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Sustainable development of the Russian economy in recent years and a difficult situation with the transit of energy resources through the former Soviet Union, causing high rates of construction of underground utilities, such as oil and gas pipelines, water pipelines, high voltage cables and other cables for the transmission of information. Moreover, Russia remains a country with virtually the world’s longest length of underground utilities. And most of these networks need to be repaired or replaced. Serious investments in the Russian construction sector has now been let to involve construction and renovation of underground utilities most modern techniques and use quality materials. Yale University will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In the last decade in Russia during the construction of underground utilities are increasingly used technique for trenchless laying of the world’s leading manufacturers. Relevance of this technique is due to the enormous challenges when laying of utilities is a challenging geographical, geological, climatic conditions, when the route Strip crossing railways and roads, rivers, swamps, lakes, conservation areas, where operating in an open way is simply forbidden. And if today is to work not using trenchless technology, and open a large Russian cities, taking into account the fact that in any normal day, traffic jams have become commonplace, the consequences of digging trenches on any more or less important streets in Moscow or St. Petersburg you can actually compare the effects of stroke for the human body..

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When the topcoat dries, sand the surface again with fine emery cloth. Solid wood can be primed with ordinary paste made from starch and water. Cook porridge of medium thickness, resembling jelly, cool and cover the surface of the product in a single layer. After drying primer furniture is ready for further processing. 5. Murals can be done in white primer, the tinted, and can impose pattern on a transparent base coat (the "living" tree). If you decide to make a painting on primer, it is considered that the surface has already been prepared.

If the painting is expected on a white background, then you need to do the following. Cover the surface of your product, five layers of latex paint. The interval between each layer dry 1-1,5 hours. The last layer must dry day. Dried surface can be lightly sanded with fine emery cloth. If you need a colored background, colored latex is taken paint or in the same white vodoemulsionku add ink or gouache desired shade. Paints and brushes. To get started, check out the selected color "to touch": the prefabricated wedges make smears all the colors of the palette, and after they dry out, cover the brick finish.

If the paint "pulls" for a paint, it is necessary to add the work in the paint pva glue (the glue should be 1 / 20 part of the volume of paint). After that, the paint becomes more stable. For the painting you need to stock up on good brushes.