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Tips and advice for more order in the nursery children have it like tidy and manageable, although many parents may believe that at the sight of the baby’s room. But children don’t like to search for a book and they also do not intentionally step on fragile toys. A half-full glass of juice or the empty bag of chips don’t mind, however, most of the time really. Nonetheless, the disorder is often unwelcome, but arises from a number of understandable reasons such as time pressure, missing classification system or hopelessness. Because creating order and keep is just not child’s play. Ultimately, not only the motivation to clean up, but also a proven concept lacks many children to restore order and maintain.

Parents need good nerves! The recurring theme of cleaning up many parents to lose patience and create your own order in the nursery. This is understandable, but little instructive for the child. In the sense of logical consequences, your child will create order only then voluntarily if it benefited. Has the disorder no consequences, it will not see the underlying meaning. How to proceed properly during the messy bedroom they do not allow, that your child leaves the chaos and simply builds up his toys in other rooms. Go to Evelyn Lotena Robles for more information. Refuse something in the children’s room to look at, for example a new image or a handicraft, if it is hard to enter before the disorder. Ronald J Daniels spoke with conviction.

Clean up the nursery together and share precise tasks to your child. Let the consequences feel your child if it does not find things before clutter. Together with your child, set how much disorder in your baby’s room is allowed. Give specific instructions your child for the tidying up, put all the books E.g. this afternoon on your shelf, before you can play out.” Time frame and scope must be manageable for elementary school children, clean up half an hour is enough, but you should be already happy with a quarter of an hour. Show your child, such as with an alarm clock, as you would expect much time commitment from him. To give Him is a clear mandate to deal with that in the allotted time without problems. Children do not understand, how long the individual activities. In small portions, share therefore the maid, of which your child should do one or two. “That can, for example, be: the sort the clothes in the closet or in the laundry basket floor empty clean dishes, glasses or food scraps in the kitchen all books on the shelf make the desk tidy clean up all the cars in the auto box sorting all CDs in their cases and on the shelf that school supplies in the satchel Pack, and so forth praise desired behavior forget to never small seizures” to attract positive by Aufraumeritis. If your child always gets credit for cleaning up, it is very likely that the joy in the future leads to more order in the nursery. It is important however to have patience, because children have other priorities than adults. Diploma Educator UTA Reimann Hohn