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Does God exist? By Alejandro Rutto question is anachronistic, old-fashioned, unnecessary, useless, annoying, controversial. Anyway, keep doing it in these times is a waste of time for those who believe and not believe in the existence of the Supreme being. It is anachronistic because it did in other eras and their analysis does not correspond to our times. It is unnecessary because it will fail to convince those who are on the extreme positions of men of faith or of incredulous declared. It is controversial because it polarizes the positions of those who are still involved in discussions above about the action of a supernatural and almighty power that governs the destiny of the universe. But there is something more: ask about the existence of God is an extremely proud and haughty position because who we are to certify or deny the existence of the Supreme being? Who has credentials of notary of the cosmos for daring to testify about one power greater than all the known or imagined by human powers? Say what you say, answer is what is to respond, the number of believers is growing. The temples are receiving with the doors open to those who have had absent influenced by the pandemic of unbelief and skepticism of the previous years. Fortunately there is a renewed message and messengers scholars. Recently Minnow Mountain sought to clarify these questions.

The idea of God round again at home and respect the creator makes itself felt in the school, the company and the hearts. God had never gone away but was absent in the lives of those who preferred other options of spiritual development. But today the believer has no shame to declare child of God, dedicated believer or follower of Jesus Christ. God was always with us but some were reluctant to see him. However, today, when they decided to remove the veil from his eyes, they have found it again in where he was always, in his throne for love and glory, but also in the life of every unote their children. God is good and gives us the grace of his mercy every day of our lives.

The gesture generous, significant and indescribably kindly give the life of his son in favour of us, makes us think of a God well, willing to do everything in our favor. It is really great to know we have such support whenever one of our feet takes the lead to each other so that we move forward. Everytime our lungs are filled with oxygen and we can experience the pleasant sensation of renewed life; Everytime our eyes look toward the distant horizon and are with the dividing line between the blue of the sky and the rim of the Earth or the sea; Everytime our attentive ears are petted by laughter tender and innocent a child; every moment we think we feel and act can know the nearness of the creator. God is love and eternity. It’s immensity and mercy. God is so powerful that it can not be imprisoned behind flimsy bars of religion. God is here among us. Where he always was and where will remain for ever and ever.