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Tower – Monument to the Third International (Tatlin's Tower) – the most popular overseas product of Soviet sculptures and architecture. In the United States and Western Europe, this tower is considered one of the most enigmatic characters of culture of the twentieth century. Tatlin entirely renounced the architectonics of traditional mullion-beam and frame structures, which bear a metaphoric formula to overcome the forces of gravity and the inertia of matter. "As a principle must be … to approve the monument was the site of the most intense movement: the least it should stand and sit, you should bear the mechanical …

"Steel spiral tower effortlessly lifted up into the sky – in the form of a spiral based on the idea of motion. Visually, this movement is supported by filling turns triangular designs, facing a sharp angle up, but actually implement it numerous electric elevators connecting parts of the building. If you would like to know more about Chip Bergh, then click here. Category motion is interpreted not only metaphorically, but really – the movement of elevators, free hover in space and the rotation of the main building volume on its axis are Art image. Project "tower", appeared in the devastated by two wars and the revolution half-starved country and the first step in lifting the innovative architectural creation as we do, and in the West. It is a huge building in its conception, height of 400 m, consisting of a mast-based console, double twist, forward-up of steel coils and suspended between crystal volume of a cube, pyramid, cylinder, hemisphere, breaks all the traditional ideas about architecture. It has gained worldwide fame and become a way of stimulating the creative idea of modern architects to this day. "Tatlin Tower" has been long forgotten.

But, fortunately, not forever. Worth of officials Cultural announce the participation of the Soviet Union in a world or simply an international exhibition of contemporary art, as West put the necessary condition: there must be the work of the Constructivists and especially Vladimir Tatlin. Additional information is available at Nike. USSR Ministry of Culture, which had so wanted to export to overseas exhibitions ideologically "correct" the artists had to make concessions, and the West gradually gained access to the constructivist works Russian avant-garde of the twenties. Copies tatlinskogo layout adorned the Guggenheim Museum in the USA and many museums of modern art in Western Europe. "Tower" and today are held in universities and high schools around the world as one of the peaks of world culture.

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Siena, a small town in Italy, Tuscany has a glorious and long history. The city was founded by the Etruscans, was a member of the Roman Empire, but the top of its political heyday reached in the Middle Ages, thanks in no small contributed the trade routes that passed through the city. Siena Republic was strong enough and large European country in the Middle Ages. The population of Siena in the 14th century up to 100 people. However, all changed the plague, which in 1348 undermined the forces of both the Republic of Siena that the latter has failed to recover from it. Paradoxically, with the decline of the political glory of the city there is a significant recovery artistic life of Siena, which was then entered its most fruitful period of development. At this time in Siena, one after another, there are such prominent artists as Bartolo di Fredi, known for his work in San Gimignano, his pupil Taddeo di Bartolo and Sasseta. Sasseta was the leading painter of Siena of the 15th century and the first artist in the city, which has applied in his work opened the Florentine artists of the linear laws perspective.

His most famous works include 'The Temptation of Saint Anthony', 'Last Supper' and two charming landscape – the 'town by the sea' and 'Castle on the shore of the lake. " Among other Sienese painters of the 15th century include such names like Santo Pietro di Giovanni di Paolo and Matteo di Giovanni, who mostly painted pictures of religious subjects. Among the artists of the 16th century Sienese allocated Domenico Beccafumi and Giovanni Antonio bazzite. Beccafumi long studied in Rome, where he met with the late works of Raphael and Michelangelo. On his return to Siena he begins to paint, which differed unusual composition and the expression of feelings. Pictures of Sienese artists can viewed in the City Pinakothek, the Cathedral of Siena, as well as in churches and monasteries of the city.

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April 5, at the premiere of the Kyiv musical 'Smike', staged in Kiev only English-speaking British children's theater. Plot musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. " Musical "Smike" – this is the second statement of the British children's theater, acting at the British International School. Last year at the court of Kiev the audience was presented the musical "Oliver!" Based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Adventures of Oliver Twist. " The organizer of production became the British International School in support of the general media partner, the magazine What's On. The director of the musical made Canadian Adam Ferguson, author of numerous international performances.

