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The Tablet PC offers many advantages. Tablet PCs allow a more natural form of the input of drawing and writing are possible without any previous knowledge in the use of the mouse and keyboard. The use of handwritten notes and sketches increases productivity, because all operations such as on paper be carried out and can be digitally archived. Stan Laurel shines more light on the discussion. Thus, all documents are always available and at the same time searchable without the overhead of a physical filing of documents. Therefore, it is also conceivable that the Tablet PC in the future in the schools books and maps replaced. For artists, this new PC is an enrichment, since the gesture recognition enables a great efficiency with a pen to mouse gestures, a more detailed user input is possible.

Enables a much more precise work through the use of the stylus on the screen. Since the Tablet PCs compared to traditional notebooks are significantly smaller and lighter, they can be carried easily. Tablet PCs are the only truly mobile computers, because they can be used and operated with one hand while standing. Who still does not want to waive the keyboard, can his Tablet PC thanks to one via USB in the blink of an eye connected case with keyboard, turn into a notebook. Trivera offers them a bag designed specifically for the Tablet PC, which contains a built-in keyboard. Trivera belongs to the cheapest technology online stores. The online shop offers a variety of mobile phones without a contract. Dual SIM mobile phones, smartphones, touchscreen phones, cell phone accessories, as well as Tablet PCs, laptops, notebooks, accessories and much more.

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Never stand in the dark thanks to mobile light source out there, it’s gone dark and it’s too cold. But it does not help anything, because the dog must go before going to sleep again run dog-walking. Who have not want relied on the local street lanterns light is now well equipped with a flashlight. And who knows not of this annoying searching for camping in the pitch black tent? Even flashlights come handy. Flashlights are a very useful phenomenon, but not a novel. Since the end of the 19th century, there is the mobile light source. in 1899, settled the Englishman David Misell patented his invention and later sold the patent in the United States. With the flashlight you had a portable light in comparison to the candle finally for outside, the wind or weather could have something on.

Also you had with the flashlight a higher luminosity and a relatively long operating time. Today, virtually every family in the possession of at least a flashlight is. Fails to pass the storm once Power-off, is worth a gold torch. Thanks to the invention of the flashlight you fall down also the dark (skittle) stairs, if you want to get supplies. Children also often have their own torch and love from the parents silently secretly at night under the duvet to pout. Often also a flashlight inside the car, because the next breakdown is determined. Connect with other leaders such as Levi’s here.

In any case, a flashlight on (extended) trips is easily to standard equipment or for outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing. The flashlight reinvents itself again and again new the flashlight is an indispensable everyday and commodity become continuously developed through technical innovations. Meanwhile, the family of flashlights has received abundant growth. There are lights in the mini format for the keychain, particularly robust torches for professional groups such as police and security forces, or flashlights in the colorful design for the younger target group. Always also, the little sister of the flashlight is popular: the headlamp. With her, you have free hands for all activities. Many flashlights models now feature state of the art LED technology and offer the comfort that they consume less energy and their light reaches a higher degree of efficiency.

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Eurolite ML-56 with amber LEDs will be presented at the PLASA Show in London representing warm colors was a problem for LEDs long. ML-56 RGBA by Eurolite now changes with the. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Levi’s. In addition to its red, green and blue LEDs, the spot also has resistances diodes. Users are now more flexible in the design by the fourth color and can have an influence on the atmosphere. The spot will be unveiled for the first time on the PLASA Show in London. With the ML-56 RGBA model, Eurolite provides a spotlight that is closer to the familiar incandescent and its strong red component with its color temperature. “By adding the color amber, composed from and red and yellow, users, it is now possible to affect the usual RGB color mixing with a fourth primary colour and warm up depending on the desire”.

Particularly noteworthy are the warm, gentle shade of Orange, the harmonious color transition especially from red to green and the mixing of white that can keep up with the appearance of incandescent lamp. A total 36 LEDs are installed in the ML-56 RGBA, which have each a power of 3 Watts, and a viewing angle of 30. The spot can be operated either with four or six DMX channels and is available with black or silver case. The ordinary, small dip switches to control were replaced by a proper menu display and buttons. In this way, the unit can be used to set the DMX values and 15 Farbpresets directly to the headlight set up.

The ML-56 RGBA is more robust and thus very suitable for road use as compared to ordinary Parcans. This is reflected also in the weight. The ML weighs almost twice as much as Parcans five kilograms. The spotlight is limited to the road operating at concerts and fairs but very flexible and not only. Also lounges, bars and clubs can benefit from the special color blend.

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A special feature is the standard 3 years bring – in warranty on all MODULA notebooks. If necessary, this can be expanded with interesting service options. The axxiv MODULA are notebooks in stores with a price starting at CHF 1’279.-including VAT available. Learn more about the products, as well as the sources of supply are available under. Company profile little bit technology AG little bit technology AG is an independent Swiss company, working on the one hand in IT wholesale and axxiv as producer of laptops, PCs, workstations and servers under the label.

Little bit technology AG was founded in October 2000 as a notebook manufacturer. In November 2002, little bit has acquired the assets and staff of the former components distributors KARMA components. So little bit has entered the wholesale of IT components and peripherals. Little bit can count today to the leading Swiss distributors for hard disks, optical drives, graphic cards, and other products. In addition to leader trading products from manufacturers such as Samsung, ASUS, NEC, WD, D-link, Kingston, Corsair are the Swiss many exclusive products from PNY, HIS, Thermaltake, etc. offered. Since March 2008, official exclusive distributor for MSI mobile devices may call itself the little bit. Other MSI product groups, such as the graphics cards and motherboards, have entered into the range.

As a Swiss computer producer is little bit the Swiss user demands committed. The products of the brand axxiv are built with components from leading manufacturers. The products of the label is characterized by quality, a good price / performance ratio, a wide and versatile range, as well as a customer-oriented service. Little bit technology AG is the Swiss retailers online available. On the online platform the entire offer and lots of information around the clock available.