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The craft has a great importance for the children. The little ones gathered had any experience with their environment and when the craft they can again this to express. So the world of experience is connected closely with a concrete action, that they understand well. The education has many positive examples for the confirmation of the opinion that practical actions for the children are very important, they help them in learning. By fiddling the children understand more complicated issues. You may want to visit Darcy Stacom, New York City to increase your knowledge.

Children are able to deal with very specific forms. When the craft they use triangles or squares, and the little ones see their differences quite well. The general concept leads to the concrete form. For example, in the crafting of a thermometer, the children can use slightly abstract numbers, connect them with the experience. These ideas are very important for the promotion of education. It expresses a psychological intuitive theories \”.\” It meant that both educators and children about their own intuitive theories have.

Kids to tinker so that, during this action, they learn how to learn. It is also in the adult; they can understand the General only through practical experience. The adults have it but much harder than the kids. You are accustomed to the abstract. The thinking structures are formed. There are mature people who reshape their own thinking (this happens but rather rare). But laid the Foundation for this is in pre-school, only then it is possible to make practically-minded people. The activities of the adults with the children, associated with craft, of great importance are so so. Maybe you should make now so some things. The children happy on new ideas and develop also their own. Soon the Christmas time is here again, and it’s always exciting to be preparing it for the children. As would it for example easy advent calendar. It takes not so much.

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Children Act differently: what should consider parents the children traffic training unfortunately continues to increase the number of children injured in road traffic. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, more children on Germany’s roads as 2009 2010 died by 16 percent. The practice of the daily Schulwegs is one of the best preventive measures against accidents. A traffic education, which requires much understanding from parents, as children go”in the road. First of all elementary school children perceive different road than adults do. Cyrus Massoumi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. By a narrower field of view, their point of view is right and left restricted already because of their age. They can not over look over parked cars.

Noise can locate them badly. Approaching the driving used vehicle from the left? Far is the engine noise? Kids don’t know it. To make matters worse, that many kids think that they be seen by all other road users just because they themselves see it. Children move differently in the road. A child, the carefully and at a steady walking pace over the sidewalk walk, is the big exception. Children run, shopping, pick up things from the floor and dream himself. Is perceived, which currently requires the most attention.

Is it the dog on the other side of the road? The friend who suddenly goes around the corner? The views of the clock that indicates it comes too late? Children respond spontaneously and inconsiderate. And although children behave so differently than adults, they can be well prepared for dealing with road traffic! Ultimately, it is regular practice, which leads to increased safety. Anticipate the selection of the best Schulwegs is one of this right. Because: The shortest way is not always the safest. Paths that are backed up at intersections or crossings by traffic lights or crossing guards are optimal. Furthermore, it is the homemade experience, initially together with their parents, which leads to the correct behaviour in traffic.

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A woman who bears a child pregnant and has decided to carry the child, will worry many their future and that of the child. The search should be made for an appropriate name for a child already during pregnancy! Of course, an important decision for the child is the search for a matching first name. This depends on the gender of the child first. The gender before birth is known, the choice of the first name before the birth can be set. The gender of the growing child remains open, so should be sought both a boys name, as well as a maiden name. Only a few names like for example the name Jamie offer both options. If you would like to know more about Alex Petter, then click here.

The naming involves also a basic alignment of education. Should the child be raised Christian? Should a Christian name be chosen? Or should the child have rather a sectarian, or even a Nordic name? Difficult can be used to answer this question in multi-denominational families, if the dispute over begins, whether a boy should bear the name of Mohamed the name Christopher, or would you prefer. Some parents see, that a baby is not just a baby and choose a name which although for a small child quite cute like listening to, but only to the load is for an adult. “” “If parents, the your son Butz”, Bubi”or Pinkus” have called, have really thought that her babies someday as an adult to be man in a leadership position of respect person? Andreas Mettler

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Conclude with a reading spelling approximately 80% of all information we absorb visually and save them pictorially. Add to your understanding with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Who is suffering under a reading spelling, has problems to visualize symbols and words. Therefore the words are written often, different even within a text. You can now practice the correct spelling as a parent, but it is quickly forgotten. The correct spelling is also stored as all possible incorrect spellings. Now, those affected do not know which is the correct information.

