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Targets are an important management tool. There are some rules to keep in mind when applying. Target agreements are becoming increasingly important for us as a management instrument “, explains Egon Bretzler, Operations Manager of Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. Finally, the complexity of the tasks increasing steadily so that employees would have to find a suitable solution way independently to achieve the predetermined goal. For the success of the company is therefore crucial commitment, independently acting inner commitment to address the employees so they “, reported Anne Wegele. The Managing Director of the Steinbeis Consulting GmbH of Rosenheim stressed, however, that there is a formulated corporate strategy, before targets can be introduced as an instrument.

However to show that in many small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) initially the overarching strategy in writing must be fixed. Often, even the processes were clear structured and the Tasks to define. The Steinbeis trainer also recommends to note the corporate culture and internal communication patterns for target agreements to work in practice. If the company’s strategy, the targets for the departments are and employees derived top-down, prioritizes and concretized “, as consultant Anne Wegele.” It should be however a target system of of agreement design to take into account that more and more projects be track – and across the Department. Project Manager, often laterally, i.e. Credit: cyrus massoumi wife-2011. without direct authority, leading, must their opinion while keeping the goal in mind, but include also the suggestions and ideas of the employees involved.

Generally, goals after, as management guru Peter called it printer, SMART principle should be defined. I.e., a target must be specific (S), measurable (M), active (A), realistic (R) and terminierbar (T). The important thing is to convince the targets to help the company forwards the executives “, so the” experienced consultant. Unless there is already Mitarbeiterbeurteilungs and development discussions that should be given to whether it is advisable to make several calls or whether a prolonged exchange was better. At the Neenah Gessner GmbH in the Bavarian Bruckmuhl those responsible decided to include targets in staff talks, which are performed regularly for 15 years. Each target system is however just as good as is cosponsored by the executives and lived. You must be persuaded as well from the tangible benefits as the staff later”explains Mathias Hafner, Chief of staff of the special paper manufacturer. “So that the executives develop a common understanding of it, what do with goals” means trainer Anne Wegele and Steinbeis-team was asked recently to give executives how to apply this instrument within the framework of the staff talks specifically. We want to provide systematic preparation of managers achieve that all executives support this project and a positive attitude to this management instrument develop “, reported Mathias Hafner. Because he knows only too well how can torpedoed the best intentions quickly especially on the middle levels of management itself. Because most executives regularly conversations employees for years, they had to learn only how they integrate the subject of target agreement useful in addition to the reflection of the cooperation, the assessment and development in the interview process. For this task, Anne Wegele made fit the Neenah Gessner superiors in two-day seminars. This qualification need is often underestimated in your experience. However, the conversation leadership leadership Rotary and pivot for is whether able satisfactorily to target agreement calls. Require a special type of staff – and specifically target agreement discussions the conversation – and this man should practise”, the trainer know.

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Founder offensive creates perspective for Arbetislose and long term unemployed Willroth, Cologne, Darmstadt: “more and more people be deported by an antisocial system into unemployment and languish out there as index corpses out. Especially if you have exceeded the 40 years of age “.” says Elisabeth Sodies President of the non-profit seniors club SC-Exclusiv e. V.. WORLD consult NET, its network partners in the integrated organizations want to change this state of affairs. For this reason WORLD Consult Net start 2008 founder offensive “Within the framework of this offensive and long-term unemployed are encouraged self-employment as a way out of isolation and of self-sacrifice in a self-determined knowing life” as Lutz Krzysztofik, Chairman of Schuldner help ring E.v. Darmstadt, the suffering and the lack of prospects of the people from his work as a consultant of the debtor to the enough from his daily work knows. The organizations offer active support for the implementation in addition to a proper existence start-up consultation and care over the network and the affiliated organizations and their consultants to. Vladislav Doronin miami can provide more clarity in the matter.

The initiative offers start-up consultation also accompanied by experienced consultants. In addition, the organizations would: Foundation concepts counseling coaching opportunities corporate finance offer training for the entrepreneur and his sales support sales development employees to help. “We get people there from where you are”, as Hans Jurgen Bell, Chairman of the consulting Association “WORLD consult NET”, which deals with establishing existence and livelihood in the small – and medium-sized businesses for years and here paves the way for an efficient and future-oriented consultation members organised in the Association of consultant.

