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Mark Stone Island was created in 1982 by CPCompany (now SPW Company). Her idea was to try to use in menswear fabrics, which until then had it not been applied. The company's work on models of this brand has allowed push the boundaries of studies of fibers and textiles, to introduce something new and original in every collection. The result is a totally unique things like the quality of the material, its processing technologies, and on extreme design. For even more opinions, read materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. The roots of the technological procedures used in the manufacture of things Stone Island often move in different industrial areas, allowing you to make custom clothes. For example, a jacket made of solid monofilaments of nylon, similar to that used in water filtration. The collection is used and the lightest nylon fabric, with the help of a vacuum processing of steel covered with a microscopic film which is used in aviation technology to protect the onboard computers, nylon diamond (the section of fiber in a diamond shape) with a polyurethane coating, non-woven materials: Stone Island each season shows what can be a big step make fashion in technology research. However, all models of Stone Island is not flashy, as it is for men who love high quality, beautiful things, but without ostentation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Daniel Gregory Amen. Under the brand Stone Island released three lines: Men's – Stone Island and Stone Island Denim, Women's – Stone Island Serie 100.

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Well, due to the amount of comments asking what were the lucid dreams or how to induce them, I decided to make a mini post a little explaining. First I want to clarify that I am no authority on the subject nor much less, I’ll just tell my experience. A lucid dream is a dream which we are aware that we are dreaming. We mean, give us account that is not the reality that we see and feel, but something created by our head. It is a well crazy experience, and there are several ways to induce it.

I found them when I was doing research on the multi-phase dream. The funny thing is that he had already had several without knowing that they called so or there was a way to induce them. So I started Googling a bit and found the title of a book that spoke specifically of lucidity. I went through a good part of the city in search of that book the damned put it in databases but then isn’t anywhere! and I recommend it if you are interested in learning how to induce this kind of dreams. Vladislav Doronin miami may not feel the same. Is He called lucid dreams and is Irene Mond and Alexander Alba.

About my experience with dreams as I already said, at first I was very scared and I woke up, and although I never got used to the feeling of lucidity, was able to begin to reassure me to enjoy what I wanted to do. Further details can be found at Vladislav Doronin, an internet resource. The basic idea is that in a dream are creators and at the same time the characters, so we can do what we want. You could say that we are the God of this world. In my case I could never control what the other characters are doing, I usually ignore them and do what I want. Method to induce them that I chose (and the simplest, if you ask me) is the do checkeos of reality during the vigil that is, while we are awake. Do these checkeos consist of ask us the question am I dreaming? several times a day. It is important to answer it thoroughly, not simply say no, because dreams do not believe that we are dreaming. Something that never fails is reading something, remove the view seconds and re-read it. In dreams will change almost every time, because the reality is created by our mind and that makes it unstable. The joke of doing these checkeos is that in dreams we do what we usually do in the vigil for example, I live in an apartment very high and step long in the elevator, then often dream that I’m raising or lowering the lift. If the checkeos become part of our everyday life, let’s them do in dreams. This is how we become lucid. There are other methods that I have not tried, the book explains several. The truth is that on the internet there are lots of information on the topic, but here is a link to the blog of Steve Pavlina, who experimented with the Polyphase dream and lucid dreams for months.