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Do can’t can democratic countries cope and deal effectively with these uncomfortable truths? Alongside democratically elected politicians, who by their very nature, come and go, there is a ruling elite in the developed world. Important are these ruling elites? They are amazingly powerful that they control and regulate the same tail of what we consider as civilization. The energy with which the light, heat or cool our homes, cities and countries. Our quick media of the idea and information, transport and of course the big banks. Unfortunately, their interests seem to be limited to the economic and political force that currently have and the continuation of their power and control rather than the wider interest of what might, in fact, the very survival of humanity. The failure of democracy to respond to the evidence increasingly more powerful change climate has actually been due to the economic impact that the changes that inevitably requires instigating and this is due in part to the uncomfortable relations within democracies between elected politicians and ruling elites. So it is time for a new system, a system capable of instigating the deep and profound changes that seems increasingly with utmost urgency that we need to do and if so what the credentials of this new system needs to be successful? It is clear that will need a system that can seriously and honestly represent the interests of the masses, regardless of the discrepancy, or applies the pressure of these agents of non-elected power. You a new system evolves in a natural and harmonious way of democratic systems that currently enjoy? It is very possible that non and ironically could, in fact, mirror the struggles that we are currently witnessing in the Middle East.