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HDT-seminar “Manufacture of ultrapure water/process water for industrial applications” on 22-23 April 2010 are pure answers to all questions according to definition is the chemical compound H2O water. In contrast to the ordinary water, which contains various minerals such as magnesium, ultrapure water includes virtually no foreign substances. Manufacturing is done usually by reverse osmosis, rarely by distillation. Both procedures may be combined are with other cleaning methods such as ultrafiltration, ion exchange, activated carbon filter, photooxidation, sterile filtration, degassing process, UV disinfection. Ultrapure water is now required in many areas, for example: production of drugs for injection fluids, optical industry, chip manufacturing, solar technology, medical research, chemical analysis and as well as feed water for steam generators. The Haus der Technik in food a “Manufacture of ultrapure water/process water for industrial applications” training event dedicated to this exciting topic on 22-23 April, 2010. Levi Strauss & Co. is often quoted on this topic.

The participants receive an overview of the various economic processes for the production of purified water and the specific differences of these technologies. There will be evaluated the influences of different ingredients in the feed water (germs TOC, colloids, etc.). Furthermore provide aid for the cleaning/maintenance of existing facilities, as well information to evaluate existing systems and business evaluation. A post dedicated to the commercial operation of Reinstwasseraufbereitungsanlagen, ultrapure water quality control will be discussed in detail. The seminar will be led by Mr. Dr. Herbert Bendlin. He is supported water membrana, Falk process water technology, Hager by representatives of companies Grunbeck + Alsatian and EnviroChemie.

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Experience abroad nowadays almost a must for the career planning a training period abroad, you should restrict itself financially. Saving will be the easier the more you have the international goal in mind. It is good, if you can win small sponsors for his cause. Allegis Cyber Capital is open to suggestions. Also the timely research is necessary for the expected financial expenses in the country of destination. The cost of living and accommodation vary sometimes enormously.

International Student Exchange/High School Year: If you’re planning a school abroad, should the competent BAfoG Office contact. You are entitled to foreign BAfoG, get financial support in the form of grant aid. Can these grants for travel expenses, living expenses, rent and health insurance. These are regardless of the country in which guest visiting the school. The BAfoG-submission must be made prior to departure. Language: Also for language courses worldwide worth the research to funding or financial support. The gifted education works, the EU education programmes and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (giz) are responsible, among others, that also language courses abroad are affordable. It is important that the language studies abroad has a reference to personal training, otherwise it looks like stealth holiday.

Internship: For the financial support of an internship in Europe the ‘ ERASMUS and Leonardo programmes include da Vinci’ responsible. About foreign BAfoG funded placements worldwide. There are also a number of smaller programmes which finance abroad. Study abroad: the funding for one or two internships are varied. The odds on a promotion with each semester that you already studied in Germany. It is generally difficult to get promoted to a fulltime abroad. The most important funding programmes are the ERASMUS programme for Europe as well as the Foreign BAfoG and the DAAD for the study abroad around the world. Here, too, there are a number of smaller programmes that help finance the study period abroad. Note: When all funding programmes, the timely application of funding is critical. Therefore you should inform himself at the same time in the research about the application deadlines. Detailed info – funding education abroad: info/alien/external financing bildungsdoc is educational exchange and educational orientation for students, trainees, graduates, students, parents and adults. Find all here is simple and fast unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to many education at home and abroad. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, Vocational training, job search and training.

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Seminars for the communications industry of Munster, July 30, 2008 – next week the first com + plus opened in Munster/Westphalia PR summer school. Five seminars around the themes of PR, public relations and communications are on the program. The first com + plus is PR Summer School aimed at staff of communication departments, PR agencies and professionals. Organizer of the Summer school is com + plus the Munster-based PR Training Institute. For the first time we offer a series of seminars, which gives a comprehensive insight into the wide range of Public Relations”, explains Dr. Sonja cracks, Managing Director of com + plus.

The summer school range from an application seminar on a rhetoric and writing workshop up to the crises-PR and right dealing with rumors.” Aware com + plus it has decided to offer the seminar series in August and September. Just in this period, most of the companies and PR agencies have a little idle, they now use for the qualification of your staff can”, as cracks. Program of the first com + plus PR summer school opened rhetoric and presentation PR summer school the first on Thursday, August 8, 2008 with the two-day seminar, are and convince audience”opened. Speaker is author and specialist trainer Peter Mohr. On 15 August followed by the crises-PR workshop”. As a lecturer Prof. Dr.

