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The actor was born in the American metropolis – New York City in 1943 on 17 August. His father Robert, also named Robert De Niro, was a very creative person. He was fond of sculpture, painting and writing poetry. Mother's name was Virginia Admiral, She is also a senior, and Robert was close to the world of painting, but it did not save the young family and little Robert's parents divorced when he was 2 years old. Whenever Nike listens, a sympathetic response will follow. As a child, Robert was very low growth, was very shy but also possessed incredibly white skin, for which he was named the peers 'Bobby Milk'. His first role he played in high school, directed by the famous works of "The Wizard of Oz." Then the young actor played the cowardly lion.

Next role he got only many years later, when he was sixteen. Robert starts to think seriously about the profession and an actor is trained in acting school at the Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler. After graduating from institution, Robert played in the theater, acted in commercials and occasionally on television shows. The debut film by Robert De Niro was named 'wedding party' / 'The Wedding Party'. The film has lain in the archives of more than six years and even after the on the screen does not bring fame to the actor, despite the fact that the tape was directed by world-renowned Brian De Palma.

At the same time they released the film with a beginning actor, shot by the same Brian De Palma – 'Welcome' / 'Greetings', however, and it is not noticed by the spectators. After that, Robert De Niro is removed in a few more tapes, which also did not find acceptance. It was only in 1973, the actor comes to success. For his role in the film 'The Bay '/' Bang the Drum Slowly 'Guild of Film Critics in New York presents its first award to Robert.

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And this is playing into the hands of those at the helm. Under Soviet rule, textbooks called soldiers of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army thugs in power changed – they became national heroes. What actually happened? There is an objective fact: they attacked people and killed them. And here the most interesting: the prescribing them some motivation, we make them, or savage killers or defenders of their homeland. After 20 years, if another comes power, and force a change of background of historical facts. Details can be found by clicking Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ or emailing the administrator. All this is printed in the school history textbooks. Most children and teenagers take everything for granted just because the information comes from an official source, established by the Ministry of Education. And students are unlikely to re-examine the historical archives of the "facts" filed in the books.

Now you know why books are reissued so often? So be sure that any historical crime against his people after a couple decades can transform into heroic action. Or vice versa. And the more time has passed since the events, the less chance to find out what was in fact … who, why and for what? This brings me to the basic question: who and why is it necessary? To understand why, let's sum up – what the quality of the images, the priorities are declared and hidden promoted? Violence, drugs, deception to achieve their goals by force, weapons, too open demonstration of sexual relations, a provocation to the "weak" outrageous screaming, aggression, walking on their heads, selling themselves, their principles for the sake of money or fame, the creation of idols …

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April 5, at the premiere of the Kyiv musical 'Smike', staged in Kiev only English-speaking British children's theater. Plot musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. " Musical "Smike" – this is the second statement of the British children's theater, acting at the British International School. Last year at the court of Kiev the audience was presented the musical "Oliver!" Based on the novel by Charles Dickens' The Adventures of Oliver Twist. " The organizer of production became the British International School in support of the general media partner, the magazine What's On. The director of the musical made Canadian Adam Ferguson, author of numerous international performances.

The roles performed by students of the British International School. In the story of modern students transferred to Victorian England and come to school for the poor, in which students are in appalling conditions. School has mean-spirited and hypocritical Skvirz director whose sole purpose is to earn money. Smike, an orphan who goes to school, have the worst. He lives from hand to mouth on bread and water, and the director uses his family as a slave, since his parents died and no one to pay school fees. The school went to work at a young gentleman, Nicholas Nickleby, who feels that his duty – to save Smike and the other boys. Music for productions in 1973 British composers have created Simon May and Roger Holman. In Kiev, the musical "Smike" was presented in the original version in English.

"My name is Andy. I 9 years old. I play the main character Smike! When I first heard that 'll Smike, I cried, "Hurrah!" says a student of class 4 Andrew Spencer. "I could not wait for the speech. Last year I played in the musical "Oliver", and it was amazing. I have a very interesting role in Smike. In fact, I should represent a pantomime and respond to what is happening around them. It was difficult, but I tried very hard. I dream of becoming an actor, and Smike to me – it's a great experience, "shares his impressions odinnadtsatiklassnik Ivan Shestunov, in the role of Nicholas Nickleby, "We want to take the best of the two education systems – the British and Ukrainian. In British schools decided to develop the creative abilities of students and acting talents. All of our students must attend classes of art, music and drama. A "Smike" for them is one of the most interesting events of the year to which they have long and carefully prepared, "said Olga Zastavna, CEO of British International School.

