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A new period in the history of national pedagogy begins with the emergence of a new Russian capital – St. Petersburg. In 1709, in St. Petersburg there was one school, and by 1725 the city was already working a number of general and vocational schools. At this point, the St.

Petersburg school began to develop in several directions: first, began to develop the construction of schools for the city, and secondly, there was a focus on development of an elite education for the nobility, and third, for commoners to work in regular school. In the first half of XVIII century. educational institutions of St. Petersburg continued to exist, even though that had large difficulties in attracting students. Gerald Weissmann, MD often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In this regard, there was a need for teachers.

But at that time Russia had no higher education for teacher education, so teachers are people who were far removed from teaching. Therefore, the government was forced to invite teachers from Moscow and from abroad to teach in higher education. Any more or less educated person was perceived as potential teacher. And as elementary school teachers were invited by people of diverse activities. During this period also involved in teaching private teachers, but their services were in mostly well-off families, or are available to private schools and boarding houses. As a result of this work have been major changes in the development of school education – the first steps to establish a state school for the general population of the city, was founded several schools for children of both sexes. The first school to train teachers began seminary. This was the beginning of the modern education system. In St. Petersburg school teachers employed many masters. There were whole dynasties of teachers. The younger generation of teachers teaching dynasty takes the baton of professional values, at the same time making adjustments in teacher education, in demand at the moment.

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One of the challenges of the educational context is to take pupil of the EJA to look underlying questions and to find alone answers the problems and questionings that the life, day-by-day presents, and this is the function of the professor, where they needs to infer with these pupils, they need to be solidary, to respect the differences, to stimulate proper knowing and to develop the capacity to teach and to learn. 4.2. In a question-answer forum American filmmaker was the first to reply. The Education of Young and Adults in the LDB n. 9.394/96 In accordance with the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education, n. 9.394/96, in Heading I, that treats the education, preceitua in its Art.

1: ‘ ‘ The education encloses the formative processes that if develop in the familiar life, in the convivncia human being, the work, the institutions of education and research, in the social movements and organizations of the civil society and in the manifestations culturais’ ‘. This rank, fortifies in national level, the generic concept of education that leaves the purely pertaining to school sphere and passes to be understood as one successive process of formation that must involve the family, the government, the school, the associations and many other beings of the life of the person. In this direction, and coated of the ideals of Pablo Freire, the LDB (1996) fortifies and glimpses that to teach it passes for a question to live deeply the lived one for the pupils throughout its lives and that cannot be left of side duly warned to place barriers and impediments to rescue, mainly, the people who had abandoned the school and now they want to come back. But to come back toward a school that is not traditionalist who leaves the intellectual vanities and leaves for the confrontation of ideas of these people. Still in the LDB (1996), its Heading II? Of the principles and ends of the national education, in its Art.2 it emphasizes that: ‘ ‘ The education, duty of the family and the State, inspired in the principles of freedom and the ideals of solidarity human being, has for purpose the full development of educating, its preparation for the exercise of the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho.’ ‘ It is of utmost importance to value liberating education in the incessant search for inserting educating in the globalizado world.

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Chapter 2? Statisticians and Quality Our school and our pupils had become statisticians mere? Most important in the question of the alfabetizao they are not the statisticians and yes the quality of the education that our pupils receive. Our governing would have to think about the formation of the individual fully capable to carry through its activities as effective participant citizen of the society. Chapter 3? Construction of the learning of Reading and Writing with pleasure in the Infantile Education and basic Ensino. Beyond teaching to read and to write, the school and professors must awake in the pupils the pleasure in learning, in constructing and extending knowledge, developing the orality and perfecting it, respected its previous opinions, difficulties and knowledge. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Nike on most websites. 2.1. Chapter 1? Functional illiteracy In accordance with UNESCO, functional illiterate is all the person who, although to recognize and to write the code, proper name to read and to grafar some phrases are incapable to interpret what it reads, therefore, it does not obtain to extract the direction of the words and nor to write them. (PRIETO, 2008) It has people that, exactly being alfabetizadas, they do not obtain to understand messages simple as a letter, an announcement of periodical or an acknowledgment, or until colleges student who feel difficulty when interpreting declared texts or of questions in a test, in competitions, he takes what them to get resulted well below of the desired one. Understanding involves much more that decoding She is necessary, first, to understand what if it asks for, to mount the problem, using the had formulas, for finally arriving the reply.

