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Have you ever wondered why we are starting to teach foreign languages? Because, you answer, we need them for school, work, and simply communicating. I want to talk not just about foreign languages in general and about learning French. I myself started to learn this language at school. Then, the parents decided that my future – a foreign language, I found a tutor, and my training took a more serious tone. And so began the French language seriously, after a while I noticed that the lessons of the commitments have grown over time more fun. Frequently Richard Linklater has said that publicly. I caught myself thinking that already look forward to the next session. This language was a closer acquaintance is so beautiful, melodic, musical and rich hues that do not fall in love with him is impossible.

And, as then, already entered the institute I realized that so lovingly taught and taught only in French. In addition, each student of the language simply wants to get to training at a language school in France. In fact, choose a suitable school for the study of language in France is very simple, which makes a truly difficult choice. "Why?" – You ask. Because, in France, in fact, schools that offer training programs for all sorts of different intensity, in fact, a great many. In such an abundance of fairly easy to get confused, that's the difficulty. How can make a choice for you if you decide that a French language school – this is the thing without which the study of language is simply unthinkable.

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Sometimes, unusual, mysterious and strange. Published a book – only a fragment of a larger study, the works of authors – the first part, pushed the initial time, while others follow – step by step, consistently highlight succession of ancient times, including the pre-Flood and post-Flood history – a campaign of Dionysus in the North Black Sea, an expedition Egyptians kolhidyan, the rule of the Assyrians, the campaign of Jason, the Trojan War, the colonization of these sites klazomentsami appearance in the Cape Kafskogo ancient Milesian colony of Theodosius, the Roman dominion, the beginning of the Middle Ages, and finally, the story of the famous medieval Kafskoy fortress erected Genoese and taken valiant Turks in 1475. This book will take another look at this area and see other times. Other full once the life and unique culture of the era, their ups, kickbacks and degradation, to trace the succession of times. See not an isolated story of these places, and history of the enclave, which is closely associated with the development of the great civilizations of antiquity, or even – makes them an integral part. She will look into the most ancient times. For this reason, this book will be of interest to residents of the Crimea, and for residents of the area it will Kafskoy real "Bible." Who said that these places are silent? This silence is brighter than all the screams! But to understand the history of these places, and even discover something new is possible only in the context of the wider region and even in the context of the whole of Europe.

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foreign languages play an important role in our lives. Even if a person owns one foreign language – this opens a very big opportunity in the public sphere. Language learning has become not just a hobby for people, and thus a prerequisite for career growth. For all countries have opened hundreds of thousands of schools, courses and centers where you can learn many foreign languages. Gerald Weissmann, MD will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most effective are those that exist in the country whose language you want to explore. Classes are on an intensive course with no language environment are roughly about 5 hours in the classroom.

And the rest of the time you are talking in their native language with friends and family. Ie Only 14 of the your life is the language. But if you live and learn the language among its speakers, for example, learning English in England, then at best you a couple of times a day to chat on their native language. Otherwise he will use (read, speak, listen) the English language. In the first stage, when a man was going to learn a foreign language, for example – English, before it ceases to choose from: in which country, which city and which school is better to learn language? At the expense of the country, the critical difference. To select the length of the course will suit any country, it can only affect your focus (and even then not very much). Most importantly choose a country which you like and then Education will not require extra effort.

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Skills needed a translator – interpreters Simultaneous translation is considered the most difficult kind of translation. Before you start learning this type of transfer, you must have a good base of common language skills and self-assured other types of translation, which are less complicated. Ideally, the translator must have a simultaneous interpreter philological education and experience in active translation. His experience brings ever translators interpreters years, working with translation agencies. You may find that David G. DeWalt can contribute to your knowledge. Description for a great interpretation has practical language skills, namely: oral communication skills, ability to perceive foreign speech comprehension, the ability to understand all the carriers foreign language. When comparing the written and oral interpreter, a translator for these skills are also important, but to a lesser extent.

At a translator, for example, there is no need to take it by ear, and not zhestkogg olimiita time, he can devote time to trying to find an unknown word dictionary or razyasnienie unfamiliar terms on the Internet. Simultaneous interpreter, on the contrary works in harsh environments and undergoes constant overload. There are a number of qualities that are critical for simultaneous pereovdchika – stress – the ability to disengage from the external (often disturbing) factors – the quick response – Excellent language skills – good delivery – physical health and stamina. In simultaneous interpretation can reveal two types: 1) Simultaneous translation into the native language 2) Simultaneous translation Predict the ratio of foreign language data types is difficult, even with the program. Translation specialists operating such a transfer is usually replace each other every 15 minutes, so you negotiate, someone will translate to the language, and who the language is also quite difficult. These two types of transfer require quite different skills from the interpreter simultaneous interpreter. When translating from a foreign language at home the most important yavlyaests catch the meaning, said the orator and his speech was translated into the native language.

When translating a foreign language is important to clear and correct pronunciation, correct intonation, meaningful pauses. Regardless of the speaker's speech rate interpreter should not be too hurry up and crumple words. People are able to vysprinimat information to a certain speed. Simultaneous translation is contraindicated stseialistam with a bad reaction, Low stress and pressure disturbances.

