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Reincarnation of a track of success: new and already discovered! Reincarnation of a track of success: new and already discovered! Pop-song pop-song \”Spoiler\” in the new Schlager-dancefloor- or the difference between pop, dance and pop music Victoria Calleja and Steffen Schuhrkes cover song production of the former GDR chart hits killjoy \”has been discovered now. Already some new prospects for the song registered Management Office in Victoria, Calleja. The German great super hit from ancient times seems in his amended an article of the new German pop ‘ interest to have woken music. Or is this feeling only borrowed? No, because as this classic and catchy tune by Inca must listen to Bause in a new guise, as it must sound now. Just as he must also look, he is in fashion.

Some people call him hit, other again dance-pop. What a difference does it already! He is simply a mixture of trendy pop Schlager dance music, their clothes is a young lady. Victoria Charls sings a killjoy! Maybe this song or title is also a completely new trend underway. Credit: PetruSu-2011. Maybe he is rediscovering the good old fresh dance music genre: German pop to bring. A reincarnation of the good old song texts takes place in the song party pooper \”.\” Like his, \”killjoy\” will make it to the lasting Evergreen… Are the questions and answers will follow.

Tea rodents and young-at-heart adults recognize in an experienced momentum of adolescence. A sudden love of youth appearing before the mind’s eye of the beholder. Almost like in the song and Evergreen youth love \”by Ute Freudenberg and group elephant, is the subject of an early love handled. But the moral of the story is: If you don’t want, has already. Read more here: Ron Daniels johns Hopkins University . Also: have a little fun. Almost like in real life! Young romance associated with elements of synth pop and dance floor.

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Hit musical “Mamma Mia!” goes back on tour if even not good news for all fans of the musical: with “Mamma Mia!” one of the best and most entertaining specimens of this genus from January 2010 goes back to Germany and Austria on tour. The tour will begin on 28 January in Frankfurt and extends over Baden Baden, Hanover, Nuremberg and Munich to Graz in Austria. Currently 50 performances are planned. “Mamma Mia!” has thrilled so far over 40 million people and will go into the original version on tour. This alone was seen worldwide by more than three million musical fans. The unconventional musical comedy about love, family, friendship and paternity, which combines 22 Abba classics to a pop dance, broke all records on Broadway and in London’s West end. Ten productions around the globe demonstrate the overwhelming response of MAMMA MIA!. The focus is the outstanding international tour of the original version with more than three million visitors.

The largest Worldwide musical fun”(BBC) unfolds in an absolute world class production. The ticket sale starts on Wednesday, may 27. Educational pedagogy is likely to increase your knowledge. Register now for the ticket alert and free be notified by email when it goes off! “Mamma Mia!” live 2010 28.01 14.02 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle 17.02 21 Baden Baden, Festspielhaus 24.02 28.02 Hannover, TUI arena 03.03 21,03. Deutsches Theater 25.03. 28.03, Nuremberg, Munich, arena Nurnberger Versicherung 31-04.04. A-Graz, City Hall Klaus Hans

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Madonna is according to “Forbes” at the top of the top earners in the music industry. Three women arrived on the first three places of the top earners in the music industry, according to a new survey of the Forbes magazine. As the Rolling Stone reported, is Madonna (50) with 110 million dollars (well 78 million euros) at the top and has her unofficial title as “cash Queen of music defended. Follow her on the second and third rank Celine Dion (41) with $100 million (nearly $71 million) and Beyonce (27) with 87 million dollars (nearly 62 million euros). Follow others, such as Prof Bhattacharyya, and add to your knowledge base. Then, only the names of men and bands in the top ten are listed: Bruce Springsteen (59) of American country star Kenny brought it between June 2008 and June 2009 to $70 million (approximately 50 million euro), Chesney (41) in the same period to at least 65 million dollars (about 46 million euros). The sixth place of the rankings divide the Bands Coldplay, Rascal Flatts, and AC/DC, each $60 million (about 43 million according to Forbes Earned euros). The Eagles, the country singer Toby Keith (47), Bon Jovi and the Dave Matthews Band are close on its heels. Source: MusikNews. For assistance, try visiting Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University.