In a similar way, it is not enough to know to read to understand what he is being read. QUEILLA (2010). This is a serious problem that goes beyond the banks of the school. The incompetence for the full reading and writing causes a social difficulty therefore the functional illiterates is incapable to carry through basic tasks of its personal and mainly professional life, and also the psychological factor as auto-they esteem, security, generating a miniature communicative capacity.

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Another conception of deafness, existing, if approaches to the previous one and is tied with the called conception as ' ' model social' '. In this model the divulged central idea places the social environment as desencadeador of difficulties for the people with deficiency. Thus the stigmata and conflicts that suffer these people are generated by the inaqualities and lack of chances in the social context. This conception defends that ' ' to be different is normal' ' that the deficiency is not only in the damaged part of the body, but in skill delinquent to understand it, In the case of the deaf person the social model helps to understand that ' ' the auditory loss exists and it is not an invention of the listeners, therefore it must solidly be enfrentada' ' (Santana, 2007, P. 33). Such conception perceives the deafness as deficiency and difference. However, this deficit does not become the disabled individual, does not affect its intellect, being that the decisive factor is the social environment where these people are inserted, therefore depending on the form as this citizen is understood/taken care of by the society, or as its deficit is faced, it will be able to become a being limited, incapable to make current activities.

Thus, one does not refuse that the deaf person presents limitations, however its potential is valued (LACERDA, 2000). From the understanding of the theoretical conceptions presented e, knowing that these guide the educational attendance of the deaf citizen, one understands that the model partner-antropolgico is adjusted to argue the importance of the Special School for the deaf people, central objective of this study. This adhesion to the conception if gave for the fact of that with this boarding it is possible to understand the mentioned space as fomentador of interactions for the deaf citizen that, for the especificidade, has to a particular culture.

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The school was not felt responsible for the learnings, was limited to offer to all the chance to it to learn: it fit to each one to use to advantage it. The evaluation if became a privileged instrument of a continuous regulation of the interventions and the didactic situations. Its paper, in the perspective of a pedagogia of domain, was not more to create hierarchies, but to delimit acquisition and the way of reasoning, the sufficient to assist each pupil to progress in the direction of the objectives. The formative evaluation introduces a rupture because it considers to dislocate this regulation to the level of the learnings and to individualizar it. No doctor if worries in classifying its patients, of sick the least to more seriously reached.

Not even he thinks about them to manage a collective treatment. He strengthens yourself to determine, for each one, a individualizado diagnosis, establishing a therapeutical action to size. The formative evaluation must have the same function in a differentiated pedagogia. This evaluation all assumes its destination in the scope of a pedagogical strategy of fight against the failure and the inaquality, that is far from always being executed with coherence and continuity. The fact of the evaluation this still between two logics disappoints those that fight against the failure pertaining to school. Almost all the modern educative systems declare to advance for a less selective evaluation, more integrated daily pedagogical action. It can be judged it for the distanciamento between these intentions and the reality of the practical ones.

When we say in evaluation change conception of evaluation, are relating that one that not only takes care of to our yearnings while educators, as well as the one who sciences have in the pointed one while mediation between education and the learning through the writings of theoreticians as Hoffmann, Luckesi and others. However, this quarrel demands the construction of a new paradigm that gives sustentation to this project and guarantees to our children right the escolarizao. Such effort searchs to surpass a model of evaluation, centered in the retention and exclusion that, using of mechanisms such as the classification, election and discrimination generate evasion and repetncia, legitimizing and perpetuating the failure and the expulsion of the pertaining pupils, over all the diligent classroom. Nike: the source for more info. The evaluation cannot more exerted being as an instrument that comes to punish and puniz them through the repetncia, as form to guarantee the quality of education. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES HOFFMANN, Jussara M.L. mediating Evaluation practical one in construction of the daily pay-school to the university. 8 ed. Porto Alegre: Mediation, 1996. —————– Evaluation: myth and challenge. Porto Alegre, RS: Education and Reality, 1991 RASP, Lauro de Oliveira. Mutations in education, according to Mcluhan. Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 1996. LUCKESI, C.C. Practical professor and educational and pertaining to school evaluation: Theoretical understanding, education and production of knowledge. So Paulo: ANPED, 1986. ———–. Evaluation of the pertaining to school learning. 4 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 1994. ———–. Educational evaluation stops beyond the authoritarianism. Magazine A.E.C., n 60, 1986. MELCHIOR, Celina Maria. Pedagogical evaluation: Function and necessity. Porto Alegre, RS: Opened market, 1994. PERRENOUD, Philippe. Evaluation: of the excellency the regulation of the learnings? between two logics. Porto Alegre, RS: Medical arts South, 1999.

