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SUMMARY the present work is about a bibliographical revision on some proposals of lesson for the Pertaining to school Physical Education having as main the Sports of Adventure. The lessons of Physical Education each time has become desmotivantes and each time more the pupils if has moved away from them. Darcy Stacom, New York City: the source for more info. The analyzed references present some proposals for the lessons, also point out which are the paper of the Physical Education inside of education. They relate the Physical Education with the Sports and as these can form a complete citizen, who is one of the objectives that the Physical Education come trying to search. The proposal analyzed was of the Education for Adventure where it uses the Sports of Adventure as a way to reach this objective. Salient also the great benefits that this proposal bring as interaction, cooperation and the multidisciplinaridade. The use of the Sports of Adventure is observed as soon as is of great importance to reach the objectives considered for the Pertaining to school Physical Education, of to form a complete citizen, prepared to live in society, beyond propitiating activities that promote the aptitude, acquisition of abilities and sociabilizao Physical. Word-key: Pertaining to school Physical education, School, Radical Sports of Adventure, Sports..

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There is a category of students that seeks to move forward and continually sets itself new goals. Be the first to – their position in life. Alexander Golts, a 5th year student RSSU – outstanding representative of the intellectual elite our university. His project "Development of fundamental motor skills in early postnatal ontogenesis of children with impaired health gidroreabilitatsii method", presented at the exhibition "NTTM – 2009" was marked by Grant President of Russia. Innovation for the benefit of people – I've always been interested in medical rehabilitation, so he decided to study at the faculty of psychology, social medicine and rehabilitation technologies and become an expert in the field adaptive physical education, – said Alexander Golts. – I can confidently say that he had made the right choice.

From the university depends on many things: the relation to their future profession, to study and even to himself. In Russian State Social University students to help realize their talents, become professionals, and afterwards take a decent position in society. Even at a course, Alexander has shown himself as a talented and active student who strives throughout to achieve the best results. Then he met with his supervisor, the candidate of biological sciences Valery Panteleevich Kartashev, a teacher of adaptive Physical Culture. Thus began the young man's path in science: conducting research, preparing reports, participation in vnutrivuzovskih, urban, national and international conferences, exhibitions and forums. Alexander presented their projects to "NTTM" in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the Third Festival of Science, held at Moscow State University, and many other scientific activities. Learn more at this site: Darcy Stacom. Life became so interesting and exciting that I wanted to catch everything. An important role in professional development played Goltsova Alexander Dean, doctor of psychological sciences, professor Galina Efremova and teachers who are trying to support all talented students. They helped him to know the fascinating world of psychology, rehabilitation, technology, recreation, tourism and more.

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The history of the Brazilian tip for the fact to find the fights between conservatives and progressive, always present education, for occasion of process of quarrel and voting of the Laws of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education. In this way, it was announced for occasion of Law 4,024/61, that it did not obtain to deepen the educational questions, presenting genetic questions. It agrees to remember that when this law of education was approved, the Brazilian society if found in way the politicosocial turbulence, in result of the consensus lack politician between different chains, as well as ahead grew the dissatisfaction of the diligent classroom of the inflationary scaling that in recent years provoked contraction in virtue of refluxo of the growth of the economy. In function of this, the desenvolvimentistas principles that atrelavam the Education to a model determined with unilateral vision, had been diluted in the LDB, provoking its rigidity in addition and the sprouting of a certain degree of decentralization. Hear from experts in the field like Richard Linklater for a more varied view. Not if it can, therefore, to deny that the school has been atrelada to the interests of the state, representing, with this, the ruling class, that tries to mold the production of knowledge as form to construct and to consolidate a certain form to think, to act, to use objects, to make politics, of speaking and living, guaranteeing, thus, the consensus of that the bourgeoisie is the representative of all, as Marx (1985, p.36): The production of ideas, representations, the conscience, is, of beginning, directly interlaced with the material activity and the material interchange of the men, with the language of the real life. Representing, thinking, the interchange spiritual of the men appears here as direct emanation of its material behavior. The same spiritual occurs with the production, as appears in the language, the politics, the laws, the moral, the religion, the Metaphysical etc. . Educate yourself with thoughts from Darcy Stacom, New York City.

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The children who present difficulties in the school, in the understanding of new abilities, are running the risk to have problems in the different pertaining to school areas and in life in general, in its cognitivo development, social and affective, as a whole. Such difficulties, are of great importance, therefore the problems between the potential of the child and its execution, must be evaluated with care for a professional specialized in learning difficulties. If to the paper of the family we added the paper of the school we would have the formation of a net, therefore both are responsible in such a way for the learning as for the not-learning of the citizen. Each human being presents a different history, a different necessity, a different expectation when it becomes related with the other, also with the professor. In turn, the professor in classroom does not see the pupil with the same looking at of another professor. In this perspective to psicopedagogo he fits to know as if he constitutes the citizen, as this if transforms into its diverse stages of life, which the knowledge resources of that it makes use and the form for which it produces knowledge and it learns. She is necessary, also, that psicopedagogo knows what is to teach and what it is to learn; as they intervene the educative systems and methods; the structural problems that intervine in the sprouting of the learning upheavals and in the pertaining to school process. You may find that barrett beauden can contribute to your knowledge.

