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Have you ever wondered why we are starting to teach foreign languages? Because, you answer, we need them for school, work, and simply communicating. I want to talk not just about foreign languages in general and about learning French. I myself started to learn this language at school. Then, the parents decided that my future – a foreign language, I found a tutor, and my training took a more serious tone. And so began the French language seriously, after a while I noticed that the lessons of the commitments have grown over time more fun. Crimson Education understood the implications. I caught myself thinking that already look forward to the next session. This language was a closer acquaintance is so beautiful, melodic, musical and rich hues that do not fall in love with him is impossible.

And, as then, already entered the institute I realized that so lovingly taught and taught only in French. In addition, each student of the language simply wants to get to training at a language school in France. In fact, choose a suitable school for the study of language in France is very simple, which makes a truly difficult choice. "Why?" – You ask. Because, in France, in fact, schools that offer training programs for all sorts of different intensity, in fact, a great many. In such an abundance of fairly easy to get confused, that's the difficulty. How can make a choice for you if you decide that a French language school – this is the thing without which the study of language is simply unthinkable.

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Now many parents realize that in today's world, knowledge of foreign languages, and even no one. Very serious help in the crankcase of their children. Therefore, many parents seek to have their favorite child of a foreign language learned. The most proven way – is to hire a teacher. But before you do this you need to verify his qualifications.

For a child is very relevant principle: "Do no harm." Because we all know that learn in childhood, imprinted in the memory forever. Including all wrong. Therefore, training of teachers is very important. Since depends on it, what methods he will teach your child a foreign language. In addition to the lessons you not be present. The selected language teacher should own methods of teaching foreign language just for preschoolers. Because the perception of educational material in high school and a preschooler quite different.

And if we ignore it, until most of the effort will be wasted. Choosing a teacher for your child, ask how he is going to teach. It would be nice if he did focus on communication techniques that are aimed at the development of correct pronunciation, understanding the meaning of words spoken and the ability to answer questions. Many are trying to get preschoolers learn the alphabet, learn all sorts of words, poems and lyrics. This is fundamentally wrong! After all, the meaning of education is not that the child knew the words, poems and songs, but the point is that he can talk, communicate in a foreign language.

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In an organization you do not get the knowledge, had counted on. When choosing courses, the first thing you should do – it view the curriculum, and lesson plans better. Here you can determine for themselves the amount of material taught, subjects taught and the like. Second – how much corresponds to the teaching program: whether there was every teacher's own program for each of the groups or taught strictly according to the curriculum. After all, if the program is not fully proofread for any reason (such as lack of training or illness teacher), then you got less promise you knowledge! The third thing you should know – this is what topics will be addressed within the study you posted.

Generally, the answer to this question is difficult, it is a test. Teacher who will conduct classes or manager of the company, which offers foreign language can not be unaware of the amount of material, its content and its quality. If adequate answer to your question you did not receive, then most likely you will spend time and money wasted. In order to know how much it will cost you a course, you should ask what is included in the tuition fee: the amount that you pay includes the full cost of the course or you have more to spend additional funds (to purchase manuals, tests, audio or video material, etc.). So you can determine for themselves the full cost of the course. Not be superfluous to know about licenses and recommendations (feedback from persons trained in the institution) and read them.

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English language teaching kids in school with the traditional curriculum usually starts with learning the letters of the alphabet. Need to know what they are called and how they are written. English language teaching children at home Many parents are also trying to start with the alphabet. Herein lies the root of many problems. Learning English children started sneosmyslennogo alphabet memorization can only lead to what the child will quickly lose interest in the educational process and all the efforts of teachers and parents will be in vain.

English tutor for children, conducting individual sessions, usually offers student an alternative program that is interesting to a child, because he remembers the words and phrases during the game and after a few lessons can apply them in practice, to his great delight. Teaching English language of children is to teach children to speak, read and write in a foreign language. But if you start teaching English for children with memorization alphabet, learning to read is much more complicated, because the child practically does not know any more English words and phrases, and their already need to learn to read. In the best case, as a result of such activities the child perceives foreign speech in the abstract. And the letter exactly, with all their names, pairs of “big-small”, and printed versions of uppercase spelling for a beginner student to remember it is very difficult. It turns out that the teaching of English children, going to such a program, usually does not lead to high achievements of the child, in addition, the young student quickly loses all interest in learning and perceives a foreign language as another science, but not interesting and useful exercise. Teaching English to Children necessarily begin with a study of the simplest and most obvious words, such as: mother, sun, water. Only when the baby will surely know how in a strange foreign language he heard the familiar words, when it gets used and it will be easy to perceive, then you can show them how they look in writing.