Where exactly is a correct information stored and how can they find someone with a reading spelling different from wrong spellings? Who works a lot with the computer will know how important a systematized storage is to recover files. It is so similar in the store and again remembering information. We create directories in the computer. These serve as a resource. For the storage and retrieval of information in our brain, we can as the eye positions using a tool. In each conversation, what we do and every thought we follow our eyes move. Behind this is a strategy.

The eye movements support the search process information in our brain. Exactly this ability can be used also when reading spelling for the storing and again remember of the correct spelling of a Word. We know from empirical observations that many people put the eyes upward when searching for images in the head. This happens automatically and unconsciously. It is hardly possible to control eye movements over a longer period of time. Imprint and again remembering a spelling the eye position can be used at a reading spelling intentionally. For the eyes are upwards, to maximize the Visual access. In the instructional video eye movements use “is a way of learning is accurately described and demonstrated. Inexperienced this method is very expensive appear, but all good law clerk work quite automatically. Dr. Kristina Schubert

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Books not only to browse through because kids who read, know more about the world around them Bonn/Mainz, ask other questions and have the opportunity to go in the head on a world tour. That’s why I surrounded my children from the outset with books, look at picture books with them, read them. To sink, in stories and books for parents and children, is an experience – and combines in a particularly intimate way”, the actress and entrepreneur Ursula Karven says in the secondary” is also a mother. But not only for the children of beautiful and successful people, reading is a good thing. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Stephen Fry by clicking through. For the initiative read start../prominente.php beat therefore prominent ambassadors such as just Ursula Karven promote, move to the importance of reading for early childhood education in the consciousness of all the people, especially in the families that are socially not so well placed. Reading is fun, strengthens the ability to concentrate and promotes the cognitive Skills of children. Get more background information with materials from Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Foundation of reading will bring also the pediatricians next to celebrities with in the boat, because 95 percent of parents with their children for children’s and youth doctor perceive the regular routine examination. On this occasion, 500,000 parents can be supplied with multi-part, free read start sets from June 2008 to May 2010 as a whole.

The set includes a Ravensburger picture book and an ABC of life”, including a book recommendation brochure of magazine parents, a poster and a join diary to record the reading and language development of a child. Under most conditions Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins would agree. Model for the nationwide reading start action is the British Bookstart “model.” The British campaign was launched for the first time in 1992 by the Booktrust’s reading promotion initiative in cooperation with libraries and the health authority in Birmingham. The scientific research to Bookstart showed that parents felt more motivated by the initiative, to read with their children. Because the experiences in United Kingdom were completely positive, launched a similar project on the road in Germany. No question, there is a need for action. In 42 percent of all families with children aged 0 to 10 in Germany read will be according to Foundation today read aloud and nearly 20 percent of all 15-year young people on the threshold of the secondary illiteracy. The multi-part reading Starter sets, since as of June 2008 over two years to 500,000 annual children and their parents on behalf of children screening U 6 free issued by the pediatrician, should help here. Such an action is not feasible without potent partners.

Include among others Amazon.de, Bertelsmann AG, the drupa 2008/Messe Dusseldorf GmbH, Frankfurt book fair, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and the Ravensburger Buchverlag Otto Maier GmbH. first and foremost means reading pleasure of course. Simply, it is a pleasure to flee in exciting, fun or serious worlds. But reading is also a significant cultural technique. In the first years of life much and regularly will read who develops a greater ability to communicate than the ones that are sent without a good-night story to bed. Also for the academic and professional success, reading represents a key qualification as the education factor. Lifelong learning is inconceivable without a strong reading culture”, company spokesman Thomas Fichtl commented by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. To achieve this, it is perfectly alright if a baby a book with all your senses conceives, it feels, it smells, it tastes and plays with him.