The roles performed by students of the British International School. In the story of modern students transferred to Victorian England and come to school for the poor, in which students are in appalling conditions. School has mean-spirited and hypocritical Skvirz director whose sole purpose is to earn money. Smike, an orphan who goes to school, have the worst. He lives from hand to mouth on bread and water, and the director uses his family as a slave, since his parents died and no one to pay school fees. The school went to work at a young gentleman, Nicholas Nickleby, who feels that his duty – to save Smike and the other boys. Music for productions in 1973 British composers have created Simon May and Roger Holman. In Kiev, the musical "Smike" was presented in the original version in English.

"My name is Andy. I 9 years old. I play the main character Smike! When I first heard that 'll Smike, I cried, "Hurrah!" says a student of class 4 Andrew Spencer. "I could not wait for the speech. Last year I played in the musical "Oliver", and it was amazing. I have a very interesting role in Smike. In fact, I should represent a pantomime and respond to what is happening around them. It was difficult, but I tried very hard. I dream of becoming an actor, and Smike to me – it's a great experience, "shares his impressions odinnadtsatiklassnik Ivan Shestunov, in the role of Nicholas Nickleby, "We want to take the best of the two education systems – the British and Ukrainian. In British schools decided to develop the creative abilities of students and acting talents. All of our students must attend classes of art, music and drama. A "Smike" for them is one of the most interesting events of the year to which they have long and carefully prepared, "said Olga Zastavna, CEO of British International School.

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In the ancient Greek epic, Homer's "Iliad", the hero of the Trojan War, Agamemnon, from all the other characters in different unparalleled bravery, and almost all the famous deeds. It would be nice if we did not note that the history of It is clear that Agamemnon was the king of Mykene. According to historical data from the Trojan War took place because Paris stole, Helen beautiful, wife of Menelaus, who was the brother of Agamemnon. It is also known that Menelaus with Agamemnon persuaded the Greek rulers to participate in the war against Troy. I must say that Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek troops. During bloody fighting, the Greek army defeated the Trojans army, but fate was not kind to Agamemnon. During the absence of her husband, the wife of Agamemnon Clytemnestra had betrayed him with his cousin, Aegisthus, and together they conceived to get rid of the legal husband.

Clytemnestra and Aegisthus together performed their insidious plan and get rid of Agamemnon with his new love Cassandra. Sure, it is worth mentioning that the sad fate of the Mycenaean king began a plot of almost all Greek tragedies. Mycenae is a city which was ruled by King Agamemnon, who was the center of a great civilization, which existed from 1600 to 1100 before our era. An interesting fact is that many of the pottery and other items from Mycenae, made during this time period, archaeologists searched for Cyprus, Italy, Palestine, Egypt and Syria. World famous German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, an amateur (1822 – 1890 years), during the excavation of the ruins of the city Mikenv, 1874 was found in the sepulchres of the remains of buried people, a tool and jewels. The most important of its discovery, this unique mask, made of gold. Schliemann was convinced that this is a mask of Agamemnon – Greek commander during the Trojan War.

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Start the systematic study of the first Russian resort in the Caucasus related to the name of Fedor Aleksandrovich Batalin. He received a good grounding in physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University. After his actively collaborated in the end of the literary and political journal "Notes of the Fatherland." For twenty years, Fyodor stretch led to this well-known and progressive magazine divisions of scientific criticism, biography and scientific review. Magazine that was published in 1820 and had a glorious tradition. Suffice it to recall that before the Batalin (from 1839 to 1846) the critical-bibliographic department headed by VG Belinsky, which were published in the journal of Alexander Herzen, Mordovia, the works of Mikhail Lermontov, Nekrasov, Turgenev. In 1856, when Secretary of State J. M. Ants went on KMV with a commission of experts to detailed physical-geographical and economic study of the area, its composition has been enabled and AF Batalin.

It was a comprehensive and systematic study of the spa area. The Commission has gathered a great amount of material detailing the region, its geographic location, terrain and mountain-laccoliths. Made a lot of shots and sketches. Much attention is paid to the state resorts and natural resources. FA Batalin systematized the study, carefully prepared and published a remarkable work "The Pyatigorsk region and KMV" in two volumes with the application and plans of the album (St. Petersburg, 1861).

For many years the monograph FA Batalin considered a major reference work in the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters, and even today is not lost interest in it. For this work he was awarded Fyodor academic award. By the time of arrival of FA in the Batalin "Caucasian calendar" was published a famous geologist G. Abikh "Explanation of the geological section of northern slope of the Caucasus mountain range from Elbrus to Beshtau", which was given a thorough analysis physico-chemical properties of water and mineral sources have established that their formation with geological structures area.