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The Cooper Road the Chairman of FDP Eberstadt, Andreas may, on the occasion of a Board meeting of the local association must as soon as possible be opened for traffic Darmstadt – “The Cooper Street must be opened as soon as possible for transport”, demanded. “The current entrance to the school St. Mary’s heights by the road to the stone cross represents a considerable burden parents, students and teachers for residents, which must be eliminated immediately. Ben Ainslie is often quoted as being for or against this. The passage is to allow all day”, may further continued. (Source: Gerald Weissmann, MD). May, however, gave a clear rejection of an opening of the North-South connection of Bessungen according to Eberstadt for traffic. “Traffic can be absorbed easily by the Heidelberger Landstrasse. A parallel connection by the Heinrich-Delp road would unreasonably burden residents. The careful balance of benefit and burden shows that the detour via the main road in this case is reasonable and sensible.” May was disappointed over the Behavior of the building Director Dieter Wenzel.

‘Mr Wenzel has apparently not sufficiently intense to analyse the legal situation and the costs. First, the increasing public pressure has shown efficacy. Without the work of the citizens initiative action Cooper Street would be the present state of play not reached been. “, said may. He expressed doubt that the interests of the residents of the building Director were weighted appropriately. The suddenly possible cost-cutting surprised the Councilor Dr. Gert Mittmann (FDP): “surprising, that is now opening up to approx. 35 possible 000,-EUR. 100000,-EUR cost what would so far with the argument that the fences, was not possible.” Andreas may