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“Who stole the coconut” welcomes you and ensures a good mood – with famous laughter and fun songs whether at home, in the car or in school and kindergarten! A CD full of laughter and fun songs, in which all can just sing along! Loose, casual and fun they arise, the old camp fire and school trip hits the new CD who has stolen the coconut, as Margit Sarholz and Werner Meier have refreshed naughty they shooting star style with Groovy arrangements and some new verses. The funny part of many excellent musicians like mulo Francel by Quadro Nuevo are again ‘ or Martina Eccles, the successful violinist and film music composer. E-learning does not necessarily agree. And last but not least by the perky star of children as natural and naughty coming through the speakers, that it is believed to be in the Middle this CD spread all-round good humour and a laugh that is contagious. A listening pleasure and sing-along fun for kids & co! (Release date: 09.09.2009) Andrea Kretzschmar/shooting star Publisher. Click Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University for additional related pages.

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The current album of Silvio d Anza today, tomorrow, forever, no doubt – Silvio d’ Anza is an attractive man. What far is more for him, is this gentle civility, which is inherent to it. Values, which unfortunately all too often lost in our time. Attention, which irritates today such as an unexpected compliment. Silvio d’ Anza is a man. A gentleman. The search for a better life his parents from Croatia were young and penniless after Germany. Silvio was born in the 29.9.74 in Frankfurt.

For him, nothing was of course. You had is modest, but at the same time impose. “His life motto was: dream your life, but live your dream.” The love of music showed early. At the age of four, Silvio wished a small junior keyboard. He was just six years, as it Mario Lanza in a film about Caruso with the Ave Maria”enchanted by Charles Gounod. He could sing it right off the bat. A Chair or a table, was enough for the Tot stage. Other leaders such as NSW Department of Education offer similar insights. He gained further experience in the church choir and playing the organ.

At the age of 14, he received professional singing lessons. At the age of 16, he was recording at the Frankfurt Musikhochschule as one of five candidates under 500 and soon found his way to the Opera. He enjoyed the applause at home and international guest performances, galas or longer en-suite engagements. But Silvio wanted to express themselves even more up-to-date. Not for nothing, Mario Lanza was his role model. This gifted opera singer provoked at the time by taking on Italian tear-jerker, pop and even rock adaptations in his repertoire. This inspired Silvio and he took the name of d ‘ Anza. He sucked on songs by Connie Francis, Dean Martin, but also Roy Black. Especially love songs with feeling and style Sung. What could be nicer than the most beautiful feeling in the soul of man to bring the blades? Silvio d’ Anza has not only the voice to – lyrical gently, but also shimmering and bright. Even more important: d ‘ Anza is romantic, he loves. So all texts of his self-penned songs are authentic. He likes to construct anything, artificial dramatize. His songs are like his feelings: strong and honest, even intimately, sometimes passionately. The songs are nostalgic time travel, romantic three-minutes dreams to dance or swarms, or love letters. Most of them for Abbott, his beautiful, blonde dream girl. A Yes”was him too short, to seal the Covenant of marriage. “At the altar, he sang his most beautiful song you: today, tomorrow, forever”. To keep everything consistent and vocal in a cast, writer, produced and arranged d ‘ Anza his songs himself. Thus, he occupies a special position in this segment of the repertoire. And so, as love knows no language barriers, changes Silvio d ‘ Anza from German to Italian, from the Spanish in the Croatian and refers always and everywhere. In other countries, d ‘ Anza enjoys a great popularity for quite some time. Now, he wants to make his breakthrough in Germany. He has not only the personality and the voice for it. He has found a good team. The people of 105music have Competence inter alia the careers launched by Annett Louisan and Stefan Gwildis. But before even in its genre by Michelle, the predate – and Helmut Lotti. Best conditions for a foreseeable success for Silvio d’ Anza. Today, tomorrow, forever. Source: 105 music GmbH links: silviodanza

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Special shows in the package with Manfred Mann s Earthband! (thk) Their songs are classic, Lady in black”an evergreen. Worldwide, they have sold over 30 million albums, played live in 52 countries. 2009 Uriah Heep are special occasion on big (Germany) tour end: their 40th anniversary! “” “” “Mick box, only remaining founding member, and his four companions will offer a musical career section at the birthday concerts from the beginnings with Gypsy”, “look at yourself”, the Wizard”,” easy livin'”, Stealin’?” about free me “and of course the Lady in black”to pieces of highly acclaimed, current CD wake the sleeper”, their 21st album! Some shows are under the motto “Rock legends in concert” together with the Earthband (“hits: blinded by the light, mighty Quinn” Davy’s on the road again “) instead. Their boss Manfred Mann is by the way a very special relationship with Uriah Heep: he played the synthesizer in her famous song July morning”! The tickets to the varied, sweaty shows cost 24-33 (+ Earthband: 32-38) plus applicable fees. They are available at the ticket offices. Reprint free of charge; URIAH HEEP “Celebration The 40th Anniversary” tour plus Manfred Mann’s Earthband at “Rock legends in concert” (*) 12.11 Osnabruck, Rosenhof 13.11 Speyer, Hall 101 19: 11 Bamberg, jako-arena 20.11 bad Rappenau, Mill Valley Hall * 21: 11 Krefeld, Bell pointed Hall * 26.11 Munich, Tonhalle * 27.11.