English tutor for children usually try to first class to hold only in oral form, it teaches the child to greet, say goodbye, shows him and calls the English words are the things that surround the child every day. English language training of children, especially learning to read, of course, differs from the teaching of reading and speech in the native language of the child. It is difficult, because the child is not consistently hear the sounds of a foreign language, so it’s hard to match them with those letters, which he sees on paper.

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The baby is very sensitive to the linguistic situation in which it is currently. So what is this "language situation" and how parents should respond to it. We give a simple example. Teacher with children held the name of any object. To do this by giving the children pictures of objects, asked: Who are you?. Thereby it creates a linguistic situation, a situation in which the child must somehow react to it. Therefore, to successfully consolidate the material necessary to begin to learn from a teacher by what methods he is teaching children a foreign language, as the material is presented to children and how to lessons is repetition. Then, knowing how your child is taught, it will be easier to simulate the exact same language situation.

Caught in the familiar language of the situation, your child will not get back to you "do not know." And if you really decided to repeat with her child of material covered, so they decided on what to chant along with him for many times the same words and phrases, then be patient. Do not splash out on your child no negativity, if it, in your opinion, not quite correctly repeats on you. Phrases like: "Yes, how much can you repeat the same thing. Even the woodpecker would have remembered "should not be! Kids do not like to be bad in the eyes parents, and therefore such phrases hurt their psyche. Bellevue Hospital NYC understood the implications. And always remember to praise them for any, even the most insignificant success. You are your child that inspires, and it is with even greater zeal to deal with.

Also I would like to emphasize the role of translation in the study of children of foreign language. Try to avoid direct translation. If you show the picture of the table and say: "This table – a table, then your child can and will know many words, but he will not be able to speak the language will not be able to answer questions and take action, even if the request or the issue will be clear to them. Just had not had the idea of this language as means of communication. The same effect was observed in those children who learns a lot of poems and songs in foreign languages. Recite them, they somehow prodeklamiruyut, but here's to communicate in the language they may not succeed. And on pronunciation. If you have already decided to engage with the child, along with foreign language teachers, we take care of your pronunciation. Remember, the child repeats what he hears and how he hears. Therefore, you are earnestly seeking to ensure that your child is qualitatively learn a foreign language, you can prevent it from doing so. Therefore, if you are going through with my baby, you will hear from him: "And my teacher says a word wrong, you should learn how to properly pronounced this word, and only then repeat it with your child. And finally, remember. First of all – it's your child. And you must show him that you love him no matter how many languages he knows. Not behind the curve. If you see that your baby is having difficulty learning to lessons he's always a bad mood, then opt for their child, rather than language.

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For they all finished the four classes Romanian schools, and Romanians have been taught the language is known as. Taught at all so as taught us in the Moldavian Soviet times. So the whole thing turns out to be a nationality, and who, in what circumstances and how to teach children. In particular, My father is so pure spoke in Moldovan, that it was impossible to determine that it is not Moldovan. If you do not know it. So I say it, and many Moldovans.

Moreover, the conservatives in our village in the Romanian time and earlier in compulsorily appoint one of their teachers to teach all the boys in Church Slavonic. Which is known to be very different from modern Russian. Therefore, we can say that our elderly fluent in not even two but three languages. So the myth about the stupidity of the Russian language in fact is nothing more than a myth. B.

I have always had an inferiority complex about the fact that I have higher education, and possess only one language. And even then not in perfection. (Ukrainian I have not taken into account, because they understand it, but not spoken or written in that language.) I always was of the opinion that no man can call himself an intellectual, if he knows only one language. Let Even a language like Russian. B. Learning second language without language practice, as I have the example of French language learning in school and college – is a lost cause.

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Sometimes, unusual, mysterious and strange. Published a book – only a fragment of a larger study, the works of authors – the first part, pushed the initial time, while others follow – step by step, consistently highlight succession of ancient times, including the pre-Flood and post-Flood history – a campaign of Dionysus in the North Black Sea, an expedition Egyptians kolhidyan, the rule of the Assyrians, the campaign of Jason, the Trojan War, the colonization of these sites klazomentsami appearance in the Cape Kafskogo ancient Milesian colony of Theodosius, the Roman dominion, the beginning of the Middle Ages, and finally, the story of the famous medieval Kafskoy fortress erected Genoese and taken valiant Turks in 1475. This book will take another look at this area and see other times. Other full once the life and unique culture of the era, their ups, kickbacks and degradation, to trace the succession of times. See not an isolated story of these places, and history of the enclave, which is closely associated with the development of the great civilizations of antiquity, or even – makes them an integral part. She will look into the most ancient times. For this reason, this book will be of interest to residents of the Crimea, and for residents of the area it will Kafskoy real "Bible." Who said that these places are silent? This silence is brighter than all the screams! But to understand the history of these places, and even discover something new is possible only in the context of the wider region and even in the context of the whole of Europe.

