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These answers are characteristic of the belief and vision of the people how much to the same world and itself. Thus, it is possible that we found who said that must not have minimum wage as well as we found somebody that thought that the minimum wage would have to be of R$ 20,000, 00. Already a positivista analysis will deal with something factual. As the consequences of if establishing a wage floor and the value of such floor. Connect with other leaders such as David G. DeWalt here. Thus, economically speaking, we could analyze the impact that a wage floor cause in the tax of unemployment or the informal market of work.

It is important that if it differentiates the two types of analysis since one glimpses to seem personal and intrinsic to the human being, and others say respect the facts of the reality. It is not for coincidence that an enormous number of economists is generally in agreement how much the positivistas questions, but when dealing with normative questions, they possess divergent opinions extremely. Tradeoffs Tradeoffs are faced possibilities. In accordance with the basic theory of the economy, the existing resources are limited e, therefore, this scarcity creates tradeoffs enters the goods to be consumed. He is the dictated celebrity who says that if he cannot have everything. Optimum example for such question is the time.

You can dedicate a college and a work to it, but it is evident that to spend one hour more in the college she will have one hour to less for work or any another activity. In this way, it can be thought about the benefits that one or another action will bring so that if it can take a decision. To go to the college costs time, money and efforts of learning, but it can compensate to the point that in the future you will have a bigger qualification and probably a bigger income. On the other hand, when deciding for the work, you he will be being remunerated in the gift, a benefit that does not need more commentaries. tradeoffs is these that the people face every day, also for simple things as to decide for lunching chicken or meat. Actual values X Nominal Prices When dealing with prices we find one empecilho: the inflation. The inflation is definite as a general increase of the prices that occurs throughout certain time. It can of the inflation, a deflation implies in a general reduction of the prices. This occurs due to alteration of the power of purchase of a currency. It is this that makes with that a pencil has ten years cost, perhaps, ten times less. The problem is that the explicitada imbalance cannot be proven without let us have the values of pencil today, and has ten years, in actual values (‘ ‘ Constant dollar’ ‘ price). Therefore it is possible that this increase of prices has only occurred in function of the inflation, that is, alterations of the power of purchase of the currency. When comparing the old price with the new, in essence, we are dealing with nominal prices (‘ ‘ current dollar’ ‘ to make this, educational, governmental agencies and others exist, that are always to tell to inflation taxes period the period. It remains us then to apply such taxes to the old goods, or, to deflacionar the current good. They are examples of such taxes, in Brazil, the IGP-M generated for the Getlio Foundation Vargas, and the IPCA produced for the IBGE (official tax of national inflation).