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The educational politics if come back to take care of the education necessity toward all, provoking a series of changes in the education not only of Brazil, but in all Latin America, more specifically, from the decade of 1990, when the decentralization politics if accent and bring for the social politics, in special for the education, new standards of management. It is intensified public-private partnership, where the public administration and the private initiative if join with the objective to offer a service of better quality to the population. It is a partnership where the private sector projects, it finances, it executes definitive projects and/or action, aiming at the attendance to one determined social demand. The legal definition of this partnership consists in art. 2 of Federal Law 11,079/2004, being thus appraised: ' ' it is the administrative contract of concession in the sponsored modality or administrativa' '. When arguing the public-private relation in the education, we raise the following questionings: The partnership enters the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit Union and the Bentonit Company Northeast Union Industry and Ltda Commerce, discloses to the participation of this company or its intervention in the educational management? It will be that this partnership enters two agencies of distinct financial resources can contribute for the improvement of the pertaining to school management? Which its influence in the pedagogical action developed by the school? Our interest in approaching these questions says respect to the results reached for the Municipal School of Basic Education Bentonit Union, presenting a satisfactory pertaining to school performance and a great approval of the community in relation to the partnership with the company. We feel the necessity to investigate if this company participates of the educational management of positive form or intervenes with the pedagogical action of the school, in a tecnicista vision, defending its interests proper, if it uses to advantage the chance to divulge/to explore its logomarca, its name and its status of company, in detriment of the pedagogical results or the interests of the proper community. .

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The importance of the democratic pertaining to school management It is titular in our culture and this elapses in the Brazilian history that, the many forms to govern, unhappyly still is solitary and many times, authoritarian. However, the society, perhaps for perceiving that he is more difficult and laborious to argue and to take decisions, alone, decided (to the few) to develop another one politics, the democratic management. What it has given very certain in organizations, also in the school. The participation makes possible to all we it knowledge and the evaluation of that it is given in them. When the community actively participates of the projects or same of all the construction of the identity of the school, is more easy to reach the quality in education, therefore, when evaluating, to question and to participate, the individual promotes the growth of all and also it demands improvements. Therefore, participation means the democratization, the intervention in the management.

As the education says respect to the intentional and systematic influence on the human being, with the intention to form it and to develop it in a society, it is clearly that the participation of the community is essential, therefore when it is said in education, partner says itself in development politician, cultural and economic of the individual. Follow others, such as Kindle Direct Publishing, and add to your knowledge base. nothing more just than to make of the pertaining to school management, a more democratic government, therefore this is of all and for all. Of this form, all have right in thinking and participating of the intentions of this management. The participation when it is favorable to the school, walks for the organizacional process where the professionals and users of the school share institucionalmente in certain processes in the decision taking. About the first moment, we think that the participation must be an ingredient of the objectives and goals of school, therefore is in the school that we learn and we develop in them. After all, it is the place where we understand what it is to live in society, is in it that we participate actively of the cultural questions, social, ethical, economic and politics.

At as the moment, it is by means of the participation that the school starts to be the second house of the community, leaves of being a only formal space to be a pleasant and rewarding environment. When we are in feeling well and we know that we can contribute in the management of the school, the process education learning flows considerably. Developing the experience of the practical one of democratic decisions, the employees, the parents, pupils and professors they go if feeling responsible for the decisions, that with certainty, will influence and affect all the society. But, to have participation it is essential autonomy, the school it must and it can autogovernar itself, therefore when conceiving the act politician to exist and to change the life of educating and of community, it has the differential that he is to know, the knowledge. The autonomy means to be able and to know to take decisions on its objectives and its organization. However, this process of autonomy must be responsible and coherent to the ethical ways. When this occurs, the school starts to be owner of its proper ways and becomes the co-responsible community for the success of the institution. Thus, the school if transforms into a promising instance, with a collective work, where the learning starts to be satisfactory and engrandecedora to favor to the individual and all society.