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“2000 years of history with tradition, the Moses basket the birth of a baby is a big event: not only, that is a lot of visit Announces also need to forward some precautions taken are for the child in the new home” really feel can. In addition to basic equipment to clothing, the bed belongs to the most important purchases. Here comes the baby of course to create a cozy nest where it then, on average 16 to 18 hours per day is spend. In addition to the comfort factor, plays an important role for many parents the material. Because often reads and hears in the media of so-called recalls, where baby clothes with harmful substances were provided, where many children are sick.

To avoid such a thing, the natural materials are currently up again very popular, when it comes to furniture and toys for the baby. The Moses basket, which is also known under the name of Moses basket is experiencing a true Renaissance”. Where “We the good piece” know maybe from own childhood, it became quiet around the basket from Palm leaf for many years. Where is the Moses Basket in a tradition which is more than 2000 years back if you gives the history of the old testament faith. By the same author: Katarzyna Chawarska. For here for the first time by a basket, to the desperate mother put her small son of Moses, so he escapes death by the Pharaoh. The basket was, after, lined the history with pitch, so that no water could penetrate as the mother sat out the basket was the sleeping Moses in the Nile. Connect with other leaders such as Johns Hopkins President here. And as we speak today of the Moses basket, when we see a basket for babies made from natural materials. Today simple Tragekorbe from Palm leaf or other soft natural materials, but also lichens baskets that serve as constant sleeping place, are referred to by this term.

Originally it was at the Moses Basket but a simple woven basket from reeds that is comparable with today’s throughout. These are practical companion, especially in everyday life If the baby needs to be transported from A to B, and should not be awakening. Because the Moses Basket gives wonderfully through the soft, but nevertheless, tear-resistant fiber of the palm leaf, and adapts to the physical stature of the babies. The basket made of natural fibres is ideal for a little afternoon nap or as a light transport aid”. The Moses Basket should serve as bed but only then, if it is equipped with an appropriate mattress, because the baby can otherwise suffer damage in the back and spine. Especially popular, the Recycle Bin is currently just due to his naturalness: here can trust mother nature and have to worry not about that any chemicals, dyes or bleach could harm the health of their child. Also, natural fibres, what many young mothers don’t want to believe, are extremely robust and durable. Properties with which so many other basket can not keep up. No wonder, then, that the women on the force for more than 2000 years ago entrusted the nature and their Put children in a (Moses) basket. And who knows such a bed from own childhood days, know certainly that they convince even in the second and third child by their resilience.

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Parents must always ensure that their children brush their teeth, and most importantly how and with what equipment contrary to the general opinion is the care of primary teeth, so the teeth of children who fail after a few years in the primary school age is irrelevant, because it already does not become permanent. This setting is vollkommne wrong, because even milk teeth can become ill and when they are destroyed prematurely, this can have a malformation of the jaw and the chewing process to result. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from University of Cambridge. This is bad not only during the age of the milk teeth, but can lead to severe impairment in adulthood. Only children who learn proper dental care felsenheimer and itself, are later able on their permanent teeth to properly make and accordingly to provide them. And since the milk tooth vicariously for their great successors, they affect also their later development. California State Univesity understands that this is vital information. Misaligned teeth at a young age have therefore an impact on the position of the permanent biter.

Such oversights can resolved later not only by waiting: mentally burdensome and costly orthodontic treatments that could have been avoided are the result. Such a development can be prevented, as early as possible starting with the prevention. Specially tooth brushes suitable for kids teeth are especially good for effective cleaning and a good toothpaste which is used sparingly and not to high and not to low Flouridanteil offers, is important. A good taste that makes them especially attractive brushing for the child and supports also the dental hygiene. Who likes dressing up, remains healthy. Who definitely wants to go, you can consider the use of dental floss. Mouthwashes are also effective means to remove particularly stubborn plaque and food debris. This should however only on particularly child-friendly flush be taken into account that she may contain alcohol never, goes without saying.