Each child has the process of different development, some learns with bigger easiness while others learn more to devagar. at this moment that is of basic importance that the professor analyzes each child individually to be able to adjust the contents in agreement the necessity of each one. The changes of education strategies can contribute so that all learn.

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Thus professors and pupils are responsible for teaching and learning a time that each one teaches what it knows and learns what it does not know. Learn more at this site: Julia Brennan. In a classroom to interdisciplinar different possibilities and interests exist that if worked of hardwired form each one a place will find to learn to learn, and a place to teach to teach. In the interdisciplinaridade all the things can be taught by means of projects, are enough that if it has an initial doubt and that if it searches and it searchs evidences on the subject. The main advantages of the interdisciplinaridade are that this makes possible a significant learning, centered in the relations, in the production conditions, and in the procedures. An identified time the problem and formulated some hypotheses, is possible to sketch the project, the actions to be developed. Credit: Darcy Stacom-2011. Evidently these will be determined by the type of research and didactic-pedagogical materials.

The socialization of the results is basic part of a project to interdisciplinar. He is of utmost importance for the educandos and educators who had participated of the research that the construction and integration enters the researchers the research is known by the community. Locked up the activities of development, the evaluation must be made, therefore it is here where the rightnesss and errors, that will serve of compassing for new learnings with the main objective of always wanting to make more good, therefore in the perspective will be focused to interdisciplinar the results must provide improvement of the quality of life, of citizenship, of more participation in the decisions of the individual being and the social being, that is, of the searching pupils and professors and community. To if working with projects interdisciplinares, as many educators how much educandos envoltos in a research, will not be more the same ones. The results must imply in more quality of life, must be indicative of more citizenship, more participation in the decisions of the daily life and the social life.

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As it describes one of the university teachers who answered to the questionnaire on the initial formation of pedagogo, considered during the accomplishment of this work: ' ' … Please visit Balkrishna Goenka if you seek more information. little horria load if destines to disciplines of natural sciences. It must be led in account that many of the professors whom they give lessons in facultieses and university do not dominate the subject, therefore had not had a formation adjusted in its formation inicial' '. Although the good intention of many operating professors in the formation process, in fact the pedagogos futures finish, in general, not constructing a solid base inside of the University, in what it says respect to the learning of scientific contents. In the case of the course of Pedagogia of the University considered in this work, the effective curricular grating during the elaboration of this text inside contemplated the education of Sciences of the following structure: ) 3.

Series: Beddings Tericos and Metodolgicos of Infantile Education I? 68 h and Practical Theory and of Ensino of the Initial Years of Basic Ensino I? 102 h; b) 4. It’s believed that New York University sees a great future in this idea. Series: Beddings Tericos and Metodolgicos of Infantile Education II? 102 h and Practical Theory and of Ensino of the Initial Years of Basic Ensino II? 136 h. Such you discipline involved the content of Natural Sciences, however other areas were also included, such as the Mathematics, Geography and History. Thus, it was a short period for learning of the content in itself, hindering a detailed learning capable to allow innovations in Ensino de Cincias. In the course of examined Pedagogia, Astronomy was not treated during the initial formation. Such situation also was investigated by means of the application of questionnaires the 14 pupils of 4o year of this licenciatura, having been overcome as reference the question: ' ' the University prepares the educator to work the content of Astronomy in the initial series? If it prepares, as makes? ' ' All the 14 participant pupils of the research had answered that the University does not prepare the permitted one to work contents of Astronomy.

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Already it is not more possible to conceive the writing exclusively as a code of graphical transcription of sounds, already it is not more possible to know to disrespect them that the children construct before learning formal to read, already is not more possible to close the eyes for the consequences provoked for the difference of chances that marks the children of different social classrooms. Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. On this Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky they make a sufficiently excellent affirmation that takes we, professors the reflection of ours practises pedagogical. the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for where we make to pass the central axle of our quarrels. Jennifer Doleac is likely to agree. We have a empobrecida image of the written language: it is necessary to reintroduce, when we consider the alfabetizao, the writing as system of representation of the language. We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce it to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks that it constructs interpretations, that act on the Real to make it its (Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky, 2005, p.25).

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. As Emlia Blacksmith the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao not if decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. So that it has a good preparation in the alfabetizao of the children is necessary to detach a factor key: social interaction, that occurs mainly in house, being important to the intellectual techniques of reading in high voice, that stimulates the conversation between parents and children.