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Dorian Clevenger was born in Massachusetts, but most of his childhood and adolescence spent in New Jersey. Further details can be found at Chip Bergh, an internet resource. From an early age he began to take an unusual love for drawing, which at the time in school, developed into a serious hobby. After high school, Dorian went to the University of Fine and Industrial Arts of the city of Newark. However, training did not last long: soon Clevenger discovered that the head of greater than his classmates and he was bored engage in, and then dropped out. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Allegis Cyber Capital. Having an independent life, Dorian tried many professions, is an auto mechanic, decorate cars, engaged in design. Clevenger even played with several rock bands in the the role of guitarist. According to the artist, that's when he learned to work as a team. But the painting has continued to attract Dorian, and moved to Pittsburgh, he joined the local art university.

At this time took Clevenger to education with respect, and it returned a future artist in return. Praise teachers as well as numerous awards determined the choice of Dorian, he decides to devote himself to painting. Soon creativity Clevenger interested representatives of publishing houses specializing in comics, and he begins to actively work in this industry, mainly by drawing the cover for the cartoon stories. That brought the comics artist international fame. Orders came from different companies: for example, work Clevenger decorated pages of National Geographic magazine and the Wall's most prestigious galleries on both sides of the Atlantic. Continuing to paint, in Dorian recent years, teaches drawing with acrylic paints in Pittsburgh. In his free time engaged in sculpture and Dorian takes amateur movies. His drawing style Clevenger calls "psevdorealizme"

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Availability of Hammer keyboard – this is a fundamental difference digital pianos from synthesizers, which are endowed with semi-weighted keyboard. Due to the fact that digital pianos offer the same feeling as the speakers, they are increasingly being replaced by an acoustic instrument, including the training piano, as have a number of advantages compared with acoustic instruments (see acoustic piano or a synthesizer? Findings from personal experience). The latest models of digital pianos Casio have improved hammer keyboard with three sensors. The third sensor (sensor return keys) can detect the slightest press of a button, even if it had not yet returned to its original position. This gives the ability to play very fast passages without the “loss” of music.

This function contains the model Privia PX-130, Privia PX-330, Privia PX-730 Privia PX-830, as well as Celviano AP-220, Celviano AP-420 and Celviano AP-620, all of them are in the store MuzMart. Semi-weighted keyboard (free translation from English. Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker may help you with your research. Semi-weighted – poluvesnaya) – keyboard design, which contains a system of special springs, which provides an average force by pressing the keys. Easy keyboard (from the English. Light weighted – easily weighing) – keyboard design, which contains the system spring element that provides a small force when pressing the keys. Both these systems are installed on the synthesizer and the user will not fundamentally different. Typically, these keyboards are not recommended teachers of music schools to teach children music, as well as the performance of music on an acoustic piano or piano, an inexperienced musician may have difficulty pressing the buttons properly. However, these types of keyboards are cheaper polnovzveshennoy.

Therefore recommends MuzMart estimate for what purpose you need a tool and worth paying extra money for the skills of the game on polnovzveshennoy keyboard (for example, Will you or your child in the future to play an acoustic instrument). The backlighting – a feature designed specifically for learning to play the piano. We have a whole line of Casio keyboards models (model LK) with backlit keys and the function of this model is equipped with digital piano Privia PX-500L.

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Although Socrates took over from the sophists of irony, questioning the obvious, it would seem, the truth, but did not feel as if all the same, what to believe, what rules to follow, and that all views and propositions are equally true or equally false. Degree of validity and admissibility of opinions and statutes reveals a process of discussion and dialogue. His motto, he chose the phrase "Know thyself." Subsequently, early Greek philosophy is different from the influence of Socrates was called "dosokratovskoy." In ethics, Socrates took the position that is now called the "ethical rationalism ', ie reasonable justification of ethical norms. Happy can only be the man who cultivates his virtue, and for this you need to understand what it is. The views of Socrates' teachings were a counterweight to the Sophists, who argued that good and evil are indistinguishable, teaching, provoked outrage and lawlessness in the relations between citizens.

