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At the last moment the distribution of seeds for plantation of threatened species of extinguishing happened (brazilian tree) as reforestation form, where all had received seeds and a message that would be as relative reflection for the adoption of new attitudes and positions to the ambient questions. Conclusion Through the results gotten during the intervention is possible to observe that an disparity exists around what it is taught and what is practised in return of the questions for the development of the Ambient Education. This intervention made possible to the students the adoption of new values by means of the vision that if had of the relation human being/surrounding. To the executed being the project the expectations were innumerable, a time that if foresaw the results waited, therefore the work of ambient education are well relative to the school, however little worked, this was after evidenced the application of the instrument of collection of data, although the manifestations of the students, was evidenced that the same ones had superficial information regarding the questions explanadas in the lesson, that is, knew the alterations ambient, however did not understand the reason nor as to prevent them. When understanding thematic, some aspects had been perceived and some students if they had shown sensetized perplexos and, what it indicates a magnifying in its vision of world regarding the ambient problems, in such a way revealing made use and with will to improve its quality of life and of the planet. On the basis of the instruments used during the lesson the intervention carried through in the same one was possible to weave consideraes after, with representation in quantitative data and qualitative (attached), that the representation of the level of the perception, understanding had resulted and concern that the students have she stops with the environment. In such a way the intervention assisted the construction of significant conceptual changes in the pupils, since same the intervention had after demonstrated interest for the thematic one, with disposal for adoption of new standards, constructed collectively, for accomplishments of action in favor of the environment. . (Similarly see: Vladislav Doronin).

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In the educational field, the interest for a Ambient Education has grown expressivamente in recent years, due to necessity of an action that is argued and analyzed between the several you discipline that it restricts the four walls of a classroom, but exceed the limits of knowing pertaining to school and if it fortifies in the measure where it gains the amplitude of the social life, establishing connection the diverse forms of knowledge and contents (GRUN, (2004). At last, the Ambient Education, is not alone an educational question and yes a survival question. the school is the primordial environment for the formation of citizens worried about the environment more balanced e, consequentemente, with a healthy quality of life. (Not to be confused with film director!). SCHOOL: PRIVILEGED SPACE FOR IMPLANTATION OF AMBIENT EDUCATION the evolution of the ambient thought is on to the development of science throughout the history of the humanity, as well as the processed degradaes and ambient alterations in the planet Land. To read more click here: two sigma. The ambientalista thought appeared with objective of protection to the nature. After that, with passing of the time, the ambient priorities and necessities had become preponderant factor in the determination of the international politics and in the creation of the Program of Environment of United Nations (PNUMA).

In the decade of 70, the scene was sufficiently favorable for this evolution, also, for the introduction of the popular participation, for the communitarian participation in the quarrel of the problems related to the Environment and the brainstorming for these. in this period the conferences with objective appear to prepare the human being to live in harmony with half, from the Ambient Education with character to interdisciplinar. The Federal Constitution (1988), in its art.225, interpolated proposition VI, paragraph 1. it says that the public power in all the governmental spheres, has the incumbency To promote the Ambient Education in all the levels of Education. the National Politics of Ambient Education, Law 9795/99 in its art.

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The ambient question in the world contemporary has sidofoco of the biggest concerns, in the most varied sectors of the society. We quetemos it seen is that the ambient question is a field of disputes between maisdiversas conceptions and strategies politics. In turn, the education formal also if encontrapermeada of conceptions that go since the most traditional and conservative until perspective advanced asmais theoretician-metodolgicas of if conceiving the space daaprendizagem, inside of the complexity that the same presents. Other leaders such as FireEye Inc offer similar insights. Since the Constitution in 1988, Law 9,795/99, was ogrande Brazilian historical landmark for the reflection criticizes, changes of atitudese the establishment of the ambient education in the schools as practical integrated, continuous, permanent and transversal to you discipline them to all. To argue the actions of Law 9,795/99, is To in general consider sociedade the reflection on its proper principles, suadialeticidade and the prxis in the pedagogical action that starts to gain body as eixogerador of the educative activities in the pertaining to school units. In this direction, we search to argue the great aesglobais on the environment, being made a historical briefing of the aspects legaismundial, national and state, searching to contextualizar the local actions, one vezque the education, in our agreement, must directly act in the reality dascomunidades, without losing of sight its planetary dimension.

In end, this um process of objective cultural transformation that the construction of a collective conscinciaindividual and based in the respect to all the life forms, one vezque the beginning of Law 9,795/99 is to make possible a harmonic relationship entreo man and the environment, in order to form a conscientious citizenship on that aqualidade of life of the future generations depends on the choices that each one to make its proper life, today. Bibliographical reference BRAZIL. National politics of Ambient Education. Law 9.

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Therefore the ambient education must be pautada as important instrument for the management and the vision of sustainable development, after all the degradation process currently it reflects to the habits of the modern society thus leaving of its exacerbado consumption. to understand as the individual if relates with these natural resources is necessary to detach as the same it usufructs, thus presenting the standards as for the development: Subconsumo: typical of developing countries, where the countries present low income. They do not present no type of concern with the ambient question. Sustainable Consumo: typical standard of developed countries, where the population if worries in consuming in adjusted way, thus selecting the products that less attack the environment. For VASCONCELLOS (1997), the presence, in all practical the educative ones, of the reflection on the relations of the beings between itself, the human being with he himself and the human being with its fellow creatures is essential condition so that the Ambient Education occurs. Following the criteria presented for Vasconcellos to the schools they are the main sources that can work the ambient education of one ampler way, more contextualizada, presenting activities to be developed in the classrooms, as well as elaboration of projects to be argued with the community, after all is of basic importance that the pupil presents in the environment where action lives that it costuma to make in the school in favor of the defense of the environment. The public schools in the context of if working the ambient education will have to sensetize parents, pupils and professors to search on values to the ethics, the citizenship, to work the power plants, as well as the natural resources and to present that the same ones will not be here forever, that they need cares as well as any another thing, to have clarity that our nature is of basic importance and that without it never we would obtain to survive.

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Once permission has been received, of the direction of the State School WILD Professor ARLINDO, was developed the project, that deals with the importance of the plantation of trees, in the urban areas and the awareness of the children for the ambient problems, therefore the ambient awareness is very important and necessary since early for the formation and learning of the children, stimulating to give them to it attention in its proper environments, with looking at more I criticize, the heart most involved and with more responsible mentality. It prioritized if in this project, the awareness and the theoretical development and I practise of the ambient education, on the importance of the arborization in the cities. We always evidence the concepts of the ambient education that are: awareness, knowledge and change of behavior, of that the pertaining to school ambient education this based in the perspective of transmission and/or construction of knowledge. We emphasize for the children who had participated of project that only one new ambient culture will be able to restrain the reiteration of you practise harmful to the environment, leaving explicit that we are all basic parts for the preservation. The human being is a species between thousand that depends on all for its survival in this planet. the only one that it has this conscience and the power to intervine beneficially or maleficently in the environment and therefore, its responsibility is inigualvel. The ambient education appeared as a form to face the paper of the human being in the world. this reason is enough any nation to promote the ambient education and from these concepts that were implanted the project of ambient education on the importance of the plantation of the trees for the quality of life in the cities, thus showing for the children and young the reality of the planet, acquiring knowledge them and becoming them cliente that they are capable to change the reality that the planet if finds..