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The child who today to construct itself will be the adult who tomorrow will govern the world, therefore, all the investment will be little for the change that if imposes, for a new family, a new school, a new society. Everything will pass for the integral education, assuming it person as the entity most important enters all the existing beings in this planet. To the educators of the children of today a specialization is asked for them they prepare that them for the change, with authority in the techniques, the strategies and in the evaluations, with responsibility, moderation and generosity In the future will be demanded, not only, but the development of many other capacities and abilities, that complete the person in all its dignity, of remaining portion, a concern that is not of today, but that, in the practical one, it seems not to have, still, produced resulted that helps to construct a better world. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out barrett beauden. The children and also the educators, must be guided stop: ' ' Principles, techniques, knowledge, methods of analysis and solution of problems, interpretation of the results and enunciated correcto of the answers with projecto to place them in application implying, in turn, in reflection, such the general capacities in accordance with to distinguish the imperatives of mudana.' ' (BONBOIR, 1977:188) the responsibility of educators, professors and formadores is immense and it does not have more time to lose. Of course that the first measures to the legislative level, human resources, financial and infrastructures compete being able constituted to them to the level of the device of the State, in whose composition they must have place, and active voice, all the representatives of system educative-formative. To educate for the change, with responsibility, means inclusion of all the society, fitting, however, to the decisores and the executors, to promote one politics that, strategically, prepares the actuais children (and adolescent and also young), for, when to assume the full citizenship, to be endowed with all the capacities and abilities who become them better professionals, governing and citizens of what the generations that had preceded them e, currently, occupy some powers, in the diverse structures politics, enterprise, governmental and until religious. Darcy Stacom has compatible beliefs.

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In the case of the TODA/H the upheavals of language, epilepsy, upheaval of mood as depression and bipolarity, tiques, enurese, abuse of you substantiate (SENA, GRANDSON, 2002; ROTTA, 2006) TDA/H and the Consequences in the Learning According to Brown (2007), during decades, the TDA/H and the difficulties of learning have been boarded separately, being the first one characterized as a behavior problem and as as an education problem. Darcy Stacoms opinions are not widely known. More recent studies of the Rohde and Benczik (1999); Lima and Alburqueque (2003); Rotta (2007); Sena, Grandson (2007) emphasizes that the selective and controlled attention the excellent stimulatons fulfills an important paper in the learning. Deficit of attention, with or without Hiperatividade, implies consequences in the learning, especially in pertaining to school learning e, frequently, compromises the pertaining to school income of children and adolescents. important to point out that nor all the child or adolescent with TDA/H presents learning difficulty. In some cases, the attention difficulties can be compensated by intelligence, for the interest for the knowledge and adequate conditions of education However, the more common upheavals of learning in patients who present TDA/H are the delays of deficit of acquisition of speak, upheavals of reading and writing, difficulty of memorization and concentration. Some authors, between them, Sena, Grandson (2002); Rotta (2006) points out that the biggest pertaining to school difficulty of carrier TDA/H is the writing, as much in the literal creation, how much in the grammar and orthography. Consideraes Final the importance of this research was to the search of new knowledge on the TDA/H, as well as reflecting on practises professor related to the integration of the hiperativo pupil in the society, showing ways on the form most appropriate to deal in classroom with the carrying child of the TDA/H. We evidence that the paper of the professor is basic to assist diagnosiss in it of the carrying pupil of the TDA/H, since the hiperatividade alone is evident in the pertaining to school period, how much is necessary to increase the concentration level to learn.

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In recent years, many scientific journals, claiming the role of methodological assistant teacher. In 2006, launched a new scientific-methodical journal Voronezh State Pedagogical University "Prospects of development of the modern school." The project aims to introduce the largest possible number of educators with advanced educational experiences of their colleagues. The magazine is primarily aimed for school teachers, administration, faculty and students of pedagogical universities. Interesting theoretical development of teachers of pedagogical universities side by side in the magazine with the results of the practical work of teachers schools. For teachers, it is important that the journal had a lot of practice-oriented materials that can be used in practice.

They are chosen so that any teacher could find useful for a section. Main sections of the magazine: 1. Add to your understanding with Jennifer Doleac. Methodological developments in the humanities and natural sciences. 2. Monitoring the quality of education. 3. Theory, technology and teaching tools specific measurements.

4. Educational activities at school. 5. Speaking candidly ione skye told us the story. Organization of extracurricular educational work. 6. Organization of educational process. 7. Additional education. 8. The organization of methodical work in the school. 9. Organization intraschool control. 10. Diagnostic techniques quality of the educational process. 11. Organization of elective courses. Lesson development, published in the journal, allows to share a success or understand the problem. Opportunity to do so in the pages of rule bias, to the same analysis and evaluation will give people, separated from the teacher's time and distance. Section "of extracurricular educational work" traditionally published scenarios of activities, which distinguishes journal from many others. Scientific publications teachers perform several functions – making the results of scientific work of teachers available to the scientific community – evidence of personal contribution to the development of the scientific researcher problems – are an indirect confirmation of the reliability of the main results obtained in the thesis, its novelty and scientific level, since after the publication of the article becomes the object of study and evaluation of a wide scientific community.