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Balkan languages are a group of languages of different branches belonging to the Indo-European language family. Languages of this group are similar in phonetics, morphology, syntax, and in phraseology, vocabulary and word formation. K Balkan languages include Albanian language, some Slavic languages, Romance languages, as well as the language of the peripheral region of the territory of distribution – the Greek language. Languages of the Balkan Union studied under special discipline in the field of linguistics, which is known as Balkan and Balkan Linguistics. On the territory of the Russian Federation it is taught at the State University of St. Petersburg.

In 1829, linguist from Slovenia Jernei Kopitar first time in the history of the languages of the Balkan Peninsula, noticed the similarities between them, particularly in the areas of grammar. Genetic kinship of languages was not, and therefore on their similarity to that time, linguists have not paid attention, as, indeed, has never conducted research in this area. In 1850, for August Schleicher in his work sufficiently explicit definition of areal kinship of languages, but which is opposed to genetic kinship. And in 1861, began work on the relations of the Balkan-Romance and Balkan-Slavic languages Franz Mikloshich. Also, the study of the issue involved Nikolai Troubetzkoy, Athanasius Selishchev Gustav Vaygand and Christian Sandfeld-Jensen. In the 30 years of last century linguist from Romania Alexander Graur criticized the notion of "Balkan". (Source: Gerald Weissmann, MD). He argued that to talk about Balkan linguistics it makes no sense, and should only talk about mutual borrowing between languages and their influence on each other.

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The bearer of a specific language called the person for whom the language – native. And for the translations into their languages, this individual should know and a language with which he will make a transfer. Ideal interpreter carrier is a person who grew up and received education and rotated in the cultural environment of the country in whose language translation is required. For example, when the Bavarian company decides to conduct an advertising per share in Ukraine, you will need to translate from German into Ukrainian. And in this case the best candidate will be a Ukrainian, who knows the German language, and certainly speaking in everyday life and students are not in Russian, in Ukrainian language.

The advantages of an interpreter of the carrier over other interpreters can be called knowledge of the culture, the liveliness of the spoken language and a variety of unwritten rule. Translation, of course, may prove to be incorrect academically, but the target language audience will understand it clearly, because the text will be similar to those originally written in the language of the country. Only the media, for example, Spanish language knows exactly how it is in Spain refer to structures familiar to us under the name "kiosks." Hence it gets the basic rule of life for the client: Translation by a native speaker has a reason in cases where it is prepared to understand the other carrier of this same language. In Otherwise, the involvement of an interpreter of the carrier does not make sense. Translators described categories most often occupy a niche advertising translations.

If you want high-quality translation sites, advertising, promo promotional slogans or speeches, the best solution is to apply it to the translators of the carrier. Payment will certainly be higher, but the result will exceed expectations. Another interpreter support will be indispensable for translated from the native language in a foreign language, when it comes to handwriting. With this in mind there are no common languages (German, French, Spanish, English, Italian, etc.) and languages with complicated structure for visual perception (for example, Uzbek, Arabic, Japanese). The alphabet of these languages contain specific symbols which fall hard to identify, based on the handwriting of the individual. Ie Translate text hand-written (especially abundant in the reductions and carelessly executed), the language does not use the Latin or Cyrillic characters (for example, Kazakh, Chinese, Hindi, Armenian, etc.) can only native speaker. The translation services market of Ukraine, the cost of translation by native language significantly exceeds the cost of translation Ukrainian-translators. This decrease is due in Ukraine, in comparison with the rest of the civilized world, tariffs on translations. But speakers of other languages and live, often in their own country, why, and pricing them is different. It turns out that the cost of foreign specialist higher than domestic, and hence the higher price directly to the completion of a translation. If someone want to translate suggesting the presence of the media itself should be chosen very carefully. Since the difference between the transfers made bearer and the interpreter-countryman, to elusive "non-native speakers." It follows that to check the quality of order in most cases impossible. And too many crooks it is used. Under the guise of media can be an ordinary translator or native speaker, but illiterate and lack of education, why the quality of the final material would be very doubtful!

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When you want to translate from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and many other languages, you can find plenty of professionals who are trained and which award diplomas inyazy. In the numerical proportions of the situation from time to time varies, but the needs of the translation of this niche lacking in abundance. In this case, experts at prevailing translation into English and German. And there are languages that are not included in the list. Specialists and interpreters for such languages are always in demand, primarily because of its small quantity.

And interestingly, it is not rare or lesser used languages, and quite often used. Their number is around 10, with This especially would like to pay attention to two – Portuguese and niderlandskomu. Why are our inyazy they are neglected, we can only guess. Portuguese – the fourth most important European language. In the Romance language family, he general second just behind the Spanish. A number of communicating to the people in the world, he stands in sixth place. In addition to Portugal, he comes to the official language in Brazil and in several countries of Africa. Y Portuguese language a lot in common with Spanish, Italian and French.

