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For most people the holiday is associated just with the sea. And that whatever it was, a Black Sea or the Baltic or even the exotic Caribbean. In any case, the sea – a vacation for body and soul. In addition, the sea air and water very useful for people as reinforcing the body. The sea – this is an entirely different world where you feel under the feet of sand pebbles iperekaty, you hear the sound of waves and gulls.

His changeable color and elemental power, infinite majesty and beauty give us many joyful experiences. If you would like to visit Crimea and are interested in any resort of Crimea can settle down, then you are on the right track. Crimea – a mountain river, a gentle sun, waterfalls, museums, and the warm sea, Botanical Garden. That is a wonderful and unique sense of fun. It should be noted that the history of Crimea is relatively rich, it's plexus of East and West, the history of the Tatars and the Cossacks, the Christian church and mosques. Levi’s understands that this is vital information.

It is a legend fortresses, caves, medieval castles, and preserved to this day. Arriving in the Crimea, you will learn what the Crimean sun, sea, and Crimean wines. Sam peninsula washed by two seas – the Sea of Azov and Black. The area is about 25000 square meters. Km. Despite the fact that summer in the Crimea is very hot, sometimes shorter showers. Crimean peninsula is rich in diversity of nature. There is harmoniously combined mountains, foothill steppes and the coast. Each year Crimean mountains attract tourists from all over the world. Those who plan to rest in the Crimea, visit the mountain attractions such as the Grand Canyon, a famous cave Emine-Bair-, Ai-Petri, Marble Cave, and much more. Of course, the Crimea can talk a lot but not seen, was not convinced than ever. So look for hotels and go here. Since this is one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

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November 1. Vedic festival of Diwali celebrated in India over 7000 years. This holiday as it emphasizes the end of one season – the rainy season – and the beginning of the next – winter. This is the time when the peasants and farmers harvested, and traders set sail to go to trade in other countries after the rainy season. This is one of the main reasons why Lakshmi – Goddess of prosperity and abundance – is honored at this time. This holiday is also noted in Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius, Thailand and Nepal. Diwali is celebrated (one of the legends) in honor of the triumphant return of the Ruler of Rama in after the exile and his victory over Ravana.

And another legend associated with King-demon Bali, who has committed such (spiritual austerities), that the gods of the heavens began to feel threatened. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of a dwarf Vamana (the fifth incarnation of Vishnu). Demonic King served on earth big sacrifice in the true tradition. In this sacrifice he gave to anyone whatever he wanted. Vamana went to him. Bali said that Vamana was late and that he had almost nothing to give him. Vamana said: everything what he wants, is what is of him in his three steps. King Demon relaxed, laughed and complied with the request. 'Dwarf' has grown to enormous size and measured ground his first pitch, the second step he measured the heavens. And then Turning to Bali and asked him: 'Where do my third step? " Bali realized that it was none other than the Lord and bowed and offered his head to the third step. When Bali was defeated, the Lord also freed those concluded in Bali, among whom were Lakshmi – Goddess of wealth – and Ganesha.

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China – one of the most interesting and mysterious countries in the Far East. The Chinese civilization is probably the most ancient and developed on the planet: it is her we owe the invention of gunpowder, paper, silk, porcelain, and the oscilloscope Among other things, are now the common wealth of mankind. The Chinese also made an invaluable contribution to world culture. One need only recall Taoism with his treatise "Dao De Tink", unsurpassed to this day moral and ethical teachings of Confucius, one of the best worldwide channels on the war, written by Sun Tzu, the teachings of Feng Shui and other monuments of spiritual culture. That is why China attracts those who want adventure, exoticism and sharp contrast with the usual for him the world. And, of course, when we learn that some of our friends or acquaintances going to go to China, we immediately fell asleep asking him to bring out something of such things, very special, something that can help us to touch and feel the uncharted mysteries of the fascinating spirit of the East. On the one hand, such requests are easily fulfilled, because for souvenirs to take out even the whole of China, so it is different from Western civilizations, On the other hand, such a huge selection of frequently baffled by the hapless tourists, so I propose to consider those symbolic things that help you to feel and convey the atmosphere of Chinese culture. One of the archetypes of the Chinese Culture is certainly a fan.