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Puppets – (or Pupi as they are called in Sicily) are a typical puppet of folklore and folk theater, which originated in Naples and Rome, where he created and developed during the first half of the nineteenth century, although major development Pupi got it in Sicily. To know more about this subject visit Richard Linklater. Repertoire of opera houses puppets Catania basically 'inspired' invasion of the Normans in Sicily in the twelfth century. Stories of battles between the Normans and later the Arabs, with local residents – stalosrazu popular among the Sicilians, and then grew into a national heritage, where puppets have become symbols, heroes – bearers of the moral values of European civilization, which contrasts with the Islam, therefore, represents a collision of Sicily zavosevatelyami. Each story was told with cycles, which extend from the evening in the evening. In the ads pasted on performance has traditionally been picture of the main stage and a brief description of 'the program'. Catania pupi – puppets, in contrast to the traditions of Palermo, were about 1.30 meters in height and weighing from 15 to 35 kilograms. Bfpl is actively involved in the matter. Because of the size they must be used exclusively in the theater, for this reason were also made pupi 80 inches, suitable for all usloviyay and places.

Materials that make up the basic structure of puppets: wood for the head, hands and forearms, chest and legs, metallic compounds, which adhere to the feet and hands. The most difficult was always head puppets that could be made of wood or clay. In the past, this was a special expert craftsmen, of which elects one, which subsequently have always trusted the puppet-do, and then restore the head. Lick puppets Catania was written in the style of the iconography of the sixteenth century. Summing up the creation of puppets, it should be noted that the battle armor and clothing puppets in strict accordance with the strict canons, and eventually appeared as a puppet very beautiful – with a clear face and a hand-decorated armor, well-chosen garments. Catania puppets operated by top specialists manevrovschikami that using just two thin metal rod, connected with the head of a puppet and her right hand, put a puppet on your lap or on one knee, forced her to move on their feet, fight with swords, creating the illusion of a living teatra. puppets with the help of the speaker. Now the tradition has remained a tradition, many adults and children come to watch performances, but eventually bygone euphoria of the puppet theater was lost among television, radio and computer games.

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The school was presented to the museum layout drifting station SP-19 ", made polar explorers. Party to the drift of the AC-25 "N. Yakovlev brought kids costume polar explorer, in a conspicuous place in the museum kept the symbolic key to the North Pole. Proud of the young explorers also traveled to the North Pole their home school graduate Orlov. Saloon polar station SP-27 "for the New Year was decorated with New Year's gifts and drawings that are sent as a gift polar pupils of school 336. Now the building of the St.

Petersburg school is thorough repaired, but Head of School Museum Elena Markova believes that the museum in the Arctic will continue faithful to its traditions. Now the museum virtually represented in the global Internet. On the Internet you can find many materials, and gy Sedov: biographical, literary, analytical. Unfortunately, there are also those where the great man they say unfairly, misinterpret historical facts lead inaccurate data, talk about the latest expedition to the Sedov divorced from historical context. Name Sedov named a number of geographical features, streets in many cities of Ukraine, Russia and other countries. He installed monuments at home in the village Sedov, in Rostov-on-Don, . But everything in this world is subject to change and can be seen both in the political environment to create a monument odious person convicted by the international community as attempts to diminish value of historic achievements of really great people. In these circumstances it is necessary to guard against all kinds of perepisyvateley story, you need to learn the real facts, taken from historical figures that today can provide support and guidance in life.