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This article will be turned to naturalistic intelligence, thus showing to factors come from quarrels in the academy of Gardner and other specialists toward the understanding of the reality through this new perspective. On the basis of used studies and concepts today in the academy, this article intends to present a reflection regarding Multiple Intelligences, instituted previously for the scientist Howard Gardner. Words keys: Environment, Education, Perception. Introduction: Naturalistic Intelligence, and its applications for the advance in the education, will be the guideline of this article, having relevance from consideraes presented for recent research, to show the ideas come from this conscience, eighth in the relation of Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, evaluation still must be ecologically valid, that is, it must be made in known environments and must use known materials of the evaluated children being. The natural environment, says it, is ' ' essential for one better understanding of the life with meio' ' , it made that to tell it its aspirations in the resolution of the eighth intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence.

Naturalistic Intelligence: In 1996, Gardner made the first magnifying of its original listing adding naturalstica intelligence. Learn more about this with cyrus massoumi wife. It described the naturalist as an individual ' ' apt to recognize flora and fauna, making relative distinctions to the natural world and productively to use this ability in agriculture or sciences biolgicas' '. Although the ability to appreciate the life to the outdoors or to feel themselves comfortable next to the nature is important aspects of this intelligence, it has been characterized more as a capacity to discern, to identify and to classify plants and animals, of what an ability to coexist the nature. More recently, Gardner pointed the naturalistic intelligence, that is present in the biologist and in who it has ecological sensitivity, however very moreover, it is turned toward the question of the daily one, where it revealed enthusiastic in relation that each time more the people tend to use it to decide problems in its day the day.

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It is characterized as upheaval of the reading and the writing, that intervenes with the pertaining to school performance, always leaving the pupil below of the income waited in relation to excessively. This difficulty consists of the child not to obtain to identify graphical symbols (letters and/or numbers) in the process of the language. In accordance with Schirmer, Fontoura, Nunes (2004), the acquisition of the language involves in four interdependent systems in the following developments: pragmatic, that the use of the communication in the language of the social context, the fonolgico is imagined, involving the perception and the production of sounds to form words; the semantic one, respecting the words and its meaning; the grammatical one, understanding the syntactic and morphologic rules to combine words in understandable phrases. The Dislexia is classified in two types: the acquired dislexia and the dislexia of development.

In the acquired one, the being obtains to read and to write without problems, but due to the one it has caused an accident or a cerebral spill, for example, loses this capacity. Heather Bresch: the source for more info. Already in the dislexia of development, the being already is born with this condition, for if dealing with a riot genetic-neurological, presenting problems of abilities partner-motor and visual and auditory processing that can affect directly in the failure pertaining to school. However if the child will be ahead of parents or professors specialists, the dislexia could more precociously be detected, therefore the child since small already presents some characteristics that denounce its difficulties, such as: – Delay in learning to hold the spoon to eat alone, to make bow in cadaro of the shoe, to catch and to kick ball; – Delay in the locomotion; – Delay in the acquisition of the language; – Difficulty in the learning of the letters. The dislexia can be detected from the alfabetizao, period where the child initiates the process of the reading of texts..

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A type of deficiency lived deeply for the current educandos, &#039 exists; ' deficiency emocional' '. Recent research affirms that the pupils present dficits of emotional aptitudes. It was arrived the conclusion of that children and adolescents same possessing a good intellectual potential, do not relieve in the school. A fall in the levels of emotional if manifest ability through attitudes as: to become involved themselves in constant obstacles, to lie, to trapacear very, to argue, not to respect limits, to disrespect the people, to destroy the things of the others, to disobey the rules in the school and house, to provoke excessively and not to demonstrate no emotional control. We have that to accept the existence of the emotional illiteracy and to develop procedures, in the school and the families, so that this picture can be reverted. Ahead such reality, the professors need to prepare themselves theoretically and emotionally. (Not to be confused with Richard Linklater!).

In case that contrary, they will not obtain to reach its objectives and they will be able until adoecer. He is in day-by-day of the classrooms is that he is possible to perceive the lack of emotional maturity of the professors. The professors are adoecendo. A new illness, the BURNOUT syndrome appeared, that very harms the professional and personal life of the professors, leaving them without spirit for the work and energy to face the daily obstacles. Click Heather Bresch for additional related pages. The necessary professor if to know better and to enxergar the pupil as a human being, inside of all fragility that is peculiar to the human beings. The professor must believe its transforming paper and the capacities that the pupil has. The educator must have conscience and alerted being of the importance of an emotional preparation beyond always searching the improvement and the update in its area. The work market, today, in any field, mainly in the education, asks for prepared and balanced professionals well.