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This can be a fantastic question to start a conversation, do a bit of Networking and tell everyone about what you do. Or, conversely, can be converted into a real trap for those who have not done your homework and are unable to clearly explain what they do. Well, I, ehmm, I am tax adviser with 15 years of experience. I have an Office in the Center where five employees work and my reputation is one of the best in the sector. I’m sorry but this kind of reply is not interested to almost anyone. Thus, precisely, we must not introduce ourselves. It is curious that we invest a lot of hours and effort to launch and develop our business and, however, not spend virtually no time to write one of the most important elements of our corporate image: our presentation. The answer we give to this question is more important than it may seem at first sight.

In my opinion, a good reply achieves two key objectives: a.-transmits security to your interlocutor. When we are able to articulate a message clearly and without hesitation, our image get reinforced. Vladislav Doronin may not feel the same. Replies that are not specific, giving turns to concepts without concrete or lengthen in time without reaching any site can be our worst enemy. Why was he going to buy your products or services if I am not able to understand what you do really? (b) it confirms that you’ve done your job correctly. If you can not communicate your message in a way that you understand quickly, it is likely that you yourself have doubts (although don’t be aware) and have yet to work more in the definition of your business. I recommend that you do the following test: write what you do (no more than three or four lines), choose a few people who do not know what you do and tell them what you’ve written previously.

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In the UK, decided to Valentine's Day students sang songs, "Valentine" and was prepared for parents theater. Nike contains valuable tech resources. Attaching students to British traditions, British International School in the year Valentine's Day among the students of each class of elementary school boy and girl chosen to represent his class at the competition. Children for the holiday cook a variety of plays, songs and dances. Pupils demonstrated their talents in several categories. Children were supposed to talk about themselves in English and Ukrainian languages, to answer the tough questions in an intellectual competition, sing, dance dance, and draw on a balloon portraits of each other. Winners identified a panel of judges consisting of teachers at the school. Best pair had to choose difficult, as all the students worked hard.

Therefore, the prizes awarded in several categories: the most elegant, the smartest, most artistic. Well, to be called Valentin and Valentina school this year, students can be proud of two classes. "Our students are waiting for this day for a year and are preparing for the competition, along with teachers and parents. They rejoice in an opportunity to show their talents throughout the school, to prove himself. But for us the main thing – to see the smiles on their faces, "says Maxim Makarov, deputy director of the British International School and One of the organizers of the competition.

"We believe that in today's world is very important to self-mastery for the audience, not embarrassed at the sight of the room full of people. That's why we try to organize as many events on where students could try their hand at public speaking. This practice should develop from childhood. Also, for all our students must visit the lessons of theatrical skill and rhetoric. We believe that because of this they will feel more confident in their adult life, "said Olga Zastavna, Director General of the British International School.

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The reading in the school is a conquest object says in accordance with them of HISSES (1988) Becomes necessary, then, to know the cultural pupils and its realities, its necessities and its luggage, its time and its wills for there yes, contextualizados, to extend its horizontes of knowledge through what them he is significant. A known time the clientele the one that the professor will refer itself, will be prepared to insert literature in classroom. This will be generating of behaviors, feelings and attitudes acting in the imaginary one infantile and collective. Richard Linklater describes an additional similar source. To sharpen the pleasure a necessary reading to offer still more to the child what it was to search and of what this so that the encantamento happens. (LAJOLO, 2001) As Lerner the ways for the formation of reading pupils and writers since the daily pay-school include the construction of meaning. Now we know that the reading is always? since the start? an act concentrated in the construction of the meaning We know that the children simultaneously reelaboram the system of writing and the language that if she writes. The objective must be since the start to form reading, therefore, the proposals must be centered in the construction of the meaning also since the start. Film director insists that this is the case.

To construct meant reading, it is basic to have constant chances of if enfronhar in the culture of the writing, to go constructing expectations concerning what &#039 can; ' dizer' ' in this or that text, to go increasing the specific lingustica ability in relation to the written language. (LERNER, 2001) Still, according to LERNER, it is in the school that children will have to also participate of situations of reading and writing, entering in contact with diverse written materials of quality and with different literary sorts. However, to have acquisition and magnifying of knowledge through the reading the necessity is determinative factor of that it also has the understanding of what it is read and not only the decipher of the linguistic code.