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The actor was born in the American metropolis – New York City in 1943 on 17 August. His father Robert, also named Robert De Niro, was a very creative person. He was fond of sculpture, painting and writing poetry. Mother's name was Virginia Admiral, She is also a senior, and Robert was close to the world of painting, but it did not save the young family and little Robert's parents divorced when he was 2 years old. Whenever Nike listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As a child, Robert was very low growth, was very shy but also possessed incredibly white skin, for which he was named the peers 'Bobby Milk'. His first role he played in high school, directed by the famous works of "The Wizard of Oz." Then the young actor played the cowardly lion.

Next role he got only many years later, when he was sixteen. Robert starts to think seriously about the profession and an actor is trained in acting school at the Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler. After graduating from institution, Robert played in the theater, acted in commercials and occasionally on television shows. The debut film by Robert De Niro was named 'wedding party' / 'The Wedding Party'. The film has lain in the archives of more than six years and even after the on the screen does not bring fame to the actor, despite the fact that the tape was directed by world-renowned Brian De Palma.

At the same time they released the film with a beginning actor, shot by the same Brian De Palma – 'Welcome' / 'Greetings', however, and it is not noticed by the spectators. After that, Robert De Niro is removed in a few more tapes, which also did not find acceptance. It was only in 1973, the actor comes to success. For his role in the film 'The Bay '/' Bang the Drum Slowly 'Guild of Film Critics in New York presents its first award to Robert.

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Start the systematic study of the first Russian resort in the Caucasus related to the name of Fedor Aleksandrovich Batalin. He received a good grounding in physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University. After his actively collaborated in the end of the literary and political journal "Notes of the Fatherland." For twenty years, Fyodor stretch led to this well-known and progressive magazine divisions of scientific criticism, biography and scientific review. Magazine that was published in 1820 and had a glorious tradition. Suffice it to recall that before the Batalin (from 1839 to 1846) the critical-bibliographic department headed by VG Belinsky, which were published in the journal of Alexander Herzen, Mordovia, the works of Mikhail Lermontov, Nekrasov, Turgenev. In 1856, when Secretary of State J. M. Ants went on KMV with a commission of experts to detailed physical-geographical and economic study of the area, its composition has been enabled and AF Batalin.

It was a comprehensive and systematic study of the spa area. The Commission has gathered a great amount of material detailing the region, its geographic location, terrain and mountain-laccoliths. Made a lot of shots and sketches. Much attention is paid to the state resorts and natural resources. FA Batalin systematized the study, carefully prepared and published a remarkable work "The Pyatigorsk region and KMV" in two volumes with the application and plans of the album (St. Petersburg, 1861).

For many years the monograph FA Batalin considered a major reference work in the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters, and even today is not lost interest in it. For this work he was awarded Fyodor academic award. By the time of arrival of FA in the Batalin "Caucasian calendar" was published a famous geologist G. Abikh "Explanation of the geological section of northern slope of the Caucasus mountain range from Elbrus to Beshtau", which was given a thorough analysis physico-chemical properties of water and mineral sources have established that their formation with geological structures area.