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Chapter 1 of the first part, is mentioned as to teach to the Portuguese Language in the school, presenting a diversity of texts that the school must work, as well as what fits the same one to teach, that written must be worked, as to alfabetizar and to lecionar the Language, as to use the text as unit of education, to learn the especificidade of the literary text and to reflect on the Language in didactic situations that if center in multilinguistic activities, in the reflection in production situations and interpretation, as way to take conscience and to improve the control on the proper linguistic production. Chapter 2 approaches the general objectives of the Portuguese Language for basic education, aiming at that ' ' the pupils gradually acquire an ability in relation to the language that he makes possible to decide problems to them of the daily life, to have access the cultural good and to reach the full participation in the world letrado' ' (p.41). Chapter 3 mentions the forms to it most efficient to work the contents of the Portuguese Language in basic education. Levi’s will not settle for partial explanations. It brings the general characterization and the orienting axles of the same ones, its sequence and organization thus they can be worked together with the Transversal Subjects. It presents also consideraes regarding the didactic treatment of the contents made use in: verbal language – as to work and the correct form in room of lesson; written language to stimulate the practical one of the reading, to produce texts; analysis and reflection on the language to revise texts, to learn with texts, to alfabetizar, to know aspects grammatical; didactic resources and its use that are necessary for a good development of the lesson. Chapter 4, last of the first part, approaches the used criteria of evaluation in the Portuguese Language. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jacob Shaw and gain more knowledge..

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The high levels of productivity only can occur when the capacity above average interacts with other factors, such as the comprometimento with the task and the creativity. They are these factors that allow that the pupils create products of bonanza quality (RENZULLI, 2004). The stimulaton and the chance are primordial so that the individual with high abilities can develop its potentialities at the same time where it favors the identification of others with potential for raised productivity, exactly that the principle are not identified as superendowed. 1. 2 Comprometimento with the task In this aspect the adept person discloses great motivation and dedicates much energy in the work that develops. It presents persistence, much devotion, autoconfiana and deslumbramento with what it carries through. The individual that presents this characteristic in general is sufficiently enthusiastic and always develops great expectations in what it intends to reach in the performance of its activities, revealing made use to recommence to become reality its intention. 1.

3 Creativity the creativity if distinguishes for the capacity of the person from being original in its ideas, to have flexibility and opening the new experiences, presenting, , perception generally sharpened the details and divergent thought of excessively when the subject demands reflection. The routine for who presents this characteristic is entediante and provides to distraction and desmotiva it for the activity that not to consider interesting. It is very common that the creative person has raised curiosity and is always searching new challenges, while the risks that run in the development of an activity are stimulants for concretion of the same one. Frequently Vladislav Doronin miami has said that publicly. These characteristics pointed for Renzulli do not differ from other authors, even so some consider the precocidade, the assincronismo (affective-intellectual, intellectual-psicomotor, of the language and the reasoning, pertaining to school-social and familiar), taste for the reading, leadership etc. as indications of high abilities/superendowment. The identification of people with high abilities/superendowment has been carried through not with the intention of ' ' rotular' ' these individuals, to form a group of the elite, among others ranks that are made in this direction, that normally comes imbricada for innumerable myths.

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When applied well to the playful education it can contribute for the improvement of education, as much in the qualification how much in the formation it criticizes of educating. The importance of the playful one in the infantile education This subject serves of stimulates, for the involved educators the process education learning. Pedagogical practical as it is important to work the playful one and its in infantile education. Thus we can follow the development of each being and its evolution in the search for the knowledge. The expressive and creative natural trend of the child can be facilitated by the educator by means of playful activities, as support of acquisition of the written and said language. The activities when guided by the educator as games and tricks, certainly will contribute in the development of the psicomotricidade in the context of the pertaining to school process. The child needs emotional stability to become involved itself with the learning.

The affection can be an efficient way to arrive close to the citizen, and the ludicidade, in partnership, a estimulador and enriquecedor way to reach a totality of the process to learn. (LUCKESI, 2000). She is necessary that if it thinks about the importance of Playful in the Infantile Education in the application of games and the tricks. The infantile education is a segment of extremely fertile escolaridade in relation to the construction of new knowledge, is social, moral they, affective or cognitivo. Thinking about playing as collaborating activity for the development of the infantile potentialities, the playful one is part of the experience of the child in all its process of growth and learning, also must be explored in any situation in classroom. Jacob Shaw addresses the importance of the matter here. We also know that the deficiency of learning if of the one in reason of inadequate methods of professors, even though for the same, material lack of qualification of the playful ones to facilitate and to motivate one better income despertando a bigger interest in the child.

