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Cementos Argos is one of the emblematic companies of the Colombian production sector and thanks to a political ambisiosa of expansion, today is a global company with operations in several countries, including United States. (www.argos.com.co). one of the most important challenges in goods type commodities markets is the differentiation. Cement and concrete is one of them. Is for this reason that already makes several years Argos decides to put in action a strategy of achieving differentiation in the market through relate more closely to the client. This launches an initiative of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comprehensively, which defines settings and improvements in business processes of face to the customer and back-up, highly qualified and trained personnel to run all support processes to the relationship with the customer in an effective manner, consolidation of a base of complete and up-to-date information enabling to integrally support each of the contact points with the client and finallyimplement a tool a computer that allows you to manage relationships with customers so that the service excellence is a constant. To meet this strategy in a comprehensive way, Argos uses Mind Andina with the aim of obtaining full technological support in the implementation of an information system that supports the objectives sought. To deepen your understanding Arkansas Cinema Society is the source. The information system used is Sage SalesLogix, which today supports business processes in marketing, sales and customer service.

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