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Everything: from individual entrepreneurs and large companies to ordinary people – learn to save a financial crisis in Russia, or as it is called the crisis “bubbles”. Background of economic crisis, the comparison is explained could not be better. World in crisis, what will happen to the economy in 2009? World Crisis and Russia’s banking system. The financial crisis, advertising and marketing. Without any consequences is impossible for a long time to make money from air, and this is the main reason for the supreme crisis, anticipating the hyperinflation in the United States and the stock market crash. If some time ago, many Russian citizens were more than optimistic, arguing that the global financial crisis will pass power and would not affect the banking system of Russia, now all interested in the currency in which to keep savings.

In our time in Russia there is of crisis: the vast Most branches of European, and American companies in our country was a wave of cuts. Is there life after the mortgage crisis? Massive reduction in the multinational corporations from the financial crisis – is not a dream but a reality. Changing jobs in the crisis remains a major issue, the exchange sector bank employees is full of much increased demand for crisis managers, which is quite logical. Everyone needs a job that generate revenue during the crisis. The global financial crisis and Runet. In our time in RuNet global economic crisis is considered one of the most significant in world history. Authors, recalling the 1998 crisis, joking that now expect a not the end of Shostakovitch money.

There is a corollary of the crisis. Companies choose austerity and can no longer afford to develop large, but minor projects, and hence the total number of orders decreased almost half. Often, web designers, copywriters and questioning it ‘to protect themselves from the crisis and make money on it? ‘With regard to the coming crisis, the assurances of the International Monetary Fund, the situation is equalized by 2011. However, what will the global crisis, and that the fall in price due to the global crisis can not know anybody.

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In recent years, many people actively use the services of the bank's loan processing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with film director and gain more knowledge.. And each time a loan we are constantly thinking about how this would save money to pay for smaller loans. Below I will try lead 10, in my opinion, the main ways how to reduce mortgage payments. 1. The bank has so-called friends who receive loans on favorable terms.

Who receives wages on a card, can save a few per cent per annum. Also, if you've already made out a loan, repaid on time without any delay, the bank can also go to meet you. Also with you, as good borrower, the bank can not make him pay for his discovery of a maintaining the loan account. But, in order to get all of this savings, you first need to become familiar with the situation in lending to individual banks. 2.

If at any bank you have not found a suitable option, you can search options with other banks. Some banks have reduced rates for those who have documented their income certificate confirms the 2-PIT. If you have already taken to any bank loan on time and returned it, without fail ensure a positive credit history, request a statement from the bank about his honesty and integrity. This method is particularly effective for those who are going to arrange a mortgage. 3. Consumer credit is always more expensive than the target. When lending to target the needs of the initial payment will affect the percentages.