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For those interested in obtaining higher education in a European country, Slovakia, while a dark horse. Few people know that in the Slovak universities a high level of training, a wide range of prestigious and sought after professions (law, economics, media, it and others), and the cost of training is comparable to the rates at private universities in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the diplomas obtained in Slovakia, with no problems recognized in the European Union and are a major advantage for further search of work abroad. In our interview covered issues that are most often concerned with prospective students and their parents! – Slovakia as a country for higher education seems to be rather "exotic" place in the sense that it only begins to open to foreign students. What is remarkable higher education in Slovakia? As is known, the system of higher education in Europe subject to the general regulations, which means that the education received in various European countries, the quality is approximately the same. Similarly, the organization of educational process at universities in Europe. Slovakia – no exception in this regard. Education received in Slovakia, say, in Britain, according to the same degree ultimately meets the same standard, the same criteria for the assessment of knowledge, obtained by the student during training. Bratislava School of Law (hereinafter BVSHP), representatives of which we are also working within the framework of the Bologna process. Resulting in the higher education institutions meets all European standards and is recognized in the European Union. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jacob Shaw.

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Today the municipal net of So Paulo counts on 304 deficient students of a total of registered 40 a thousand in 124 units pertaining to school. The subject inclusion of deficient children is present today in the day the day of the education, the professors is perceiving that the differences not only must be accepted, but received to mount the pertaining to school scene, the professors must adopt practical creative in the classroom. To value the pupils and to take care of to all are more than what to create conditions for the deficient ones, the inclusion is a challenge that implies in changing School as a whole, in the project pedagogical, using material pedagogical special as method braile, computers with verbal communication, and moreover, the building must be adapted with slopes of access, bars of support, widening of the doors and resources that make possible the attendance. The deficiencies cannot all be measured and be defined by one, but we have that to take in account the current situation of the person without discrimination and can provide an affective learning, as much of the educative point of view as social. In the inclusive education the person with deficiency does not expect that if adapte the School, but that this if transforms of form to make possible that the deficient one if feels well and has development. In the truth it is difficult to find professors whom they affirm to be prepared to receive in classroom a deficient student, the inclusion is a full process of unexpected, however it is in the responsibility of the School to search orientation and support of the associations of assistance and the medical and educational authorities as to proceed. In a question-answer forum Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ was the first to reply. The Brazilian Constitution of 1988 guarantees to all the access the School, and the same one cannot exclude nobody taking care of to the legal principles, the legislation most recent is the convention of Guatemala, this document was promulgated in Brazil in 2001, reaffirming that the people with deficiency have the same rights and freedoms that others where she forbids to any type of differentiation, exclusion or restriction based on the difference them people.

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The geometry is the measurement and the properties of points, lines, angles, planes and solids, as well as the relationships to each other. The following are some basic concepts related to geometry that will help you much to start with success, the study of this beautiful area. Segment: Is that part of a straight line between two points is marked on it. t line: Is that part of a straight line is somewhere a point (the end) indicated on it. The Grade is a unit of measurement symbolized . Therefore there are 360 in a complete revolution. See more detailed opinions by reading what Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ offers on the topic..

In the international system of measures, the unit of measure is the radian angle. The angles can be divided into different types based on the degrees they have. Thus, we can distinguish between four types of angles. In the next learning unit will explain the various classes. a right angle: it is formed by the junction of two perpendicular lines that form a quarter of a revolution, which is 90 . : An obtuse angle has a larger opening to the right angle, namely 180. : An acute angle has a smaller opening to the right angle.

is one whose sides are opposite rays, the angle is also half of a revolution, or 180 . To calculate the perimeter is necessary to know the length of all sides of the figure.

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Now many parents realize that in today's world, knowledge of foreign languages, and even no one. Very serious help in the crankcase of their children. Therefore, many parents seek to have their favorite child of a foreign language learned. The most proven way – is to hire a teacher. But before you do this you need to verify his qualifications.

For a child is very relevant principle: "Do no harm." Because we all know that learn in childhood, imprinted in the memory forever. Including all wrong. Therefore, training of teachers is very important. Since depends on it, what methods he will teach your child a foreign language. In addition to the lessons you not be present. The selected language teacher should own methods of teaching foreign language just for preschoolers. Because the perception of educational material in high school and a preschooler quite different.

And if we ignore it, until most of the effort will be wasted. Choosing a teacher for your child, ask how he is going to teach. It would be nice if he did focus on communication techniques that are aimed at the development of correct pronunciation, understanding the meaning of words spoken and the ability to answer questions. Many are trying to get preschoolers learn the alphabet, learn all sorts of words, poems and lyrics. This is fundamentally wrong! After all, the meaning of education is not that the child knew the words, poems and songs, but the point is that he can talk, communicate in a foreign language.