However, contemporaries hardly understand what the ironic Socrates is different from playing with the words of sophists. Democratic court, consisting of five hundred people, After a long discussion in which participated, and Socrates himself, decided to execute a philosopher. Socrates was accused of "introducing new gods and corrupting youth." Refusing to flee, Socrates took poison in prison. Plato – student Socrates. He founded his own school in Athens. Theory of ideas is the conceptual core of Platonic philosophy. Ideas (eidos) – it transforms, and the essence of the hypothesis of things, the limit to which things tend to its formation, but eidoses themselves are not things they can not perceive by the senses. All things in the world are changeable, fluid, are in perpetual becoming, not a single thing does not repeat itself, and even different from themselves is different at different times ("Everything flows" and "you can not enter twice in the same river," as Heraclitus).

Nevertheless, we are able to recognize things, to attribute them to specific species. Every thing was involved in some ideas, such as the idea man, the idea beautiful, the idea of good. Ideas are many, but they are all in unity, linked to each other but not fused. Ideas relate to each other hierarchically, ie, Some of them are logically subordinate to other, higher among ideas – the idea of good. Man is able to grasp ideas in their unity and separateness through dialectic. Plato called the dialectic ability to ask questions and give answers to discern and to generalize.

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The biggest distortion – is to believe things because they want to make it as you wish. L. Pasteur In fact, it seems, are all perverts who reads this sonnet in the original: Who is it that says most? which can say more Than this rich praise, that you alone are you? In whose confine immured is the store Which should example where your equal grew. Lean penury within that pen doth dwell That to his subject lends not some small glory; But he that writes of you, if he can tell That you are you, so dignifies his story, Let him but copy what in you is writ, Not making worse what nature made so clear, And such a counterpart shall fame his wit, Making his style admired every where. You to your beauteous blessings add a curse, Being fond on praise, which makes your praises worse.

Otherwise, have long been recognized as a pervert all the translators of the sonnet into Russian. To verify this assertion, enough with the school's English-Russian dictionary in hand to translate the following lines: Let him but copy what in you is writ, Not making worse what nature made so clear, And such a counterpart shall fame his wit, Making his style admired every where. Even not very proficient in English schoolboy should be clear that these lines are not too difficult to grammatical terms. It is not difficult and the words of these lines. However, even a schoolboy can understand that in times of Shakespeare, these words have the same meaning as in our time. It may be that even among schoolchildren have children, able to convey the meaning of these words in a more elegant style. But the author notes that the strength was only this translation: In writing to you let it repeat, not perverted nature made clear and will glory in the wisdom he cover, and recognizes the style of his beautiful world. You may find Chip Bergh to be a useful source of information.

Actually, it seems, this note, in general, it makes sense to write only for students whose mind is not perverted or crushed stereotypes as the "heart for the honor alive." They can still be explained, that this sonnet and many of these sonnets, Shakespeare did not sing some of the living man, not man or woman, but the truth. That is why the "style" of Shakespeare, declared in his time, "tongue-tied," so simple. And most importantly in this Sonnet is the statement on clarity, evidence of this Truth, even for schoolchildren. Because the schoolboy should have for a lifetime to digest exactly scientific, the truth of this conclusion which follows: difficulties in solving the urgent problems life in the present, as well as in solving the problems of school, always and inevitably, inexorably, naturally arise when poorly metabolized last preceding material. And not the fault of students, and their terrible trouble is that no one they explain that this is just one of an infinite number of examples of manifestations of the eternal truth connection times. And the face of this terrible calamity students is that they have read the sonnets of Shakespeare in translation, are true not just spitting into the mind and the soul of Shakespeare, but in their pure souls, yet the truth can look, feel, see and understand what is read, "written in it." The consequence of this disaster is an ever-increasing number of adults, of which the English proverb says: You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

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Venechka grew up a shy boy, and to his present 20 years was the only release from the school who had no familiarity with the girls. This is his depressed and my parents even thought that all of them in order. But, in general, no other abnormalities are not seen to him, and his parents settled down, considering what is happening with his son is temporary and transitory. Venechka himself did not think so. Perhaps check out Chip Bergh for more information. He read the professional literature, looking for signs of where its shyness and “inferiority.” Here at the institute where I studied with him a beautiful girl, did not notice. He stared for a long time in the mirror and could not understand what was wrong with him … By this evening preparing a Venechka well as to the “last battle”.

