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All the time I get questions from readers of my newsletter and fat burning system, once they review materials IG, about how can’t believe the little amount of exercise required. And to tell them directly You can stop doing aerobics or traditional cardiovascular exercise due to how powerful that is truly the IG office, many still have problems to do so. What I tell you is directly related with the topic of life expectancy and how much time we really have in our lives. I tell them that having a thin, strong and healthy body is great. It is one of the most important things we can achieve. Point. But how long is worthwhile for you? That is the question that I did over and over again when researching my own methods and developed methods IG. Most people, after years and years of trial and error, he realizes that he spent many days and hours per week and that it was not worth so much effort. Ron Daniels johns Hopkins University might disagree with that approach.

They then proceed to carefully measure their food, counting calories, to deprive themselves of food rich in nutrients as whole grain carbohydrates, which should not be necessary to enjoy a healthy and energetic life. And it is not. How much time and effort are required as? Minimum? What you really need to focus is the amount of time and effort that is required as a minimum to obtain the results we are looking for. Think about it. Not much, but what is the minimum requirement. Remember, we only have 67 healthy years as starting point if I value my time on this planet, this is what you should be looking for. If they really need hours and hours per week and all that maddeningly manipulation of nutrition for fat burning, develop muscle, strength and cardiovascular health, I am not sure that could do this.

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RESPONSIBILITY SOCIAL LAS PYMES Carlos Mora Vanegas’s of success, however small, that will emerge one day a larger effort that will complete it. Whitman considerations and impacts increasingly on more decisive whichever companies that thrive in an environment national and international are fully identified with the role that represents social responsibility. Hence, that modern management duty to ensure that this becomes a reality that favours all. Very interesting the contribution that reminds us, to assume a position of indifference now, more than ever displayed dynamic scenarios, impregnated with changes, challenges, and generate growing problems that are affecting mankind (environmental pollution, violence, loss, social disorder of principles and values, increase of depressive States, delegitimization of the established order, crisis financiera, and more), will be the worst experienced catastrophe for the whole world. They are business organizations, professionals, the State and educational institutions that must assume a leadership position to combat these scourges. By affected us, is time rethinking the social responsibility of the company in all its dimensions, then do not it, for herself and for the whole society, will be taking palco to witness our own burial.

They are parents of family, teachers of colleges and schools, universities, business associations, territorial Governments, the State, the Church and all those individuals and organizations that somehow influence today in the morning, the calls to take a leadership role with an ethical, moral position and continue to build a grim and fateful future liability that does not allow. Many enterprises SMEs in the Venezuelan scenario had not become aware of the role that represents its participation in the productivity and economic life of the country and have neglected the extent that CSR entails. Hence. our insistence that wake, new management undertakes to give way to a CSR that favors everyone. It is very true which indicates the Professor of the UCV Tomas Paez, that the issue of social responsibility has been associated with large corporations and transnational, however in the center of technical consulting for organizational productivity (Ceatpro) decided to investigate the incidence of local SMEs in this activity, by the importance that represents this sector in the production and marketing of goods and services and the generation of employment.