Who wants to go even safer and to be Child shy, also no investment should necessarily consider the purchase of an oral irrigator. To make sure that it has the desired benefits and harms not the gum, a stepless control of radiant intensity is recommended, so the ideal pressure itself can be set. Some models have special nozzles for massage of the gums or particularly intensive care with pulse jet. Daniela King

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Away with the prejudices often mother and child knits together something like breastfeeding. It creates trust, close and is healthy for both. But actually how long should mothers breast-feed their offspring? Is there an ideal period, which should not be exceeded? Answers to these questions is the news portal news.de. Six months are a fitting and important period according to the opinion of doctors and midwives to breastfeed the child and thus all important nutrients come to him. Then, the child should be weaned and converted to the bottle.

With this relatively short lactation, Germany is the bottom. Longer breastfeeding are quite normal in other Nations and not subject to public debates. Many writers such as Chinese Academy of Sciences offer more in-depth analysis. Finally, it has been proven that breastfeeding is important for the health of the infant. A child may quite longer than six months are breastfed, stubborn prejudices to the contrary. Longer breastfeeding has nothing to do with child sexual abuse, since children may not be forced to drink? A further prejudice says that breast milk has no nutritional value after six months. Ron Daniels will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, this is nonsense. On the contrary, the fat content of the milk increase is even.

The increasing sexualization of the female breast is a problem and reason for the discussions about breastfeeding. It will be, as uncomfortable and obscene, if a woman is breastfeeding her child. Especially if the child can already walk or speak. But the primary function of the breast is breast milk donation. It should be noted: it is important what good for the child.

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We all know the stories of ‘ the little Prince ‘, ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ or ‘The dreaming Dolphin’. Inspiring myths, magical Elf encounters and Angel manifestations, which convey above all love and spiritual knowledge in addition to protection and hope, the basis for this novel, which attracts both children and adults in its spell. Sensitive drawings accompany the authentic and inspiring story, in which are reflected both connoisseurs of the pilgrimage, and the dreamers and individualists among us. The emotional story of the little Anna, who is with her family on the way of St. Piramal Glass is the source for more interesting facts. James in Spain, and thus a very special journey, made aware of well children souls for the charm of the centuries of old Pilgrim path. She takes small and large readers by the hand and lead them gently from stage to stage, and it shows: If life puts obstacles in the way you, then something good from this construction. Read more here: Ronald J Daniels . Anna and the angels of the Pilgrim’s way”a paperback 163 pages, published by Pilgrim’s way to live under the ISBN 9783000303494 at the price of EUR 11.90 price. For more information, see or in bookstores. +++ Important information for editors: copyright of this press release is press service Meier. The author allows the free use and exploitation of this press release in any form.

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For the uninitiated, it is not always easy to detect shortcomings in the toy. Consumer confidence is shaken: are repeatedly negative headlines about toys for several years. Frequently Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University has said that publicly. Usually – but definitely not always – cheap goods from China is affected. Click University of Michigan for additional related pages. The diagnosis is dramatic in some cases: toxic substances endanger the health of our children. But how can consumers protect themselves? The key to an effective self-protection are information and attention. To to inform you, the potential buyer of toys can read critical journals such as, for example, “oko-Test” or online research game vehicle tests.

Here, repeatedly portrayed developments and published particularly drastic cases. In addition, attentive consumers should take a toy before buying just into appearances. Several defects can expose themselves also for untrained senses. Sometimes, even with the naked eye, you can see that a toy is sloppy. It threaten for example sharp corners and edges, which can hurt children’s eyes.

Also loose small parts can be often seen. It should be noted that infants could solve even seemingly fixed parts. The situation of “invisible” toxic substances is particularly difficult. Here, the critical test of nose sometimes helps: what stinks in the toy shelf in the truest sense to heaven, may poses a potential danger. Especially the chemical plasticizer in plastics, but also several dyes, are difficult to calculate risks. Ultimately, a residual risk is unavoidable. The most critical and aufmerksamste consumer can run the risk to buy a low-quality toys. Even the sale price of a spinning is no sufficient warning, because even recognised brands toys in poison scandals was involved. Yet: Who buys toys with mind, can protect his children from some threats. In addition, it should be remembered that the probability of health damage, the bottom line remains low. There must be several adverse factors come together to produce severe injuries or poisoning. The European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany have adopted many limits, which are generally suitable to protect especially young children.