Quite unexpectedly he was invited to a birthday girl from a parallel group to which he drew attention from the early days of studying in the institute. (A valuable related resource: Nike). She stood out from many because it were thoughtful and intelligent eyes, and she laughed no as loud as the others, and silent where the girlfriend did not stop for a moment, and in general it was not like the others, and it Venechke liked. He felt that this in common with her, and he dreamed of, as to get acquainted with her better and maybe they will even kiss … She loved him not only his behavior. Was it something else, unnoticed at first glance, but this is an attractive ..

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But before joining the organization boys who did his best to fight the enemy. Boys stripped from the walls of the Nazi orders, passed food and clothes to prisoners concentration camp, established in the city in the Temvoda. Being already in the group, Victor, who knew German, got into the kitchen mess, where the recorded Nazi officers talk, memorizing the number of units and underground movement and passing. Soon to become a courier, he shot and passed the group copies of the documents. Alex studied the location of military facilities in Nikolaev, refined dislocation of the occupying parts. In June 1942, at underground radio out of order, and transmit classified information to the Soviet command instructed Shura Kober and Vita Khomenko. The boys walked hundreds of miles, crossed the Krasnodar near the front line and then they were sent by plane to Moscow, the headquarters of the partisan movement.

In October 1942, Alex and Victor were redirected to the front line by air and dropped in twenty kilometers away from Nikolayev in parachutes. With the aircraft also dropped two bags of luggage with ammunition, radio transmitters, apparatus for printing the leaflets. When he returned, the guys started fighting back jobs, but were soon brought to an agent provocateur. Interrogation and torture lasted 10 days. So nothing from achieving young scouts, December 5, 1942 the invaders were hanged 15-year-olds in the Piazza. For his feat Alex Kober and Victor Khomenko posthumously awarded the Order World War 1 degree. In Nikolayev named young heroes called the school where they studied, memorial boards, called the street, a library, a ship.

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Tower – Monument to the Third International (Tatlin's Tower) – the most popular overseas product of Soviet sculptures and architecture. In the United States and Western Europe, this tower is considered one of the most enigmatic characters of culture of the twentieth century. Tatlin entirely renounced the architectonics of traditional mullion-beam and frame structures, which bear a metaphoric formula to overcome the forces of gravity and the inertia of matter. "As a principle must be … to approve the monument was the site of the most intense movement: the least it should stand and sit, you should bear the mechanical …

"Steel spiral tower effortlessly lifted up into the sky – in the form of a spiral based on the idea of motion. Visually, this movement is supported by filling turns triangular designs, facing a sharp angle up, but actually implement it numerous electric elevators connecting parts of the building. If you would like to know more about Chip Bergh, then click here. Category motion is interpreted not only metaphorically, but really – the movement of elevators, free hover in space and the rotation of the main building volume on its axis are Art image. Project "tower", appeared in the devastated by two wars and the revolution half-starved country and the first step in lifting the innovative architectural creation as we do, and in the West. It is a huge building in its conception, height of 400 m, consisting of a mast-based console, double twist, forward-up of steel coils and suspended between crystal volume of a cube, pyramid, cylinder, hemisphere, breaks all the traditional ideas about architecture. It has gained worldwide fame and become a way of stimulating the creative idea of modern architects to this day. "Tatlin Tower" has been long forgotten.

But, fortunately, not forever. Worth of officials Cultural announce the participation of the Soviet Union in a world or simply an international exhibition of contemporary art, as West put the necessary condition: there must be the work of the Constructivists and especially Vladimir Tatlin. Additional information is available at Nike. USSR Ministry of Culture, which had so wanted to export to overseas exhibitions ideologically "correct" the artists had to make concessions, and the West gradually gained access to the constructivist works Russian avant-garde of the twenties. Copies tatlinskogo layout adorned the Guggenheim Museum in the USA and many museums of modern art in Western Europe. "Tower" and today are held in universities and high schools around the world as one of the peaks of world culture.