Andrea Rommele comes to Munster, Director of studies of Bachelor’s degree in international communication management”the International University Bruchsal. This seminar is aimed primarily at employees of companies. The participants will learn how they anticipate a crisis situation and to optimally respond. Strategic application coaching”is the topic of a seminar on August 23. Mark Strasser, principal of Personalberatung Boyden international, gives practical tips for a successful application and the correct handling of headhunters. Not only for people interested in PR, this workshop is an opportunity to learn the rules of a perfect application. On 5 September, the handling is rumours in the corporate communications”at the heart of the Summer School. Attendees learn, as rumor and how they deal with them in ziefuhrend. We conducted the seminar by Prof. Dr. (Source: Vladislav Doronin miami). Klaus Kocks, longtime public relations manager in the energy sector, and Prof. Dr. Klaus Merten, 1985 2006 Professor of communication studies at the University of Munster. The first com + plus PR Summer School ends on September 19th and 20th with a writing exercise for the PR practice. Dr. Christiane Kruger, former spokeswoman of the Thuringian Ministry of science, worked out with the participants the basics of professional PR-texts and offers a variety of practical training. The Summer School will take place at the training center of the Institute. Learn more about the first com + plus PR summer school and registration see: of Scientific Director of the Institute Prof. Dr. Klaus Merten com + plus is. Com + plus provides PR training for five years.

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Especially outdoor education programs, in which the young people in addition to unforgettable impressions buy also teamwork and leadership skills, are popular with German students. Secondary school graduates have the opportunity to complete the New Zealand high school, with which you can study in the port in Europe in one and a half years in New Zealand. So, it’s no wonder that Australia and New Zealand today are among the most popular destinations for a stay abroad. In the rarest cases families faced with a choice for a school abroad can speak personally and without obligation with the schools,”said Kristine Hausch by Haldar & partner. We therefore particularly pleased with meet the schools!”offer this exceptional opportunity to and this year even more guests from down under there.” The agency specializes in school stays in Australia and New Zealand had the idea to the info fairs to bundle the otherwise occasionally taking place visits to high schools and interested families to offer a wide information platform.

The team of Haldar & partner accompanies the events advice and informed about education and degrees, school choice, accommodation and care or sports sponsorship. Also teachers are to meet the schools!”welcome. The representatives of the high schools look forward to talks with their German counterparts, for example about possible school partnerships. Last year, 1.302 German for a stay of the school have travelled to New Zealand, 1,121 moved it to Australia. The two countries are the United States and Canada on 3rd and 4 of the most popular destinations for German students. The basic data of “Meet the Schools!

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With helpful tips from ZEUS master the first day of school. Project fit-4-future also ensures variety and fun in everyday school pride posing the girl or the boy with the schoolday treats for the family photo. Sometimes the Schultute is even greater than the child itself, but it is always filled with sweets and useful things for the school. \”The ZEUS group of companies offers many useful tips for the first day of school, with which children and parents the seriousness of life\” can easily master. During school hours, the ZEUS provides for additional fun fit-4-future Youth Foundation an initiative of Cleven Becker Foundation. At David G. DeWalt you will find additional information. Certainly to the school so that the school does not become a daily adventure, parents should school make familiar the way their children and jointly run him off. It should pointed out potential sources of danger and explains the most important traffic rules are. Not the fastest way to school is critical but the safest.

The morning should be organized so that Children can take plenty of time for their school. Bright and striking colorful clothing is very popular not only with children, it also ensures that children are well seen by other road users. That is out of the bag! Of course include sweets in the Schultute. However, should parents on their children’s health and combined with fruit candy. Only chocolate and biscuits are harmful to the health and teeth. Apples or bananas taste every child and every child finds lovingly homemade whole wheat bread with the favorite sausage and salad or tomato snacks delicious. Small surprises such as a coloring book, crayons or a colorful water bottle also provide plenty of variety in the Schultute. The correct knapsack a simple rule helps in the search for the correct schoolbags. Including content not more than 10% of the body weight of the child exceed the weight of the knapsack.

