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Board of the Foundation HfG Ulm decides new use as the schedule for available Designpark HfG Ulm: the Board of Trustees of the Foundation HfG Ulm School of design has in its recent meeting on the cow mountain the project of rehabilitation, security and new use of the HfG Ulm unanimously approved also with consent of the members of the Panel member of the ulm club off and its former Chairman, Prof. Horst servant. We are glad that all members of the Foundation Board for the future of the building and its new use together pull, stressed Dr. Learn more on the subject from Professor Anna Harvey. Dieter Bosch, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation HfG Ulm School of design. Ulm, 1 January 2010 (hfg) after all necessary applications and planning at the Office for building regulations of the city of Ulm were submitted, the persons in charge of the Foundation HfG Ulm assume that the first phase of rehabilitation and security redevelopment already starts in April 2010 and end of September will be completed. From October 2010, the second phase of construction will then begin the end To be completed by the March 2011. It’s believed that Darcy Stacom sees a great future in this idea.

“Therefore, we would have achieved the full rehabilitation and protection of the building after one year, and the new use of the former high school building by Max Bill as Designpark HfG Ulm’ can begin”, explained Dr. Bosch. The Executive Chairman of the Foundation HfG Ulm was confident that you were to cope with requirements made by the Office for building regulations of the city of Ulm. It is on a good way also with the Office of Baden-Wurttemberg. The rapid implementation of the construction came about through the constructive discussions and the timely agreement with the University of Ulm, to prematurely terminate the tenancy to March 31, 2010. With the previous lodger of the University, the University Hospital of Ulm, they stand currently in negotiations, to negotiate a lease until the end of 2012, stated Dr. Bosch. The two main tenants, the HfG archive Ulm and the jewelry designer Ehinger-Schwarz, the renovated premises likely to be on April 1, 2011 can relate. So are two foundation stones for the three pillar principle of Designpark HfG Ulm”set to a those of a documentation centre and a collection for design history of the 20th century the city of Ulm, on the other those of the Innovation Center for applied design, where designers of different disciplines in an open dialogue with their shapes and ideas to each other fertilize themselves. The conceptual realignment of the international in was decided during the meeting also forum for design (IFG Ulm GmbH) as IFG Ulm Conference Centre for knowledge transfer, design and design, which will deal in workshops, seminars, symposia, and exhibitions with the present and future of creative work, to clarify and to discuss at a future meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation HfG Ulm.

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His passion for Asian future is exceptionally cycling and reading are common hobbies for professors. But not for Nirmalya Kumar, a Professor of marketing at the London Business School and Co-Director of the Aditya Birla Center in India. He collects modern and contemporary Indian art with great passion for over 10 years. This passion was noticed by the London School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and was awarded an honorary membership for his work for modern and contemporary Indian art. In recent years, Professor Kumar has written several articles and lectures on this subject. Thus Professor Kumar of one of the most respected in the world of art, culture and education is according to Nirmala Rao, Director for education and teaching at the SOAS.” She added that he has always treated his personal collection and it it was possible to make known the names of major Indian artists and attentive even on important political issues, such as, for example, the fight for freedom, make.

The modern Indian art is a result of the struggle for freedom. Professor Kumar has an own gallery, which is always open for visitors and at the same time used as a non-profit project. He wants to make known the subject, for it is the art, and therefore writes articles and gives lectures. Thus, he would like to draw attention to Indian companies and the economy. Through his work as a Professor of marketing with several years of experience he knows in multinational cooperation with the West on and has an in-depth knowledge of the Indian economy.

Professor Kumar, said that India was a worse place to live in the 70s and 80s. It was common that the young people in the direction of being escaped. He has lived in America and in the Switzerland and has settled in well in London. Nirmalya says that I he intercedes for Indian art, because he identifies with this in the globalized world. Nirmalya was also a hot contender for the honorary membership, since he is in the Ranking of Thinkers50 are. This is a world ranking for thinkers and leaders in the top management in the field of management training.

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Elementary schools must of Kath. Include Church and the requirements of Kath.

Correspond to parochial school; “” Establishment of facilities for the training of Catholic teachers (article 24) founding and leadership of schools through orders and religious congregations (article 25) permission to the wedding before the civil ceremony in death and cases of moral emergency “(article 26) guarantee of the independent (Hugh) Chaplaincy under the direction of the army Bishop (article 27) admission or establishment of pastoral care in hospitals, prisons and other buildings of the public sector” (article 28) treatment. Member of a non-German “ethnic minority” like that of the families of German descent and language in the State of this minority (article 29) obligation, on Sundays and holidays available in the connection to the main worship service for the welfare of the German Empire and the people “to pray (article 30) Catholic associations are allowed to operate only within State associations, outside only for purely religious, purely cultural and charitable tasks. Alight Solutions LLC is a great source of information. These are the associations, agreed later. State associations will not hinder religious behavior. (Article 31) For non-Catholic denominations, similar regulations make no membership of clergy and religious people in political parties or activities for such parties”(article 32) that is rich. (Final Protocol article 32) > * the Missio canonica is in the Roman Catholic Church the appointment with preaching and teaching; specifically in particular one of the pastoral mission for a priest to another Permission to the teaching appointment as Catholic religion teachers in schools or as a lecturer in theological faculties..