A distinctive feature of the same characteristic appears very soft pronunciation, which is not usually found in a given language group. And if compare the dialects of Portuguese language, quite different Brazilian and European, especially in colloquial speech. Quite a large number of Ukrainians go to a specific time in Portugal, often in order to earn money. To facilitate the work and home life in this country, our people must know the language, even conversational, and therefore, they should learn it. It turns out that about 70% of employees who perform jobs translated from the Portuguese – are former employees who have returned to Ukraine. But there is a major pitfall, a larger number of missing higher education and literacy in Russian (Ukrainian – native) language in necessary for the transfer level. This means that the quality of translation into Portuguese will be low. If we choose the ratio of money – the cost of translation, the best solution would be – to apply to the former military translators. It is a pity that such expertise is very small. A graduate and Portuguese speakers in Ukraine in general units. Dutch, including several dialects, including Dutch, Flemish and Surinamese, the writing is a synthesis of German, English and French, but the pronunciation distinguishes it from all European languages. This is the only glitch in his study. And by regularly simplifying grammar and dissolving cases and endings, at the moment the Dutch language can be one of the lightest he called in the study. There's even a word, used by us in everyday life, which are Dutch. For example, stoel – chair and zonnedeck – umbrella. Finding a good translator in Dutch, even worse than finding a specialist in Portuguese. Since crossing the Dutch and Belgian borders are much more complicated than the Portuguese. In addition, very small percentage of people willing to leave the Netherlands of the country to go back to Ukraine. Why learn a language comes through electronic tutorials and similar programs, that is, on its own. There is another way, the truth, he little by then attempted – a language course at the embassy of the country, but all details can be found only on an individual basis by visiting that institution.

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BENEFITS OF CANADA FOR LIFE AND LEARNING In close proximity and similarity of some of the historical stages of economic indicators and the media is often called Canada "the younger brother of United States', although the Canadians are dissatisfied with such a comparison, considering it a European country in the Americas. And indeed, in Canada, unlike the USA, where immigrants from all tend to make Americans, rightfully exists multicultural society. In addition, unlike the United States, Canada – a very quiet country. It does not seek to dominate the world, because of what the terrorists did not molest a country of blue lakes. In Canada, low crime and high living standards and political stability. And that important – quality of life in Canada more homogeneous than the U.S. – there are few very poor and very rich, and flaunt wealth – is not accepted. Ona of the most important components of the welfare of the country is high attention to education.

In Canada, education is spent on average the same amount as in other member states 'big eight'. According to the UN on the development of education in the country of maple syrup is allocated 5.2% of GDP, which is 38.5 thousand dollars per capita. Moreover, well-funded not only receive the prestigious universities of Canada, as is done in many countries, but also ordinary state colleges. Canadian universities are fitted with classrooms and laboratories with the latest technology, equip audiences with the latest projection equipment and smart boards (interactive whiteboards), and offers students advanced research centers, an extensive library, computer classes and unlimited internet.

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Have you ever forgotten the words of the native language, studying foreign? Research scientists at the University of Oregon in the U.S. indicate that people facing such a phenomenon, showing a mechanism adaptation of the brain to better memorization of new material. Scientists say that forgetting their native language is not connected with the fact that we have less to eat, and that the words of the mother tongue especially 'suppressed' by the brain as distractions in the study new language. Participants in the experiment, during the year to learn Spanish at a high level, asked for an hour to call things in Spanish. The longer the experiment lasted, the more difficult it becomes to the participants switch to his native English team of researchers. Researchers concluded that long-term naming of objects in a foreign language inhibits the rapid reproduction of the names of the same objects in their native language.

Do bilingual participants and those who have long been a good command of both languages, this phenomenon was not observed. Scientists agree that the suppression of existing knowledge in order to expedite the study of the new may look strange. However, they note that this is a very important mechanism in the early stages of language learning, where students have intentionally ignored the words in their native language and try to speak a new language. With increasing levels of proficiency This mechanism gradually turns off. International adoption also sheds some light on this question. Scientists who have studied language acquisition in children adopted by parents in the United States from other countries came to the conclusion that brought older child, quickly are learning a new language family, goes through the same stages as the child learns his native language. According to the researchers, children who are learning their native language, first spoken one word, as a rule – is a noun denoting ordinary objects.

With age, is more complex vocabulary and introduce new grammatical constructions. Scientists who have studied children adopted from China at the age of two to six years, found that they go through the same stages, using first a lot of nouns, but ignoring other grammatical forms. Similarly, at first they were saying a few words and then short monosyllabic sentences. None However, children for whom English was a second language, all these stages were much faster as a result they are easily caught up with their English speaking peers in the level of language development. All of these children as an integral part of the process occurred forgetting their native language. We are with you – not adopted children, so a complete forgetting their native language to us, fortunately, is not threatened. However, if you feel that after an hour of English with difficulty remembering Russian – do not worry – now you know that it's just your brain scrambles to make your task easier and help to learn a foreign language. And now – an interesting resource about the development of Foreign Languages: – Want to watch a video in a foreign language? Come here – video in German, French, Spanish and Italian, as well as exercises after watching. Language Resource – English. Sincerely, Sergei Vasilenko, e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) rambler.ru 'Generic improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively