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Hearing a lot lately is the word gender, generating controversy in many areas and it is necessary to clarify their meaning in these previous concepts to focus and clarify the later speech. Gender studies emerging from feminist theory, whose main objective in the beginning was to sensitize the society of inequalities between men and women and get right to the latter. Light defines the genre, Keller and Calhoun (1991) as "all non-biological characteristics assigned to men and women," ie, assigning attributes, roles and beliefs, which are not on the person's sex, but associated with the person for what society thinks and believes he is born. Sometimes the differences are considered as natural when these differences were based on expectations, interests or needs of society, confusing the natural with the beliefs of society in the historical moment. In the eighties, under pressure from feminist movements, agree to encourage various international fora policies for girls and women.

Among these we can cite the Fourth International Conference on Adult Education, Paris 1985, the World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien 1990, but is in the Conference in 1995 where bijinga define goals, objectives and actions in promoting education non-discrimination of women. In all these forums are advanced on the recognition of sex and gender, separated and, while studying the discrimination suffered by women in all walks of life to bring action against such discrimination and achieve equality between the sexes. The most important contribution of gender studies has been to stress that builds on the socialization process, and this process has been different depending whether you are male or female.