strength of its business. Personnel records – an issue that simply can not be ignored, as this can lead to fines from regulatory bodies (Rostrudinspektsii, Prosecutors) and the actions of employees. Trust personnel records only true professionals.

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Has been the cause of the economic crisis in part greedy or careless behaviour of our banks globally, and if so, how much are contributing to global efforts to recover from that seems to be the largest worldwide scrambled since the great depression of the 1920s? I can only comment on events give rise in Spain, as it is where I live, but the reaction of the banks in Spain seems to vary from Bank in Bank. It is clear that Spain is suffering a particularly painful crisis with the highest levels in Europe in terms of unemployment, and consequently a large number of people have experienced dramatic reductions in their pay and their ability to meet their financial obligations in terms of mortgages and other credits earned in better times. Now, the general Council is that someone who experience financial difficulties should discuss as soon as possible its economic situation with its bank, or those who enabled them the mortgage or the credit, to be able to reach a new agreement of a payment that reflects its now changed circumstances. How well does them? I have a partner who works in the financial sector in Andalusia on the Costa del Sol, an area that is arguably the epicenter of the spread financial here in Spain and it seems that the willing of helping banks find a reasonable agreement for the payment of the customer changes depending on the Bank, very helpers to reactions of complete disinterest. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill addresses the importance of the matter here.

That find it me very strange, do banks have not received aid from the Government, and they should not have a moral obligation to at least try to accommodate those clients who are trying to best fulfill their obligations financial and not lose their homes? Also, don’t you have perfect sense that banks retain their customers in these difficult times? One of the reasons for the high levels of unemployment in Spain can be directly related to the unsustainable boom of construction and the enormous amount of flats and houses unsold (this possible because banks make affordable finance), so clearly the repossession of homes by banks should only be considered as a last resort, when all other possibilities have been exhausted. The last thing needs Spain is that the market is flooded with cheap houses repossessed, but is what is happening. Perhaps it would be of advantage produce lists of banks that are making an effort to help find a way that your customers can pay what should, through extended periods of payment or other means, and those banks that appear to be rigid and inflexible in their attitude that they prefer the option of repossession to try to find alternative modes of payment for customers. Unfortunately, banks who choose the second thing are the effect worsening the crisis for everyone in Spain, so it seems clear that while some banks are heroes, others are villains and perhaps get to know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in this situation could be helpful information for people who are suffering in these times.. .

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We are now flowering of capitalism. In a question-answer forum Stephen Fry was the first to reply. No, no, no prosperity, namely flowering. Buds of this phenomenon began to tie long before we arrived, in modern times, when knights put on the backburner, while the poor peasants sought to join the ranks of lenders and tsehovikov. There is no shortage of that made to dress all in the same "red polka dots." Entrepreneurs, greedily hungry for the life of the glossy pages and a blue screen, came into all areas of the market. Opened offices, agencies, firms. And they're all waiting for ordinary folk, because their wealth and success will depend on this from us. Props to the Secretary, which await visitors polite secretaries, reception, stands for foster – for us, so we left the blood money in here.

Office Furniture – mandatory addition to any commercial arrangements, which, like the gears are working regular employees, day by day accounting records and preparing reports. Furniture for staff, including office chairs, will also become a necessary part of any office, because half of the success of the whole affair will depend on the selection of colors and literate arrangement. Quite often we can see in American films, as a large corporation an area equal to the square of the average apartment, there are hundreds of employees. "How is this possible? "- You might say. Reply nezateyliv: mobile partitions, used in such offices, shared employees, who are often placed at one table. Stationary office partitions limit the departments in the office, dealing with various issues in its essence. How do I put a few people in a small room, sharing their jobs? Again, this can help stationary partitions. Long before our days, in modern times, when knights were no longer in vogue, and the poor peasants sought to join the ranks of lenders and tsehovikov, began to tie the first buds of this phenomenon. Quite often it is expensive oak tables, sofas for visitors and leather chairs, which are located in a spacious office. Sale of office furniture is developing so rapidly as a growing number of these same offices and offices for arrangement of which is bought and all the office furniture. And is growing in this market is still very long, because human laziness did not allow him to eat breakfast standing up.