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foreign languages play an important role in our lives. Even if a person owns one foreign language – this opens a very big opportunity in the public sphere. Language learning has become not just a hobby for people, and thus a prerequisite for career growth. For all countries have opened hundreds of thousands of schools, courses and centers where you can learn many foreign languages. Gerald Weissmann, MD will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The most effective are those that exist in the country whose language you want to explore. Classes are on an intensive course with no language environment are roughly about 5 hours in the classroom.

And the rest of the time you are talking in their native language with friends and family. Ie Only 14 of the your life is the language. But if you live and learn the language among its speakers, for example, learning English in England, then at best you a couple of times a day to chat on their native language. Otherwise he will use (read, speak, listen) the English language. In the first stage, when a man was going to learn a foreign language, for example – English, before it ceases to choose from: in which country, which city and which school is better to learn language? At the expense of the country, the critical difference. To select the length of the course will suit any country, it can only affect your focus (and even then not very much). Most importantly choose a country which you like and then Education will not require extra effort.

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Skills needed a translator – interpreters Simultaneous translation is considered the most difficult kind of translation. Before you start learning this type of transfer, you must have a good base of common language skills and self-assured other types of translation, which are less complicated. Ideally, the translator must have a simultaneous interpreter philological education and experience in active translation. His experience brings ever translators interpreters years, working with translation agencies. You may find that David G. DeWalt can contribute to your knowledge. Description for a great interpretation has practical language skills, namely: oral communication skills, ability to perceive foreign speech comprehension, the ability to understand all the carriers foreign language. When comparing the written and oral interpreter, a translator for these skills are also important, but to a lesser extent.

At a translator, for example, there is no need to take it by ear, and not zhestkogg olimiita time, he can devote time to trying to find an unknown word dictionary or razyasnienie unfamiliar terms on the Internet. Simultaneous interpreter, on the contrary works in harsh environments and undergoes constant overload. There are a number of qualities that are critical for simultaneous pereovdchika – stress – the ability to disengage from the external (often disturbing) factors – the quick response – Excellent language skills – good delivery – physical health and stamina. In simultaneous interpretation can reveal two types: 1) Simultaneous translation into the native language 2) Simultaneous translation Predict the ratio of foreign language data types is difficult, even with the program. Translation specialists operating such a transfer is usually replace each other every 15 minutes, so you negotiate, someone will translate to the language, and who the language is also quite difficult. These two types of transfer require quite different skills from the interpreter simultaneous interpreter. When translating from a foreign language at home the most important yavlyaests catch the meaning, said the orator and his speech was translated into the native language.

When translating a foreign language is important to clear and correct pronunciation, correct intonation, meaningful pauses. Regardless of the speaker's speech rate interpreter should not be too hurry up and crumple words. People are able to vysprinimat information to a certain speed. Simultaneous translation is contraindicated stseialistam with a bad reaction, Low stress and pressure disturbances.

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Balkan languages are a group of languages of different branches belonging to the Indo-European language family. Languages of this group are similar in phonetics, morphology, syntax, and in phraseology, vocabulary and word formation. K Balkan languages include Albanian language, some Slavic languages, Romance languages, as well as the language of the peripheral region of the territory of distribution – the Greek language. Languages of the Balkan Union studied under special discipline in the field of linguistics, which is known as Balkan and Balkan Linguistics. On the territory of the Russian Federation it is taught at the State University of St. Petersburg.

In 1829, linguist from Slovenia Jernei Kopitar first time in the history of the languages of the Balkan Peninsula, noticed the similarities between them, particularly in the areas of grammar. Genetic kinship of languages was not, and therefore on their similarity to that time, linguists have not paid attention, as, indeed, has never conducted research in this area. In 1850, for August Schleicher in his work sufficiently explicit definition of areal kinship of languages, but which is opposed to genetic kinship. And in 1861, began work on the relations of the Balkan-Romance and Balkan-Slavic languages Franz Mikloshich. Also, the study of the issue involved Nikolai Troubetzkoy, Athanasius Selishchev Gustav Vaygand and Christian Sandfeld-Jensen. In the 30 years of last century linguist from Romania Alexander Graur criticized the notion of "Balkan". (Source: Gerald Weissmann, MD). He argued that to talk about Balkan linguistics it makes no sense, and should only talk about mutual borrowing between languages and their influence on each other.