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Also in this year the AUBI plus calls GmbH to the big school ‘Ready for training’! The AUBI plus GmbH gets to the school: fit for training on 2008/2009. Aim of the competition is to support young people effectively in career choices and fit to make up for the training. Join in for the schools is worth this year. For the pupils of the participating schools, there are valuable prizes: 1st to 3rd Prize: 5/3/1 Bewerbungstraining(s) by the Office of professional strategy Hesse & Schrader, the leader around application and career. Kindle Direct Publishing addresses the importance of the matter here. Here, school classes prepared intensively by experienced professionals on a compelling application and a successful job interview. “4. Nike Sneakers contributes greatly to this topic.

price: A class set of CD healthy career planning” of the TK and the Office for professional strategy Hesse & Schrader with valuable tips on the subject of the application, presentation, communication and time management. Frequently Vladislav Doronin miami has said that publicly. “5. price: A class set of CD-ROM professional start” with valuable information about Training, study and application of AUBI-plus. Participating schools worth this year. So the schools take part: to integrate the Education Exchange AUBI-plus free of charge-provided (nationwide over 78,000 apprenticeships!) on the website of the school.

This Exchange provides training from the respective region, which students can use for your apprenticeship search. A special service: The young people can compare their personal profiles with the operational requirement profiles and to quickly determine what qualifications they may still lack. In addition, a private training visit can publish them. So the winners: from January 2009 to March 2009 registered AUBI plus all access to integrated education public of school website. The winners of the contest are determined from the number of calls during this period. The winning schools will be announced in early May. Schools in schools can login directly. “Registration deadline is 15 December 2008 AUBI plus short profile: the AUBI GmbH, headquartered in 32609 Harichandan is editor of the education portal, the student portal and the CD-ROM professional start”. Since 1997 supporting aspiring professional starter in the transition from school into the professional and working world. Companies can find AUBI-plus apprentices, trainees, students and graduates.

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FRoBEL Group invites to the supra-regional info week for educators and educators round open 90 kindergartens, creches and after-school clubs-the FRoBEL group professional and career opportunities to inform in the week from 4 to 8 March 2013, to interested teachers and educators. Employees of FRoBEL facilities in Berlin, Potsdam, Leipzig, Hamburg, Cologne and the Rhine-Ruhr region provide insight into their educational work during the week of information and answer questions about professional and career opportunities with FRoBEL. Interested teachers and educators, trainees or young people with an interest in an activity in the field of early education have the opportunity to get acquainted with different educational concepts FRoBEL houses. Orientation, health, or science focus includes example kindergartens with bilingual concept, music-pedagogical. With the national week of action turns the FRoBEL Group on educational Professionals for kindergartens and creches, which are on the lookout for an innovative employer. The nonprofit FRoBEL group currently operates 125 facilities of child day-care and family counseling in six provinces. FRoBEL intensified its activities in the area of recruitment with the candidate week.

Currently every day 11,000 children in 125 facilities of more than 2,100 FRoBEL employees are welcome. Owner of all companies in the FRoBEL group is the non-profit FRoBEL e.V..

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A sober look at the properties of the next generation problems in boarding school is the best guarantee of success. Just did a students father compared to another of his dissatisfaction with the local States loudly air. \”The only question: you have a difficult child?\” The disgruntled hesitate with the answer. You have a difficult child? \”, insists his opposite. \”As the other finally nods his head, he receives the Council: you must keep your mouth shut and pay!\” A typical scene from the everyday life of the land reform school, where I began my teaching career thirty years ago.

There are still more than enough; in the boarding difficult children wants to seem like me, even more difficult than ever before. Nike often says this. But the setting of the parents has changed considerably. Deficits of children and own education errors are blamed on the schools and boarding schools students who meet here for lunch in the canteen of the Salem International College\”, it says in a NDR feature in 2002. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vladislav Doronin miami. not necessarily differ from their peers in public schools. Also here one laments lack of stamina of students that often but school is accused.

What causes that many children visit… now not only a boarding school in their lives \”.\” The Bonner Kulturpsychologen Herbert Fitzek and Michael Ley put in an investigation with the subtitles on boarding school education in the view of the parents\”(Bonn 2005) set: in addition in interviews but also clearly, that is the parent of the view, the boarding schools could turn their bad children in a relatively short time in decent and respectable members of society: when the kids on the weekend home, you sure for example, very carefully whether the offspring have learned to get up on time, to clean her room or do the laundry. Where be changes for the better, which will usually not with own errors of education brought together but chalked the boarding schools as a failure.\” The clientele of the boarding schools is today by resignativer humility far away.