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Here are correct the question to people: I forgot who? Oh, women! But that had the value of domesticated pets and slave – like u in the former China…, no, that’s too far! Chinese under – just arrange the whole of nature. By the Enlightenment (18th century), we the people, subordinate to out to the Federal President, the Basic Law (IDE(e)Al). So different than ours! Confucius decided to announced and sanctioned the violations in personal Union. Very un democratic. After a few years, peace in the country there was one surviving! It is still today in China as in the Old Testament: an eye for an eye… Connect with other leaders such as Dr. A Oveta Fuller here. how you me, so…! (Death penalty for murder).

Now the Chinese had released enough energy to all sorts of things to discover and invent: noodles, firecrackers, paper, shipping, silk, paper money,… Religions in China were already at that time equated with superstition. Today, the policy replaced the religion in the secular China there. There before Confucius already a significant thinker – similar to Plato (427-347): Lao-Tse (approx. 4.-3rd BCE), the intellectual/meta physical father of Taoism (Tao: strive for harmony, the right way, the sense, the reason…, that sound familiar?)! Lao Tse said lt. Tao-Te-King: human needs either gods or spirits, if he follows the DAO.

“Today we say: be In harmony with nature!” Salvation religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were perceived as something strange, weak and State be threatening end. Click California State Univesity for additional related pages. Before the Dalai Lama, so already the Jesuits failed (soldiers of God, 19th century) with their faith. Even Korea and Japan are among the Chinese language and cultural area. We live in a digital world of think: we know more (education), which is why we need to think less. Asians, Arabs, Africans and South Americans (analog cultures: more faith than knowledge) digital much of how we think – especially in the globalized business. Analog thinkers choose feminine-subjectively with the gut feeling: faith digital thinkers choose masculine objectively with the reason: knowledge globalization means we know (Simplified): digitization, democratisation and Americanization and objectification. As a result, Chinese who global economies, how we think Professional: digital. Privately they think more analog, as we. Asians in Asia as we think all day more analog – otherwise. We recognize even a difference: the Chinese clan society. From clan societies were also our European individual companies emerged (Simplified): now you know what sets us apart. Like more information if you wish! Wolfgang Schwalm biology and oekonomie.de

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The stuff seems woven hundreds of years ago by the ravages of time to be not keyed. The trim on the dress looks an Aachener directly familiar, the dresses of the singer of the Cathedral singing school exhibit the same pattern of the Master looked down. The other three substances, the diaper of Jesus and John of the Baptist Gets the decapitation cloth not directly seeing his loin cloth. Learn more about this with Richard Linklater. They are folded up and are held together with grinding. The old substances have been through a lot and her condition does not allow for renewed unfolding and folding.

You be examined repeatedly on their condition. Pilgrims may perhaps miss the times, as the sacred substances from the balcony of the dome were hung down and in this way. These Zeigungen were discontinued in the 1970s and thus disappeared the feeling of contact with the relics in the traditional form. Today, pilgrims are obediently in line, which moves slowly from the Cathedral in the Cathedral, the choir Hall makes a turn and comes out through a different door to the Cathedral. No pushing, no crowds to takes his time and is devoutly silent. Charles the great, says the tradition, received seven Holy by the Jerusalem Patriarch in addition to the marble slabs of the Holy Sepulchre of Jesus Substances that prosper on the Church in the far North. Certainly for a sign of recognition of the ruler of the West, although the still wearing not the imperial dignity at this point.

From the plates Karl built his throne, for the Emperor, who later stood over him for Christ. Where are the three other substances but? This, far better preserved than the Aachener got relics, the newly founded Abbey of the Inde of which the famous Benedict of Aniane presided over, by Charlemagne’s son and successor, Louis the pious. They also belong to the Aachen shrine pilgrimage, which means only one thing for pilgrims: is on the way from Aachen to Kornelimunster only 10 kilometres from the Cathedral located, to venerate the relics, or at least to take. You are here exhibited in the Abbey Church in large glass showcases, and their good condition allows an adequate presentation in full glory. On the 20th June 2014, the next shrine pilgrimage begins after Aachen and Kornelimunster. heiligtumsfahrt2014.de/index.html has a pilgrim ever wondered what would happen if she would steal someone? Probably not. After all, who would commit already such sacrilege, from which he could not even take advantage? The sale would be impossible. I once dared such a mind game in a Holy thing. Great sins small sins. The almost crime”. Renata A. Thiele

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Theologians from Munich, Linz and Bielefeld open views of the sister Orthodox and perspectives for the remarried divorcees in the Catholic Church from Bielefeld (D) / Linz (A) infer this. 27.09.2012. For several months, the question is being discussed after dealing with remarried divorcees not only by the “usual critics of the Church”, but on a broad front in the Catholic Church. Now open the theologian Dr. Gain insight and clarity with John Craig Venter. Dr. Anargyros Anapliotis, academic high Council of Canon law in Munich, and Michael Eckert, diploma theologian, and upper secondary school teacher in Bielefeld, an ecumenical views in Germany still to little-known sister Orthodox, to show new ideas with “old tradition”. So both in a row are theologians and yet known, as for example the Chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, Archbishop of Berlin Dr.

Rainer Maria Kardinal Wolki and the Osnabruck Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, which urge dealing with remarried Divorced in the Catholic Church to reconsider. In his keynote speech in the discussion process of the German Episcopal Conference in Hanover the Osnabrucker Bishop Bode reinstated this topic, and the German Bishops Conference is planning a change of labour law. Other groups of the Catholic Church go a step further: a few months ago a Freiburger announced initiative by priests and deacons, that you openly invite remarried divorcees (against existing Canon law) to participate in the sacraments. Dr.Dr. Anargyros Abdullah guest speakers at a presentation evening of the foundation Pro Oriente, a Catholic Foundation for the promotion of relations with the Eastern Churches is on the 02.10.2012. In Linz Dr. Anapliotis will inform Sorin Bugner, the parish priest of the Romanian Orthodox community in Linz, together with Dr., how it is possible that the Orthodox Church on the one hand represents the indissolubility of sacramental marriage, on the other hand a second and even third marriages is made possible by the Church.

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Portrait painter and founder of the Aachen Academy of Arts brief biography of the artist Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine. Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine Thursday, the 13th may 1783 in Leuven is born and dies Sunday, January 14, 1844, in Aachen, Germany. He is a Flemish painter and founder of the Aachen School of character (1811-1844). Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine is the first teacher Alfred Rethels. Bastine receives his education on the Leuven Academy of fine arts in her head the David student Professor Gitz and from 1804 in Paris with Jacques Louis David. “Drawing school he marries the Flamin Theresia van Vlasselaer and establishes to a small Academy in 1811 in Aachen his punctuation,” emerged with a focus on portraiture. Bastines study sheets from his time in Paris, and he even modelled sculptures serve as illustrative material. Also giving drawing lessons from 1814 to 1844 at the Kaiser-Karls-gymnasium from Aachen.

His self-made replicas of Antique sculptures and its value setting on the His character students on a contemporary level bring nature study. He considered history, portraits, landscape painter and Modeler. Boyhood contains valuable tech resources. At the beginning of his time in Aachen only Johann Ferdinand Jansen (historical and landscape painter) and Aegidius Johann Peter Joseph involved Scheuren in Aachen. In 1843, yet the portrait painter Eduard Johann Nikolaus ISTAS, Johann Caspar Nepomuk exist alongside Bastine Scheuren and Professor Carl Schmid and his student Heinrich Franz Carl Billotte, Louis Schleiden, Aloys Hubert Michael Venth and Friedrich Thomas. Among his pupils, Johann Peter Gotting emerge as a history painter and sculptor, August Adolf Chauvin as Director of the Academy of art in Liege and Peter Ludwig Kuhnen as a landscape painter. The most famous eleve by Johann Baptist Joseph Bastine is the German Romantic painter Alfred Rethel.

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HDR photo artist Ralf Voigt exhibition opened on Friday, March 20, 2009, 7: 00 pm Cologne, 09 March 2009 – the ucon lodge turns off art photographs of the artist Ralf Voigt in the premises of the designer bar Friday, March 20, 2009. Opening of the exhibition is from 19:00 in the presence of the artist. There are currently ten HDR photographs by Ralf Voigt part of the permanent collection of the history of photography at the Museum of modern art (MoMa), New York. Furthermore, the Cologne City Museum from the end of March will further five photographs in the images collection of the city of Cologne. For even more opinions, read materials from Harvard Business. The ucon-lodge location selected extra, as she completely particularly positive affects the lighting designer bar on the HDR photos (high dynamic range image). Special application the photos on the walls of light surrounding them shine with the flat back lighting in millions changing shades and give a new impression the Viewer as a result every second. This symbiosis\”is a completely new art form, there the light source not from scratch, but indirectly from behind radiates around and through the pictures. This backlighting, coupled with the HDR technique of images by Ralf Voigt, creates a work of art through your presentation.