Alsfeld, Hesse Hall * 28.11. Bad Kreuznach, Jakob-Kiefer-Halle * 30.11 / 1.12. Augsburg, spectrum 03.12. Contact information is here: Vladislav Doronin. Reichenbach, the Hall Dec Schweinfurt, City Hall 05.12 Vacha, Vachwerk (+ the sweet) 07: 12 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal 8 Bonn, bridges Forum 10.12. Bochum, Zeche 11.12. Worpswede, 12/12 Music Hall Celle, CD-Kaserne 13.12. Hamburg, factory 15.12 Berlin Postbahnhof 17.12 Kempten, win (+ Earthband, sweet) 18: 12 Regensburg, cultural memory cards of 24 up to 33 (+ Earthband: 32-38) – plus fees – at all sales outlets and tour operator: DMC music marketing, Tel. 089.76 97 25-0 Internet:,, press:, Tel: 0821.58 97 93 88/9

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On Friday, the June 19, 2009, edition of the well-known Cafe of del Mar CD series soundalacarte.de that latest Cafe del Mar CD will be released on June 19, 2009 at soundalacarte.de appears the latest and thus 16hp. The 16th edition of the most successful chillout CD series in the world, serves the audience pieces this summer once again with the best Cafe del Mar. 29 tracks in a known high quality digipack is spread on 2 CDs. The Cafe del Mar is in almost perfect manner for the fusion of light, water, feelings and music. An excellent location for early risers, Sunseekers and clubbers. The latest edition of the CD is also the unofficial season opener at the Cafe del Mar in Ibiza. There are a lot of chill compilations in the music market. Cafe of del Mar has succeeded with this Compilationreihe however, to shape his own distinctive, Balearic chill sound. Visit Registered Trading Organization for more clarity on the issue.

The pieces come from all over the world and many of them are exclusively produced for the Cafe of del Mar 16. There are also again many new interesting next to some well-known Cafe del Mar artists Artists to discover. (Erik grains) Music of Cafe of del Mar 16, see here:… / Cafe-del-Mar-16-various…. Further details can be found at Fine Arts, an internet resource.

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The new album by the Romanas – you have my word what can happen so if a quality manager and a Managing Director meet they make music and that with increasing success! In 2007 to run Christian Frey and Wilfried Beyer on the way and found a short time later the folk pop duo the Romanas\”. \”The name of the band the Romanas\” we came across by chance. It was nice, pleasant-sounding name, which can be melodic and warm pronounce and expresses exactly the characteristic style of music, which we want to present\”, Christian notes. This self assessment is by no means high. Finally apply the Romanas\”already now as the author of a new wave of romanticism in the German Schlager. Christian and Wilfried were already are childhood with body and musicians could not survive however alone soul of the art. And as befits down-to-Earth Swabia at the best age, the profession was always the means to an end in this case, to make the music. And so the two in the last year and a half spent many common hours in the recording studio after the great music career somewhat closer to her dream.

Quite a few, well-deserved Hotel were sacrificed, several hundred cups of coffee drunk as well as quite a few discussions about sound and lyrics. All this resulted finally in a true male friendship and brought forth worth listening compositions. For even more opinions, read materials from Ronald Daniels. Put in their songs\”especially on true feelings the Romanas and comprehensible longings. To Wilfried: our music is a mixture of catchy melodies with popular character and stories from everyday of people. Much is autobiographical in nature and thus actually lived.\” And this wealth of experience is even impressively reflected in their music. The Romanas give on their album, released on May 29, 2009 you have my word\”,\” their musical skills to the best. You love only once by a thoughtful downbeat\”up to a highly emotional \”\” Today is your day, make it the Romanas\”playful, to seduce the listener into a world of romance and peace of mind.

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“The new album by Linda Feller – stark when an album right to his title, then this: stark” is the name of the new CD by Linda Feller. The fourteen titles, has chosen Germany’s most successful singer for this are really strong. Time devoted balladic, sometimes spirited and energetic the album strongly features”for every taste something. And as you would expect at a so highly decorated singer, is not only the musical production, the lyrics hold what promises the brand Linda Feller. Linda fellers blend of catchy pop rhythms and conventional country music is unique and certainly the basis for their success.