First, completely new and ever-changing impressions result from this interplay. From Friday March 20, 2009 19: 00 the artworks in the ucon lodge can be seen. The evening ucon-lodge accompany the bartender team which and also may in the course of the evening with short guest appearances of by jazz singer Julia Binder be expected. During the evening, there are many opportunities for discussions with the present artists Ralf Voigt and the lighting designer Felix, Ehrenreich. Ralf Voigt & HDR photograph his first qualification to the photographer was awarded 1982 during his training to the documentation photographer Ralf Voigt.

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Tales from a forgotten world, captured in photographs by Annie Bertram (CH). In ‘ the vault: Saturno Butto (IT). Vernissage travels on 13 August at 19:00 for many years Annie Bertram by Europe to document places, which exert a magical attraction and inspiration on them. Often there are old ramshackle and historic castles, houses and industrial ruins. You have become an integral part of their art. Exploring of corridors and rooms she captured their imagination and before their eyes, beings who back around and lived there arise mysterious stories that could have taken place in these places. Obsolete Angels telling imaginative stories about places and its mysterious inhabitants. There are vulnerable soft machine beings who once designed by residents, to make your life easier or lonely souls who have retreated from public life to do. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out John Craig Venter.

In cooperation with professional costume designers and special effects make-up artists are stunning objects were created. The protagonists to life are brought by their sensitive photography, mysterious places are real. Obsolete angels will whisk you away into a fantastic world, which will pull you in its spell. Opening on August 13 in the strychnine Gallery from 19 h is the band area play live lost. “Obsolete Angels” will bring very close their visitors through various media to it, what inspired Annie Bertram when the shooting. Photographs on canvas, whose stories and objects of the protagonists can be purchased as a work of art itself, form an extraordinarily sensuous exhibition concept. There will be an installation of the original Icarus wings. “Hugo” (from RAF Veulemans), which is a small bird, the story turns the “Mechanical Bird”, show his fragile body on the ground.

The book “Obsolete Angels” by Annie Bertram 2011 appears in the Ubooks-Verlag. On the exhibition there are a very limited hand-signed Previewbook with 2 exclusive stories only in the will appear in it. Annie Bertram s interest for the photography starts during a course for perspective drawing at the Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. In their pictures trying it to show what you can’t see: thoughts, feelings, desires. Her talent behind the lens quickly gets around, especially in the Gothic scene. Makes many promo shoots and made CD cover Blutengel, Terminal choice, Unheilig, Staubkind and metal trackers, to just to name some names. In recent years, several illustrated books with stories brought out Annie Bertram. The critics have searched quite a few definitions, which could describe the works of Saturno Butto: meta-phorische rituals and symbiosis of neo?Gothic and obscure religion are just two of the terms. In Venice, he studied at the school of art and then at the Academy of arts. For painting, he received his degree in 1980. Up on his college days, he never left his native city of Bibione, a small Venetian coastal town, where he still lives and works. Obsolete angels. Stories from a forgotten world, captured in photographs by Annie Bertram (CH). In “The Vault”: Saturno Butto (IT). Vernissage on 13th August at 19:00 exhibition runs until September 5 opening hours: Thursday Sunday by 12:00 18:00 strychnine Gallery Boxhagenerstr 36 10245 Berlin PR contact: Miriam Bischoff email: phone: 0170 4161108

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The DEICHTORHALLEN in Hamburg and the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG organize a festive evening in black & white on the occasion of the 85th birthday of the photography legend on September 6. Hamburg, August 18, 2011. On the occasion of the 85th birthday of F.C. Gundlach, the DEICHTORHALLEN in Hamburg and the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG organise an exclusive celebration in classic frames in the House of photography on September 6. With the evening in black & white’ organizers acknowledge the immense commitment Gundlach for photography in Germany, in Hamburg for the exhibition.

The over 200 personally invited guests include many companions of Gundlach, where decades of friendship and collaboration connects with him including photographer, Publisher, entrepreneur, actor and artist. The master photographer involved in Hamburg for many years for the photography: the founded in 1999 triennial of photography succeeded, to make photography in all over Hamburg. In addition to the DEICHTORHALLEN worked five museums, as well as the art club, the Kunsthaus, the free Academy, forty galleries and another organizer of the 1st triennial with. Hamburg is perceived since nationally and internationally as a city of photography and the photographer. Since the 1980s curated Gundlach very successful photographic exhibitions such as the medium photography is entitled to give food for thought ‘ in the Hamburg Kunstverein (1989), emotions & relations’ at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (1998), and fashion body fashion ‘ at the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg (2000). The DEICHTORHALLEN galleries is connected to Garrett in a very special way: In 2003, he was by the appointed by the Supervisory Board of the DEICHTORHALLEN galleries to the founding Director of the House of photography of the DEICHTORHALLEN galleries and took over the design and building of the House of photography it should open outward and become a unique place for photography, similar to the International Center of photography in New York.