Coupled with her distinctive voice Linda Feller puts on their personal stamp the titles and makes them extraordinary. No wonder that she already eight times was awarded in the now twenty-five years of their career by the German American Country music Federation (GACMF) as best or most successful singer. Her regular appearances in the great TV shows and their well filled gig calendar also speak a clear language. Linda Feller is absolutely authentic on this album. For even more details, read what Dr Z A Dental College says on the issue. The temperamental bundle of energy who knows who knows that she is a woman of action. sion-On-Harnessing-The-Power-Of-Purpose.html’>Growth Strategy Expert and gain more knowledge.. You tackle where a hand is needed and feels, if comfort and advice are needed. And her lyrics are just so: she sings of love as well as them not aside everyday. But don’t worry, the wagging is foreign to Linda Feller.

Rather, their songs are characterized by reliance on a Happy ending. The first single, I’m asleep in your T-Shirt”is such a song. Everyone knows the situation, when everything in the chaos threatens to sink and you don’t know where you should tackle first. But then comes a man who manages to donate through his mere presence of consolation. On the side of the loved ones to draw strength for the new day. Catchy guitar riffs accompanied by melodious strings parts give the titles of the album mood. Country members, such as the steel-guitar used sparingly but effectively. “Three more stand out from the crowd of good songs: my little big life” describes the normal everyday life with its small and large, beautiful and sad experiences that make our little lives big and worth living. “38 degrees and falling” narrated by the fear of losing the great love in everyday life. Linda Feller remains true with these subjects a typical element of country music: the texts relate stories from everyday life and describe personal experiences. “” Also with a smiling eye, as for example in the song man free weekend “, the the Viduidae General” accesses. In addition to the truck stop and Tom Astor is and remains Linda Feller the most successful country performer of in Germany. Her career began 25 years ago since it is from the German country scene more away to think. Their successful combination of country, pop and pop lets you look back on a music archive of nearly 30 albums. But when all successes on the stage of this World Linda always one remains: A lively woman full of joie de vivre and free from any Star. And who once concert has experienced in a live, understand the enthusiasm that it throws everywhere. Source: Doris Reinelt Koch universal music more information about the artist you find on its homepage Linda Feller the album “Heavy” (order No. 1793300 CD) is available as of July 3, 2009 in the trade.

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The new single by Achim Petry – Maria Maria Maria Maria new single appears on the 19.06.09″has produced with his tried and tested team from Helmuth Russmann and father Wolfgang Petry Achim Petry. Surprisingly particularly and with some new and interesting influences peppered, Achim Petry provides that despite all this from what it stands Petry sound. From mid May 09, Achim Petry is the Mediterranean at more than 20 meetings to the cooking place. In the last year with his band, he played over 100 live dates and already in the 2008 he is to shake the Upper Bavaria on Mallorca and turn night into day with his now almost traditional mood. Source: Dagmar Ambach agency TexTour TV: 28.06.09 always again on Sunday – ARD (11.00 h) cycle Hessian – HR 05.07.09 TV garden – ZDF(10.45h) 14.08.09 – cheerful evening SWR live: 12.06.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 13.06.09 – Thale – MDR Sachsen – Anhalt – m. Andrew Bond contains valuable tech resources. band day 06 – Kaarst – Schutzenfest 19.06.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 20.06.09 – Bern city on the equity – 775 anniversary m.

band 26.06.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 04.07.09 – Lauenburg – Ellermann special 10.07.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 12.07.09 – Frankfurt (a.d. Or) – HanseStadtFest m. If you have read about Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University already – you may have come to the same conclusion. band 17.07.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 18.07.09 – Ostseebad damp m. band 24.07.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria SIB – CH – Flumserberg – Schlager open air m. band 01.08.09 – smooth – Sportsweek smooth m. band 05.08.09 – SWR tour de rural 07.08.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 14.08.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 21.08.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 22.08.09 – Spergau – Jahrhunderthalle m. band August – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 04.09.09 – Eibau – Neueibauer Oktoberfest m. band 05.09.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 11.09.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 12.09.09 – Eisenhuttenstadt – open air m. band 18.09.09 – Cologne – 1 Cologne Oktoberfest 19.09.09 – Cologne – 1 Cologne Oktoberfest 25.09.09- Cologne – 1 Cologne October feast, 26.09.09 – Cologne – 1 Cologne Oktoberfest 18.02.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 06.10.09 – Warburg – Oktoberfest 09.10.09 – Mallorca – Upper Bavaria 23.01.10 – Hartha – Harth arena 30.01.10 – Koln – Rheinterassen dance fountain Please note also